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Jul 21, 2014
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Hello, people of Minevast.

I will discuss how you can increase your performance for Minecraft, and large servers (hopefully you're spending most of your time with us).

We will be optimizing your Video Settings, to where you have less lag and smoother run time.

First, you'll want to go to Options.

Next, go to Video Settings.

You will then get taken to the page of Video Settings., stay here, this is where we'll edit your performance.

We'll be making your gameplay FASTER, while reducing lag. Look here (coming soon) if you have a extremely good computer.

Change your Graphics to Fast, this will make your graphical appearance somewhat faster.
Then, edit Smooth Lighting to where you want. I'd recommend Minimum or Maximum.
Change your "Clouds" option to Fast or Off, or you may keep it at Fancy. I don't think they effect gameplay that much.

Moving over to the other side of the screen, you'll want to change Render Distance from anywhere of 8 chunks to 14 chunks. Don't put it too high or too low.
Probably the BIGGEST part of reducing lag is the FPS. Default is set to 250+ (Unlimited). Unless you have like an Alienware or Razor computer, you're going to need to set it somewhere below 60 and 80, possibly 30-60 for best performance.

Change your particles to Minimal if you like, or set it to Decreased. Your choice.
Alternate Blocks isn't much of a change, I just like mine off.
The last step would be turning off entity shadows. This helps me, but I have a bad computer. I'm not sure about others.

Well, that's my tutorial. I hope you enjoyed it, and hope it helps you.
Thanks for stopping by!
Jan 3, 2015
Helpful tutorial! I'll try it out! Thank you very much :D
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