Pixar Crate

Jul 19, 2023

The Pixar Crate is now available to purchase on the store and the in-game Cubit Shop!

This is a limited time crate lasting 30 days!
All unique rewards are SVA access, meaning they can be carried across resets using the
Season Vault

Rewards Include:
Lightning McQueen Bundle
(Kachow Hammer, Lightning McQueen Mount, Piston Cup Furniture)
Elemental Blade
(Inflicts Bleed damage, 2 skins)
Remi's Spoon
(Launch your enemy away)
Merida's Bow
(Homing Arrows)
Monster's Inc Helmet
(Chance to negate all Projectile damage)
Frozone Leggings
(Shoots Icicles in all directions when hit)
Skull Shirt
(+15% Melee damage)
Slim Sword
(Inflicts Poison)
Dug the Dog Pet
Anger's Fire Cosmetic
Chef Hat Cosmetic
Coco's Guitar Cosmetic
Sully Mask Cosmetic
2319 Sock Cosmetic
Bright Yellow Chat Color
Mike Title
Sully Title
Incredible Title
KACHOW Join Message
Infinity and beyond Quit Message

(Some rewards are exclusive to 1.16+ realms)

Reply to this thread to enter a giveaway!
5 random players will receive 5 Pixar crates each on a realm of their choice

Winners will be announced via
Discord on Wednesday