Skywars Timer


Jan 29, 2016
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So as many of you may know, when playing skywars on minevast there is a timer. This timer resets every time someone joins your game. This can sometimes get a bit frustrating because people can use it to ignorantly spam the start of games or just to join games not knowing a game was about to begin. My suggestion is that possibly the staff team could implement some sort of thing that adjusts this timer. My idea was that the restart timer can cancel after your game is half full.

For Example:
4 Game lobby- 2 people
8 Game lobby- 4 people
12 Game lobby-6 people
16 Game lobby- 8 people

This will still allow a good amount of people to join the game but will decrease the amount of delay time while increasing the amount of play time.

Thank you and Have a great Day :)