Spring Festival | 2023


Feb 23, 2023

The 2023 Spring Festival is here! Look for the Festival portal at spawn on the following gamemodes:
Survival, Olympus, Skyblock, Islands, Earth

You can also type /warp festival to teleport
Easter-themed event will be coming to Parkour & KitPvP Soon!

✿ Fashion Show Event
Show off your fabulous gear and cosmetics at the Fashion Show Event!
Every 87 minutes a new show will start. 16 people may enter the competition.

Each player has 10 seconds on stage. The audience will give a rating of 1-5 stars
The top 3 rated players will win Spring Tokens! (250 Tokens, 100 Tokens, 50 Tokens)

There is a 2 hour participation cooldown, and 8 hours if you come first place.​

✿ Infinite Spring Pond
Gather around the Spring Pond in the center of the festival. An infinite supply of Spring tokens are constantly flying out.
You can use a fishing rod to catch these tokens. There is a 100 catch limit every 12 hours.

✿ Moobloom Hunting
Mooblooms are roaming all around the Festival. Hunt them to collect 1-3 Tokens
Oxeye Mooblooms (White) are 3x rarer to spawn, and drop 50% more Tokens.

✿ Butterfly Catching
Catch butterflies with hand or fishing rod to earn tokens
There is a super rare chance of unlocking the animated rainbow butterfly pin!

✿ Daily Tangled Maze
Maze that changes into new route every day. Reach the end to earn 125 Tokens (12H Cooldown)

✿ Farmers Market
Harvest the 3 organic crops at the farms to sell for Tokens.
These organic crops take 2-3 seconds to harvest, and their value is constantly fluctuating based on total sell volume by everyone!

✿ Chicken Archery
Do you have the accuracy to shoot 30 chickens in a row? Test your skill at the chicken coop near the Farm.
Entry fee is 2 tokens. Winning the game will earn you 150 tokens! (12H Cooldown)

✿ Hidden Easter Eggs
There are 15 Easter Eggs hidden around the festival! Each one you find will reward you with 30 Tokens.
See your progress with the /eggs command​

Spend your Spring Tokens at the Festival Shop!​
Shop Items:
Spring☀2023 Title
Daisy Hat
Butterfly Catcher (Double Jump, Jump Boost 3, Slow Falling)
Frog Hat
Chirp Title
Butterfly Pin
Butterfly Pet
Spring Furniture Bundle (4x Easter Eggs, Floral Rug, Bunny Rug, Glowing Egg Lamp, Bird House, 5x Picket Fences)
Kite Balloon
Ancient Crate Key​


The Spring Festival Pass will be releasing later this week. You will be able to complete daily quests to level up your Festival Pass.
There is a total of 10 levels, and 14 rewards to unlock!

Your progress will also be synced to https://rewards.manacube.com (This will not replace the cubit rewards)
The bottom row of rewards are premium-only, you will need to purchase premium to claim these rewards.
Having premium also unlocks 2 extra quests to earn more EXP.

Premium will be available in-game for 20 cubits, or at https://rewards.manacube.com for $15 USD
Some of the rewards include: Slug Antannae, Bunny Tail, Flower Basket, Sprouting Staff, Spring Cleaning Wand, Butterfly Wings, Moobloom pets & more!​
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