Trollmaster62 - QA Team Application [Survival]


Jul 7, 2021
Your Minecraft Username

Discord username

What is the main realm you play on

When did you start playing on ManaCube and what does your activity look like?
July 26th 2021 with the mineville and manacube merge. my activity is high, I was perm banned but got unbanned after a year and since then I have been putting hours in almost everyday.

Why do you want to join the QA team?
Because i want to make the server a better place for people and also like to fix things that do not work as they should!

Do you have any experience with game testing/quality assurance?
I have helped noticing some bugs but not major things.

What qualities or skills do you have that would contribute positively to the QA team?
I play alot on this server I know alot of people and alot of people know me.
I have enough time to get online and test stuff if needed.
I am a creative person with in my opinion good ideas.
I like to help people as much as i can and try to keep the server a nice place for people to play on.
I am a person that can give feedback and maybe even help someone improve their idea.
I could do this while having fun and enjoying every single bit of it!

Would you be interested in writing Wiki articles? No

Account activity
My account has 100+ hours played and is older than 1 month

Account agreement
I own a Microsoft minecraft account that is not shared with anyone

Security agreement I have a 2FA protected Discord & Google account

Staffing agreement Yes