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    Factions Season 24 | Important

    SEASON AUTOMATION:mc_138-0: Our factions server has a problem: Consistency of season releases This update intends to fix this, by automating the setup & release of seasons, payouts & more. Factions will now always be on schedule going forward Season Setup New faction seasons are now set up...
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    KitPVP Season 12 Suggestions

    Development is starting for the next KitPVP season! Some already planned updates are - Player Arena Revamp - New Events - Improved achievement system Possible: - Map Rotation Please post any suggestions/feedback you have if you agree with someone's post make sure to give it a reaction :)
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    Survival Season 8 Suggestions

    Development is starting for the next Survival season! Some already planned updates are - Updating to 1.18/1.19 - Isles improvements & expansion - Furniture improvements - New Spawn Possible: - Ancient Trials Update - Huey Fishing Update - Prestige Shop & Season Challenges - Horse Update...
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    Parkour - Season 2

    We've thought long and hard on how to approach any kind of parkour reset. After considering multiple possibilities and feedback from the community, we've decided this is the best way to do this. The following will be reset upon release of Season 2. - Mana Balances - Mana Pouches - Ender Pearls...
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    banned from parkour world for no reason?

    you were banned because the server detected a lot of illegal packets from your client. Although the detection is outdated and may not be accurate for newer versions/modern clients, so i've unbanned everyone that has been banned by it (takes effect after next reboot in 14 hours)
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    Crate Complaint

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    Manacube for bedrock edition

    We have been working towards bedrock support (early-mid 2023) Besides the obvious technical and resource pack challenges, we still have lots of polishing and improvements (especially UIs) to do on all the realms first
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    KitPvP Suggestion

    We thought about this when adding squads and decided it's more fair to not have friendly immunity I can also imagine complaints like "My hits aren't registering!!" when they're actually just hitting their squad mate in a group fight
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    Crate Complaint

    What about something like an "Omni Pouch" when opened you pick whether you want EXP, mana, money, spawners etc.
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    Crate & Furniture Update

    Crate Dynamic Chances & Transparency Chances on items now show both the tier chance and item chance within that tier. How the loot table works is you first roll the tier chance, and then roll an item in that tier. These %'s are also now dynamically updated based on what you've already won, and...
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    Skyblock Incident & Rollback

    Due to an incident we've had to rollback Skyblock worlds & inventories to preserve Season Vault items. Since the reset is this weekend, we are doing a lengthy rollback of 12 days to ensure no SVA items are lost. YOU WILL NEED TO ADD YOUR SVA ITEMS TO YOUR SKYBLOCK SEASON VAULT AGAIN - Any...
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    Skyblock Season 11

    Reset Skyblock will reset with the release of Season 11 on March 6th @ 3:00PM EST Everything will reset except ranks, perks, cubits, champion score & your season vault 1.18 Update Season 11 brings Skyblock to the latest version, adding all of the new...
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    Manacube needs to make massive changes to Survival.

    Going to increase inactivity disband time to 3 months if party level is 100+
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    Factions Season 21

    SEASON INFORMATION:mc_387-0: RELEASE DATE: FEBRUARY 6TH (SUNDAY) @ 2:00PM EASTERN Faction Max Members: 5 Faction Roster: 64 Faction Max Alts: 30 Power per player: 400 Shield Length: 16 hours Corners per faction: 1 Cannon Speed: 3 seconds Buffer Limit: 15 chunks Map Length: 3 Weeks (+1 week...
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    Tutorial Step #5 Glitched

    Step 4 gives you a pig spawner was your inventory full?