xMais - QA Team Application [Skyblock]

M a i s y

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Dec 27, 2022
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What is the main realm you play on

When did you start playing on ManaCube and what does your activity look like?
I started playing on ManaCube in December 2022 and have played on (almost every) realm, enjoying what is offered and the players I have met. I started on Survival (stopped due to waiting for reset) but now main SkyBlock and really enjoy the new season, especially the revamped WolfHaven and minions.

Why do you want to join the QA team?
I love testing things and seeing whether the outcome is enjoyable or not, and whether they could be improved in certain aspects. It would also be nice to get more involved within the development of new things within the server and community, and in general, be helpful to those who play here.

Do you have any experience with game testing/quality assurance?
In college I used to go to an extra circular gaming club, which also included making your own games (I wont lie I wasn't great at the making part haha) but I loved testing things out that I did, or other peoples products to see how they worked and how to fix if needed.

What qualities or skills do you have that would contribute positively to the QA team?
I consider myself quite a picky person (as do a lot of people who know me haha) when it comes to details, although this may be negative in some aspects, in terms of finding flaws or somewhat issues within the game I would be more likely to put any issues I find forward in the hopes to fix/upgrade these.

Would you be interested in writing Wiki articles? No

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My account has 100+ hours played and is older than 1 month

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I own a Microsoft minecraft account that is not shared with anyone

Security agreement I have a 2FA protected Discord & Google account