The ManaCube Weekly - Week 19


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Sep 9, 2022
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Yeah, this is very late, what are you gonna do about it?

Community News
@Ara_Olla's Earth art competition has ended, with ElbonIII placing #1, rologirl #2, and ItsShayy pulling #3.
@Swrds dropped the brand-new Wild Crate!

Weekly Interviewee - @Josh/P2
1. When and why did you start playing ManaCube?
I started to play Manacube in 2017, I was in France for 3 months with bad wifi and minecraft was the only thing I could run, so I looked up random survival servers to get into and found manacube.

2. What is your favorite realm and why?
Survival has to be my favorite realm by far It has been my main server since 2017 and I still to this day think that it's on top and superior to the other realms.

3. What keeps you coming back to ManaCube?
Manacube is a place that I find you can take a break from but you will always end up coming back to, there is so much on it and its a lot more stable then most other servers on minecraft, I think parts of the community are also why I come back.

4. What do you like to do in your free time (other than play ManaCube)?
I spend most of my free time with my girlfriend, playing games like rocket league, valorant, csgo or at the gym (The gym is my get away space).

5. What's your favorite video game (Minecraft can't be an answer)?
This would be a hard question for me, I tend to switch games a lot, but I'd have to say Rocket League is my favorited game I have spent just over 12,000 hours playing it and am quite high up and know a lot of the community there.

6. What's your hot take? (please keep it away from politics and things of that nature)
You can be as physically strong as you want, but someone who's mentally strong will always win in the long run.

Meme (No offense Swrds)