1. Mortuus_Intra

    Apollo rebirth

    is the apollo rebirth bugged? i can't seem to join the archery or the puzzle room, i've tried it so many times at different times i just don't know what to do
  2. Mortuus_Intra

    Thou hast been smitten

    what does this mean
  3. HeuristicsInc

    How are you today?

    Hope you are doing well!
  4. HeuristicsInc

    New town level system

    What do you think of the new town leveling system for Earth?
  5. HeuristicsInc

    How are you doing?

    How are you doing today? I hope you're doing very well!
  6. HeuristicsInc


    What are the points on the forums for anyways?
  7. GameGaming

    Which spawners are the best?

    I was wondering... what is the best profit making spawner?
  8. HereticBeatle

    Player shops.

    Does anyone know if/when the plaer shops will be fixed?
  9. HereticBeatle

    Sva question

    How do you turn something into an sva? Cause I have some things I want to keep if/when a new season comes around.
  10. HereticBeatle

    Best way to earn mana in survival?

    Whats the best way to earn mana in survival? Farming, mob grinding, or something else?
  11. Redstone_64

    Unable to play ancient trials

    when I click the end portal frame in the menu I just receive the same error message in chat every time "Exception Connecting:QuietException : Unexpectected packet received during login process! 6701116d696e6563726166743a76616e I am playing on 1.19.3 with fabric using the mods sodium, phosphor...
  12. bawsarlv

    [WE NEED THIS ASAP]Survival Party premissions for Guests need new perm for chest opening

    Hello my name is BawsarLv. I have been running a warp that lets new people get some free stuff so their game is more easy at begging. So all started with that i made a small house next to my claim with chests. Everyone liked this idea and people started to giveaway stuff they dont need or take...
  13. javasplays

    is rmb drag click allowed?

    is drag click ing rmb 20 to 40 cps allow
  14. ToxicVangaurd

    Fly with MVP in survival?

    I was wondering if you could fly on survival with mvp I’m thinking about buying it but I need to know
  15. Bardbatos

    Ranks don't spread across servers?

    I remember when I bought my VIP about 3-4 years back, I got VIP across all servers. Now, when I go to buy Elite, it asks me to select a server. Do ranks no longer transfer between servers? Do I need to purchase it multiple times to use it in multiple servers? When was this change implemented?
  16. IJustFarmCactus

    Can I border claim next to my friends claim if he’s ok with it?

    Also make bamboo grow hella long again ty :)
  17. Clippey

    Unoriginal problem

    Hello, I'm currently working on a map called "Pool" because I thought it was original, as there were no other maps called pool. However I realized a few hours into my build that there is another name for pool billiards. There is currently a map named billiards. I'm not sure if this will put my...
  18. LoJo

    Are we allowed to make adventure maps?

    ^ Title ^ In my opinion, I don't think the "adventure maps" hit home on the title "adventure maps". I want to make some adventure maps, using fashionable builds while still including the parkour aspect. Is this allowed? (Again, this is in my opinion, and you are entitled to yours if you...
  19. shm888

    Is there a way to find an older mod?

    I recently came back onto Manacube after a lengthy break. Of course things change along with staff being one of them. There was this one survival mod but I cant quite remember his IGN. He was on around 2018 - early 2020. If there's some list or sum that could see former staff thatd be nice Lol.
  20. IronChestPlateYT

    What Ranks bypass the survival "server is full" problem

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Does any rank do it or is their a certain rank that allows access all the time