The Best Rebirth Path(?) (Opinion)


Apr 26, 2022
Upon a new server reset, what is the optimal path of rebirths? This is entirely subject to opinion and playstyle / game preference.

I think this is the best rebirth path, in my personal experience (not that much). Feel free to enlighten me to a better path, or that you would switch x with y.

  1. Hermes Money Trade
    1. The sell multiplier it provides will prove vital in to have from the beginning, and will make each rebirth just that much easier.
  2. Hermes Mana Trade
    1. The Mana multiplier it provides will prove vital in increasing base stats, and will make each rebirth / pickaxe upgrade just that much easier.
  3. Poseidon Mana Pond
    1. This will allow you to access the ledge at the mana pond. If you are an active player, you will be here often. Being able to catch items before they reach the same Y level as the players below you will let you get more items, faster.
  4. Athena's Kilton Rebirth
    1. Kilton is a busted way to grind mana, and get a handful of unique items. The primary seller is that you will be able to buy Sell Boosters, using these will help you get back up to demigod faster for each rebirth, stacked on top of your base stat increase, yeah.. busted.
  5. Aphrodite's Netherite Scrap
    1. I would advise only doing this once you reach 12 rebirths, and unlock Gaia, this will boost you into being able to buy some stuff in the Gaia shop, which can help during PVE events and other types of instances.
  6. Ares' Complete The Ancient Trials
    1. Ancient Tokens aren't worth as much as kilton souls, and frankly don't really offer that much, but this is still better than doing a cosmetic rebirth.
  7. Max Upgrade Your Plot
    1. This quest is going to take some time, so make sure you are passively upgrading your plot. Before you rebirth, buy as many plot upgrades you can each time with the balance remaining in your account. It is going to get depleted once you rebirth anyways, so you may as well. This will give you more plot space, allowing you to further create more things on it, such as mass farms or other related soul farms.
  8. Demeter's Plot Upgrades
    1. Plot upgrades are helpful, but only really for farming kilton and a few other things. If you want to farm kilton otherwise, you can always just do /p warp somnik mobs, or whoever has the best public mob farm at that given moment, just ask around.
Cosmetic Rebirths are typically only giving of auras or menial perks, save these for last, as they will not be helpful in getting you to the highest rank possible.
  • Apollo Music Memory Rebirth (Music Aura)
  • Puzzle Pattern Challenge (ArtMap Perk)
  • Catch 75 Fish (Ocean Helix Aura)
  • Receive 100 Hugs (/hugback cmd)
  • Kill 1000 Mooshrooms (Love Aura)
  • Kill 500 Hades Monsters (Slayer Title)
  • Complete Vineyard Maze (Wine Aura)
  • Slay 10,000 Mobs (Night Vision)
  • Sacrifice 75 Gapples (/Heal Command)
  • Complete All Achievements (/Smite Command)
  • Complete All Plot Quests (Cloud Aura)
Item Rebirths are typically going to only give you an in-game item, most of which are not worth obtaining. They will not be helpful in getting you to the highest rank possible.
  • Archery Accuracy Challenge
  • Harvest 5,000 Carrots (Farming Boots)
  • Hermes' Parkour Tower (Pegasus Boots)
  • Kill 1000 Drowned (Poseidon's Trident)
  • Finish Top 3 in LPS (Ares' Sword)
  • Harvest 10,000 Melons (Minion)
  • Find Missing Goblets (Dionysus' Goblet)
  • Top 3 Damage To A Boss (Athena's Shield)
  • Kill Every Spawner Mob (10k Sell Wand + 100 Fragments)
  • Kill 1500 Hades Monsters (Hades Helmet + 10x Cores)
  • Craft 25 Spawners (200 Spawner Fragments)
  • Fit in the Mining Level Multiplier (Hephaestus Rebirth) for whenever you hit mining level 100.
  • Fit in the Trench Enchantment (Hephaestus Rebirth) for whenever you hit mining level 75, and have a reasonably close amount of mana to 600,000, or a means to obtain this quantity of mana in quick succession following the rebirth.
  • Fit in Hera's Gift of The Gods rebirth once you obtain the 250 gifts of the gods, this will likely occur later in your extended gameplay, so you should be fairly far into the other rebirths before you get this. It is not exactly helpful, but if you have trench it can be very profitable to either get stacks of them and sell them on Auction House for a good profit, or to simply use them as you get them for potential double mana on top of the amount you are already making.
  • Fit in the Athena Disenchant rebirth whenever you find yourself that you need to disenchant an item, or save it for last if you don't find yourself in that situation. You should have XP level 300 pretty early in-game, so you will be able to do this at any time.
  • Once you hit 500 sweeper effect blocks mined, get the sweeper rebirth. You should be fairly late in your rebirths before you are able to do this. This is mainly a chance to get some quick mana from the crates.