1. wxlter

    Collection Giveaway because of COLLEGE :(

    Its been fun playing mana cube these past years. I started near covid 19 which is crazy but now I'm a bit more grown than I was then and I'm going into college now and if I still have stuff on here, I wont quit lmao so imma jus do a giveaway! I don't have a BIG collection but its decent (worth...
  2. Duo

    Celestia's Building Competition

    Big News! To celebrate Celestia's fantastic achievement of becoming the #1 Town in GDP on December 2023, we're rolling out an exciting building competition. It's time to unleash your creativity and honor our town's success! Competition Theme: The theme revolves around commemorating Celestia's...
  3. Catcheee

    Hi guys! I have a good idea: a cubit lottery!

    So the idea is that everyone pays a certain amount of cubits and after a certain time, I will spin a wheel, and the person who wins gets all the cubits! If i do this would anyone join? Btw, the tickets will be 0.01 cubits
  4. Cjrawrdan

    [ENDED] 30 Cubit Giveaway

    Hey, y'all. Requirements for the giveaway: 1) In your reply, please leave your IGN and Discord. 2) Leave a comment as to how you plan on using your cubits. 3) Leave a reaction on the post. As most of you know, I am always giving away cubits and ranks whilst on the Parkour server, so I figured...
  5. its_creeps

    Mana Cube Survival Giveaway

    New Year SSV + Kit giveaway AND drop party will be held on the 30th of DECEMBER at 2 pm AEST! SOME OF THE ITEMS INCLUDE: Ancient Helmet Ancient Pickaxe Ancient Sword Mecha Sword MechaFist Deep Ocean Syth Necromancers Hand Spider Bow Soul Talisman AND MANY MORE Join...
  6. Cos

    Cubits Giveaway

    Hello, people of ManaCube! As a nice start to the new year, I have decided to do a giveaway. I'm going to be giving away a total of 50 cubits. There will be three winners! 1st place: 25 cubits 2nd place: 15 cubits 3rd place: 10 cubits If you would like to enter the giveaway, please comment...
  7. TheLonleyPringle

    Mana 25 Cubit Giveaway

    Hello Everyone! Happy Mid-October! I will be doing a 25 cubit giveaway. The giveaway will end 11/25/2021 and start 10/19/2021. The reason I am doing this is because ManaCube has been a place I can join and be welcomed. A lot of you guys don't know who I am but that is because I mainly play on...
  8. NovaDragonYT

    Islands giveaway

    I am hosting a giveaway for the amazing members of the island's community the details and the link to enter are in the description of the video. 1st place - fortune dao 2nd place- 2 season vault fireworks 3rd place- 75 million Dollars
  9. Acrellux

    [CLOSED] 12 Portable Checkpoint Giveaway!

    Hey all! Welcome to my first giveaway! To start my giveaways off I'm going to do it simple. I'll be giving away 12 portable checkpoints to a randomly picked person, or people, depending on what the poll says at the end of the week. The giveaway will end in a week. Long story short: Giveaway will...
  10. Destroyer

    200,000 Mana Giveaway!!! (CLOSED)

    Hello everyone! :) I'll be giving away 200,000 mana on Parkour! I wanted to do a mana giveaway because I feel like I should help out the community, and also considering I have well more than enough mana for my needs. The winners will be randomly chosen so there will be no rigged winnings here...
  11. frsz

    [CLOSED] Rank Upgrade Giveaway! (not open to current MVP+)

    Hi, I'm Amy, and I'm hosting a giveaway for the wonderful people on this server! A random person will be the winner of a rank upgrade! This is open to current non-ranked players up to current MVP. It's not open to MVP+ because i can't buy anyone elite haha All you have to do to enter is write...
  12. DefeatedZoro

    30 Cubit Giveaway!

    On the 12th February, i will be giving away a total of 30 cubits! It will be split across the top 3, with prizes being as follows: 1st Place- 15 Cubits 2nd Place- 10 Cubits 3rd Place- 5 Cubits To enter, all you have to do, is leave your IGN, Discord (if you have it), and what your favourite...
  13. Cowamin

    21 cubit giveaway in honor of the new year!!!

    HEY EVERYONE!!! I wanted to do a 21 cubit giveaway in honor of the new year: 2021!!! 2020 has been a really hard year for everyone. We have all struggled with our own battles throughout this year but we made it. Here are the requirements to enter the giveaway: 1) Your in game name 2) Your...
  14. MissGamer__

    Three People Giveaway on the 15th of Every Month

    Rules: For a rank/rank-up you have to be VIP+ or below If you are a MVP and up you can still enter for some keys. (Your choice. Cant be higher then $60) *You can mix and match Cubits are allowed if you don't want Keys or Rank ($50!) *Updated You'll have to be on discord so I can message you or...
  15. Cowamin

    Giveaway for Staff and Players!!!

    PLEASE USE THE POLL TO VOTE NOT THE FORUM POST!!!! I am counting the poll not the forums because that would be too hard and there wouldn't be room for anonymity! I don't know what is with me, but the stress of finals has been making me feel generous or something along those terms. (I think a...
  16. Cowamin

    15 Cubit Giveaway!!!

    I am going to do something a little different for this giveaway! Once again, if I do get unbanned, whenever that is, I will give the giveaway prizes to the winners! So my idea for this one came up randomly, but I thought it would be fun! The whole premise is that every person can cast their...
  17. Cowamin

    15 Cubit Giveaway

    Not sure if this giveaway is entirely appropriate but I thought it would be kind of silly to do a giveaway that related to my most recent (and 2nd) perm ban! If anyone guesses the correct date of the day that I will get a ban appeal accepted (yes I know this will be hard) then they will win 15...
  18. Cowamin

    Another Giveaway of 50 Cubits!!!

    Well hello again friends! I have found myself very bored and yet still procrastinating from the amount of school work I need to complete, so I am deciding to do another giveaway to occupy myself! To enter say your in-game name, discord, and your favorite server (and why it is your favorite...
  19. Hypikel

    10 Cubits Giveaway!

    Hello everyone, I go by the name "Hypikel" but u can call me Nathan :) I will be hosting a 10 cubits giveaway for the holiday spirit and good vibes. The giveaway will be ending on the 7th Of December @8 PM GMT TIME...
  20. bing

    Thanksgiving Giveaway -400m and 1 cubit-

    Happy Thanksgiving!! :mc_e_93: Myself and Katie wanted to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving, thus we will be giving away 400m and 1 cubit in survival! All you have to do to enter is reply and you will be entered! Giveaway ends today (Thursday, 26th) at 8PM EASTERN.