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Jul 4, 2014
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Applying for a Content Creator Rank

We really appreciate everyone who creates content on ManaCube, showcasing servers, updates, events and much more. To recognise all your hard work, we offer three content creator ranks, Youtuber, Twitch and Creator. All three ranks have the same requirements but allow you to choose the title that best suits you. Creator rank is designed for those who create content on other platforms to Youtube and Twitch or creators on multiple platforms. You may choose which rank you would like in the application form.


Tier 1
  • 3,000+ Subscribers/Followers
  • 300+ views per video/stream/post
  • Minecraft related content
  • Have uploaded ManaCube content
  • Have uploaded at least 2 videos per month (Not Required if videos get 10,000+ views)

  • YouTube/Twitch/Creator Title
  • Elite Rank

Tier 2 Partner
  • 25,000+ Subscribers/Followers
  • 5,000+ views per video/stream/post
  • Minecraft related content
  • Have uploaded at least 2 times in the past month
  • YouTube/Twitch/Creator Title
  • Get paid per video on ManaCube
  • Elite Rank
  • Access to commands to make videos easier
  • Bypass most of anti-cheat (not to be abused)
  • Can access exclusive content for videos

Application Format
When you apply you will be required to fill in a form. This will ask for the following:
  • Your Username
  • The rank you are applying for
  • A link to your content page
  • Proof that you own the content
  • Discord ID
If you would like to message us instead of making an application, find our details below.

Owner - xDacon
Skype - live:minevast
Discord - Dacon#0001

Admin - SunsetMagic
Discord - Sunset#3438

If you have any questions regarding Youtuber applications, feel free to send me a message @ Here

Note: If your application was rejected, it will be in the "Archived" folder located Here
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