Thanks Guys<3


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Jul 26, 2014
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So I've been playing Minevast since December of 2013, A lot has happened since then, I donated twice (Skyblock VIP and Legend) I've met a ton of new and kind people, New friends, And when I began MC all together, I seriously sat alone in my room building shacks calling them masterpieces. But now since I found Minevast, I can now make mansions and call them masterpieces, All because of the Minevasters teaching me how to build. I remember when I first logged into Minevast Creative QueenElsa (whatever her last username was) was so kind and welcoming to me <3 So in gratefulness of the players,Mods, and owners of this wonderful server, I would like to give,First: First player of prison to comment, $20k
First player of KITPVP: A legend Kit
First Player of Skyblock: 21 Gems
First Player of Parkour: Idk yet (I'll update when i think of somthing)
First of Creative: OP Sword and Bow
First of Factions: A special Kit
So Leave your IGN and Server you play on in the description and I will /mail you
Once again, Thank you guys
Especially @Dacon for creating this wonderful server <3


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Jul 14, 2014
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KitPvP ill be on in like 10 mins if you can + can I have the Vip and premium since the legend only comes with a bow and vip comes with swift pots.