1. Derpylatios

    Olympus Suggestion Poll

    Hey guys, I made a poll about Olympus changes. It would mean a lot if you guys took the time and filled it out! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScSVA0bbwNzhBWmwZP8Qx7IN9KxNc4TkAMXJsHOPcaf1CXRuw/viewform?vc=0&c=0&w=1&flr=0&gxids=7628 If you guys have any more suggestions, please please...
  2. B

    Hi & a question

    Hi there! I'm new to Manacube and wanted to say hi to anyone passing by! I've loved playing on Olympus and find it very addicting (haha). I was wondering if anyone could answer a newbie question. Whenever I leave a world (ex. Olympus) and travel to another one (ex. Skyblock), I loose the money...
  3. Dacon

    Olympus Season 4

    RELEASE DATE: SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 7TH @ 3:00PM EASTERN ➤ PLOT & CLAN REVAMP Plots & Clans have merged together. The clan now owns the plots instead of individual players. You can still be added to plots that aren't a part of your clan though. Plots are now 99x99, and a clan can own up to 4...
  4. JojoStyle

    Olympus: Collection of Info regarding the Reset

    So as many of you know resets are a key element on Olympus. With them there is quite some information, which is not as easily available as I and many others would wish for. I would suggest implementing some sort of command or something similar which brings more transparency to this topic and...
  5. Dutchy1372

    Bold 2.0

    Okey @Blorosaur I love you bro but.... https://prnt.sc/wa3t7x I got bold on Aether too now :P I'm rooting for you brother xD #BloroForBold (PS hmu on disc, i got 4 leg keys for ya)
  6. tylerbub1277

    Reset Excitement?

    What are you most excited for with the coming reset? Curious to hear opinions/suggestions.
  7. Tomburgers

    Polar Bears At Zulrah

    I think I’m speaking on behalf of all of Olympus, but please please please let polar bears be killed at Zulrah. It’s so frustrating. Yes they barely do any damage, but when you’re trying to get your rewards and being mauled by it, it’s just annoying more than anything else. Please for the next...
  8. Slaapziekte

    A better pond for all of us

    Hello, I am a regular pond player on Olympus (Aether + Atlas)! And I have noticed how pond isn't popular anymore: there are bugs, the pond isn't good enough, it's too hard and 1-3 players "rule" pond. I feel like this is a problem, pond was supposed to be really good! When you look at the...
  9. AshleyMarie

    New Additions for Olympus Season 4?

    Recently, I have noticed that Aether Olympus has been pretty dead with not many people online as often. Not as many regulars are coming on and lots of people are quitting. Overall, I believe that Olympus may need a revamp with new challenges and many more player-requested characteristics. My...
  10. kxe

    Private/personal mines - olympus

    Hiyaa -v- I know its annoying to have messy miners and df bombers ruin the mining experience so I'm suggesting having private mines/personal mines added as a buycraft item and stay over seasons or cost a few million mana and stay for only one season. They would contain the same blocks as your...
  11. Gamingwng

    What's the difference between atlas and aether?

    So, I'm pretty new to the server and I saw that in Olympus there are 2 servers, atlas, and aether. What are the differences between these 2? I went into both of them for a bit and the only differences I've found is that aether has more people, atlas is on 1.13.2 and aether is on 1.12.2, and...
  12. Phoenix

    Season 4 Private Mines

    Hey guys! So I know people hate messy miners and there is a lot of conflict with those who want to use dragon fruit compared to those who don't. So, for next season I would like to suggest adding private mines to the server! The way I thought it could work would be people could buy them with...
  13. BlackPTNL

    Zulrah monthly Rewards

    Ok so i have been thinking for a while about Zulrah Monthly i have thought what happens if you win 2 or more times in a row what will your reward be so I talked to an admin and that admin told me to make suggestions so here I am (also mad in the feature-votes website but that takes to long just...
  14. RB_Minecraft

    Auto Craft Chests

    Auto craft chests on Olympus are VERY slow. I believe they should be faster. P.S They're Sold in the store and are in the valentines crates.
  15. Dacon

    Olympus Updates - January 7th 2020

    Following updates have been released on Olympus today: Items in the Mana Pond are now very smooth/no stuttering + have a larger hitbox. Also issues with the event sometimes not starting has been fixed Fixed issues with Zulrah sometimes being killed by "Unknown" causing multiple issues like no...
  16. lazyfull

    olympus(aether) resource pack

    I made resource pack that has custom model for all sva items and custom items like rebirth rewards and sell wands. It also has custom blocks for some not so prison like ores found in mines like prismarine and terracotta. I also made version without custom block models in case you like the mines...
  17. staviette

    Prison: Make VIP mine walls out of bedrock

    The red blocks are pretty and all, but when mining fast I end up glitching into the walls. This doesn't happen in other mines where the wall is made out of bedrock, since you just stop mining instead of destroying the block and the server replacing it. Might help with lag too.
  18. Dacon


    | TRAILER:mc_381-0: Like and comment your username on the trailer for a chance to win a free reset bundle! (3 winners) | RESET INFORMATION :mc_340-0: The following will not be reset - Treasure Chest Perks - Titles - Cubits - Any "Season Vault Access" item inside your /seasonvault - Legend...
  19. EYUP_WolveZ

    Bugged lighting?

    There is light coming from an unknown source at multiple places on my plot. I cant seem to remove them and I don't know whats causing them in the first place. I was hoping someone might have an answer/solution for me, Thanks.
  20. Aztec

    Editable Signs

    Instead of having to destroy the entire sign to change it, being able to right click it or something would be really useful and would make the server stand out. It would also be very useful.