smokinxans - QA Team Application [Olympus]


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May 11, 2020
Your Minecraft Username

Discord username

What is the main realm you play on

When did you start playing on ManaCube and what does your activity look like?
I started playing manacube in 2020 during the covid pandemic. my activity on the server at the time was never sleeping and staying on all day with friends.

Why do you want to join the QA team?
I will be the best QA team member. I have been through 3 season resets and tested for bugs throughout each beta. I also have prior experience with finding bugs. Check my ban list. This time I will be a good fella and work for you guys.

Do you have any experience with game testing/quality assurance?
read what i said above. I have a lot of experience and during the season 5 reset I found the most bugs. I have xbox game bar to record clips and show evidence of things that I find.

What qualities or skills do you have that would contribute positively to the QA team?
When certain activities become cumbersome, I push through it and try to complete the task with all of my ability. With myself on the QA team I could make projects and tasks go smoother and less annoying for everyone. For example, if someone's struggling with a bug, I can jump in and help figure out what the cause is.

If I get accepted to the QA team, I will add my efforts to the team and allow everyone to work better. The qualities I have will add to the teams work flow. I will be like the missing piece of the puzzle that you guys are trying to solve. I will revive Olympus and make it alive again. If you let me on the QA team I will make great suggestions so that new players can feel welcome.

Hard Working
When I first started playing, I was very passionate about the server. I spent two thousand dollars and spent morning and nights on Manacube to become the best on Olympus. I will be running tests, checking for bugs, and all the stuff that needs to happen for the QA team to flourish.

With any information or data that I get from being on the QA team I will keep it to myself. I am reliable, transparent, confidential, and consistent. Trust is like the glue that holds a team together, AND I AM THAT GLUE.

Would you be interested in writing Wiki articles? No

Account activity
My account has 100+ hours played and is older than 1 month

Account agreement
I own a Microsoft minecraft account that is not shared with anyone

Security agreement I have a 2FA protected Discord & Google account

Staffing agreement Yes