Ongoing Parkour and Seek!

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Jul 14, 2014
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Parkour and Seek

The parkour staff plan to host games of “Hide and Seek” on the Parkour Server.
Prizes will be given and the courses will vary.
Each round of Hide and Seek will usually be 1-3 games.

September Planned Timings
Tues 14th - 3pm EST / Tues 14th - 8pm BST / Weds 15th - 5am AEST​
Fri 16th - 12am EST / Fri 16th - 5am BST / Fri 16th - 2pm AEST
Sun 19th - 10am EST / Sun 19th - 3pm BST / Mon 20th - 12am AEST​
Weds 22nd - 10pm EST / Thurs 23rd - 3am BST / Thurs 23rd - 12pm AEST
Sun 26th - 10am EST / Sun 26th - 3pm BST / Mon 27th - 12am AEST​
Weds 29th - 10pm EST / Thurs 30th - 3am BST / Thurs 30th - 12pm AEST

*These timings are approximations and maybe delayed / cancelled with little notice*

Participation Rules
  • Those who interfere with the event are subject to punishment up to and including server ban and banning from future events.
  • Players who have been banned or muted in the previous 30 days (temp or perm) or are currently locked cannot win.
Game Rules
  • May only win once per week (Use the prize blocks as a guide, you can only win each block once)
  • The hiders will be assigned by the Mods.
  • The course difficulty will be assigned by the Mods.
  • A time limit for the game (for example, 15 minutes). If the hider isn't found by then, they win. Otherwise the first person to find the hider wins.
  • Enderpearls are not allowed.


  • Prizes will be decided by staff and may vary weekly/monthly and on a per game basis. May be gems, blocks, staff heads, etc.

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