1. M a i s y

    xMais - QA Team Application [Skyblock]

    Your Minecraft Username xMais Discord username mjaynex What is the main realm you play on Skyblock When did you start playing on ManaCube and what does your activity look like? I started playing on ManaCube in December 2022 and have played on (almost every) realm, enjoying what is offered and...
  2. Miningchicken

    Miningchicken - Build Team Application

    ----- About You ----- What is your Minecraft username? Miningchicken How old are you? 15 Country or Timezone EST What is your Discord username? miningchicken#0711 How many hours do you have on the creative server? 1243 ----- Your Skills ----- Do you enjoy working by yourself...
  3. Dacon

    Content Creator Requirements

    Applying for a Content Creator Rank We really appreciate everyone who creates content on ManaCube, showcasing servers, updates, events and much more. To recognise all your hard work, we offer three content creator ranks, Youtuber, Twitch and Creator. All three ranks have the same requirements...
  4. Pqcket

    ManaCube Application Process

    PLEASE READ FULL THREAD Hello ManaCube Users. I bet you're wondering by the title of this forum post what I mean by 'Process', and I'm here to explain the basics towards a good application. Whatever I'm stating is based of my own experiences and not factual but may be beneficial towards your...
  5. DarkPls

    Member+ Application

    Creative DarkPls Nice plots, Build Ranks