Collection Giveaway because of COLLEGE :(

Feb 14, 2024
Its been fun playing mana cube these past years. I started near covid 19 which is crazy but now I'm a bit more grown than I was then and I'm going into college now and if I still have stuff on here, I wont quit lmao so imma jus do a giveaway! I don't have a BIG collection but its decent (worth lik 750 cubits idk)

REPLY to this forum with your IGN and idk anything else
Thanks for all the fun

(in order it consists of) View attachment 72024
Hephaestus' Pickaxe
Butterfly Catcher
Giraffe Rod
Rotom Axe
Ghost Pickaxe
Emiyas Bow
Hulk Bottoms
Sonic Boots
Dragon Shield
Merida's Bow
Plasma Blaster
Templar Shield
Sweet Pendant
Mysterious Bow
SpaceX Helmet
Ocarina Of TIme
Asteroid Pickaxe
Good luck in College