1. cxbiblio

    block counter

    like a few years ago was there ever a block count on the picks? ik you can get one from kilton i just want to measure when my next gift from the gods comes :)
  2. Plays


    Hi, i would like to be able to get all the redstone blocks, as i would like to make a automated sugarcane farm, but i cannot get observers which use quartz which i cannot get.
  3. CipherCapricorn

    SVA List

    Is there a list of all SVA in game? I wanna know all of their enchantments and effects
  4. PandaKing

    Removal of Gaia Tasks

    Hello, I'm making this post because ever since my 12th rebirth doing tasks has become impossible because Gaia tasks are almost impossible and I get them so often, I have talked about this with others and everyone I talked to agreed that Gaia tasks are awful and make tasks an unviable system...
  5. ThommyBacoow

    Pictures Standing?!

    Hi there, lemme kickoff with sum pictures standing: You’re up next! (Last person who posts wins :))
  6. SSM_GOD

    CE Storage Suggestion Idea **ACCEPTED**

    since ces are a royal pain in the ass to sort and store i would like there to be a better way to do this and cause i wont be complaining without providing a solution- please take notes- here is my idea make a custom enchant bank ! maybe this can be for sale in /store or it can be a rank perk...
  7. Nikko027

    Olympus SVA's Selling for Cubits

    Some items that are on /ah that I am currently selling on Olympus: Elden Pickaxe - 55c Ribbon Pickaxe - 20c
  8. alexgamer88

    Olympus Trading away 100k mana and 1k souls.

    Trading 100k mana and 1k souls for 1 cubit. (Can divide, but minimum to purchase is 0.1c). Please respond if you want to trade
  9. MathBTW_

    [PRISON SUGGESTION] Add a Smelting Enchant

    I suggest to add a smelting enchant for being used with Autoblocking Thanks for reading MathBTW_
  10. MathBTW_

    Improve the "Autoblocking" enchant in Prison

    Hello, i have a suggestion to make, Smelt ores (like iron and gold) and condenses it to blocks when your pickaxe have autoblocking And maybe up the mana cost if this suggestion is approved Thanks for reading this ! MathBTW_
  11. Softijsje26

    Volcano eggs

    The situation right now is that you get the same amount of eggs from magma in hades and volcano. I think that should change. I think the amount of eggs in volcano should be 2x. So if u get eggs from magma you get 2 eggs instead of 1. Right now after people got the scrap rebirth and they can just...
  12. Twixxy

    Manacube Prisons SVA List [March]

    Hi there, I have been working on a sva list of all svas from manacube and mineville. Now this is is most likely incomplete but with your help im hoping to complete it. If you are missing any svas in the list please dm me on forums, discord or ingame. Hope this helps :D Prisons Sva list Note...
  13. Softijsje26

    Mana use

    Hello, Right now for beginners mana is difficult to get, good thing it should not get easy. Now a few months in more people will get a pickaxe max. After trench, autosell, divine, souls and maybe a few more enchant on your pickaxe everyone is happy with the pickaxe. After all these upgrades you...
  14. ofek_XD

    Zeus mine

    Well,ik there's 3 zeus mines,but in fact 2 people with trench can mine entire mine alone,and when theres 10 people in one mine sometimes it can be so annoying,especially if you won't use trench (bc of the mining xp),my suggestion is making 12 zeus mines or like 5 (even tho I think 12 would be...
  15. Audiths

    Event time-zone friendly

    Please make events time-zone friendly, not all of us live in est
  16. Twixxy

    I need your help!

    I am starting to make a list of all svas, a complete list of MV and mana svas, with enchants and item abilities shown. To do this i could use your help. Now i know alot of svas on my own, but it would be impossible to know them all so i made a spreadsheet, where you can suggest any svas to be...
  17. Audiths

    Remove Dragonfruits

    Hi, please remove Dragonfruits on Olympus as it gets annoying, when many people can use them at once and at it can get impossible to mine most of the time. https://prnt.sc/26hv0co
  18. silentinhales

    Add Asgard Season 3 Legend Trophies to Olympus

    ✧゚・ ASGARD SEASON 3 LEGEND TROPHIES ・゚✧ This is gonna be a bit of a lengthy post so… ☺ ☆ TLDR - Key Takeaways ☆: Give a 1 legend score to each leader of the top 3 Asgard plot levels (No payouts, already been given from monthly). If files on this leaderboard are unable to be found, make...
  19. Softijsje26

    More and bigger mines.

    Olympus need to have more and bigger mines. With trench being buffed for mana, and soon for miningxp people will use a lot more trench. Right now is the situation that every evening for me from like 5pm CET till I go to bed all mines are full with people. Only the apollo mines are not multiple...
  20. HollowShell

    Olympus Mine tweaks

    When playing minecraft on olympus my fps has been fine all over except for one mine. upon further investigation I believe that it is due to the large number of stained glass panes which have been world edited in. As a benchmark I took some measurements As you can see the glass panes...