help wanted

  1. Goatonebay

    Minecraft account could not migrate

    Hi Reader, I am posting this thread since I could not migrate this account and I have since then created my new account: GoatOnEbayy. Is there a possibility to transfer my rank and titles and stuff to my new account? Since I had some OG titles on kit and others.
  2. Syy

    Quest Help

    Hi so im currently stuck on this quest "Stone miner" But i feel like it should have been completed by now as im already mining level 25 at the time of writing this. My IGN is Jus7Syy Thanks
  3. iamnotpenguin


    Do villagers just not work? I asked if villagers work on this server, and apparently they are supposed to work. I tried breeding villagers, then making a wheat farm using villagers (two different ways), then just tried getting the villagers with a job to actually do their job, and all of them...
  4. ReiDarakeru23

    Help with Selling items in chest?

    hello i have been having problems with making my own shops, chest wise. so i need help! this is what i usually type in the sign on the chest [Sell Shop] Porkchop: 1 $250.00 ReiDarakeru23 and everytime i do that it says "[Player shops] the amount (Line 20) needs to be positive" which i dont get...
  5. RReticence

    Factions Custom Enchants

    I had a couple suggestions on changing some of the custom enchants on factions because they are heavily futile: Telepathy 1: Knock it down a few notches to common or rare because it is a huge waste of exp and is communally hated Headless 1-3: These just have no purpose since players always...
  6. yeetyeetimashee

    is their any way to obtain nether quartz

    i need nether quartz to make obesrvers for a farm and i dont know how to get it
  7. TheNewCity

    completed maps not counted

    Is this a bug? When I complete a map it sometimes stays on red (glowing as well) and says its uncompleted no matter how many times I beat it. Occasionally some maps that have been completed before that have turned green become red overtime. Does this happen to anyone else? I'm sort of a...
  8. XDcrae

    what is the plugin?

    so one question what plugin does manacube use for money or like mcprisons i want to add money to my survival with me and my friends.
  9. Yonteel

    I cant seem to claim my reward

    For some reason I can't seem to claim my reward even when i spam click clickty click
  10. xDauntinq

    Minecraft Server

    I was thinking for a long time about starting a server of my own, mini games and all. I've tried multiple times using things like mcprohosting and apex hosting but they down feel the same as playing on here. I wanted it to be like this server, where you have the multiple linked worlds. Is there...
  11. ChocolateMilkFactory

    i need help

    how do you go into the water block on the Pocoyo parkour map? I tried jumping from this block so many times and I can't get anywhere near close enough to the water. Am I doing this wrong?
  12. Kubikit

    Accepted Glitchtrap - Insane

    Username : Kubikit Map name : Glitchtrap Warp : /plot v Kubikit 11 Difficulty : Insane Misc : 100 jumps, 6cp I had a lot of fun building this, all the intel needed is spreak throughout the course.