Summer Festival 2023


Jun 16, 2021

The Summer Festival world is now open on the following realms!
Survival, Olympus, Skyblock, Earth, Factions, Islands, Parkour

Enter the portal at spawn, or use /warp festival to get there

Parkour Festival:
This is being hosted on a separate server, with account info being synced.
Must use latest version to connect. The Festival Pass feature and some of the rewards are not available on Parkour due to 1.8 version

Head over to the Festival Shop to spend your sea shells! Or type /shellshop
Rewards include:​
  • Summer2023 & Jellyfish Title
  • Crab Shell (Wardrobe)
  • Crab Pet
  • Crab Pin
  • Inflatable Duck (Wardrobe, RGB)
  • Party Speaker & Surfboards Bundle
  • Cooler & Beach Towel Bundle
  • Tiki Torches
  • Crab Rave Status
  • Jellyfish Catcher
  • Ancient Crate Key
  • Crab Claw (SVA Sword)

Jump into the diving hole at the deep sea diving building to start this minigame​
You will have 2 minutes of oxygen to explore the underwater map, and collect as many sea shells as you can! Beware of the Guardians that roam.​
New sea shells are constantly appearing. This minigame can be played with no limits, and there is a leaderboard for most shells collected in a single dive. The top 5 players on this leaderboard will win the DiveChamp Title!​

A festival variant of ManaSweeper! Every hour the pit will be filled with sand and TNT. Dig up the red sand to collect sea shells, and avoid touching TNT or you will be inflicted with a negative effect!​
PvP is also enabled inside the sand pit to spice things up (Inventory safe on death)​

The Festival Pass has returned with new rewards and refreshed quests! Type /pass to open​
Complete daily quests to level up your pass to unlock summer themed rewards!​
There is a free tier of rewards, and 3 quests that all players can complete.​
For 20 cubits you can unlock the premium pass, which gives 2 additional quests and better rewards​
Free Rewards:

  • 450 Sea Shells
  • BeachPlease TItle
  • Ocean Wave Pin
  • Sandy Aura
  • Ancient Crate Key
  • Creeper Hat (RGB, Wardrobe)

Premium Rewards:

  • Ancient Crate Key
  • Lei (RGB, Wardrobe)
  • Surfboard Bundle (Wardrobe)
  • Beach Shovel (SVA)
  • Shell Pickaxe (SVA)
  • Water Pistol (SVA)
  • Atlantis Crown (Wardrobe)

Every hour a Festival Pinata will spawn hanging from a leash. Each hit sends the pinata flying, and shells flying out of it! Build a hit streak for bonus shells (Streaks reset after 5s of no hit).​
After around 300 shells have been collected, the pinata will explode into a bunch of shells.​
There is also a 1/2000 chance at receiving the paintball gun gadget when hitting the pinata!

North East you'll find a Guardian Temple. Inside is a flooded labyrinth maze that changes every reboot. Players will have permanent water breathing & night vision, but there are roaming guardians defending the temple. If you can complete the maze, you'll reach a treasure room defended by 2 Elder Guardians. In this room there is a treasure chest of 125 Shells! This chest can be claimed every 12 hours.​
There is also a 1/1000 chance Guardians will drop the Guardian Pin when killed!

10 Treasure Chests are hidden around the Festival grounds, containing Sea Shells!​
The locations of these chests change every 6 hours (There's over 100+ potential locations)​
Trouble finding them? Visit the Treasure Master to purchase a treasure map leading to an undiscovered chest. The map costs shells, but you can share it with other players too to make up for it!​

Roaming all throughout the Festival are raving crabs and flying jellyfish! The crabs can be killed for shells, and jellyfish caught.​
Purchase a Jellyfish catcher to more easily catch them, and earn double the shells.​
The crab also has a 1/2000 chance at dropping an animated raving crab pin!​

Head over to the fishing spot for a more relaxed way to earn shells. Every catch in this pond is sea shells.​
There is a 300/hour cap limit​
crab claw>>>