Crash Plots & Dealing With Them

Dec 3, 2019
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Today, another crash plot hit Creative. This time, I had the privilege of seeing it myself before it was deleted, so I was able to take notes on it. I’m making this forum post so the clear issue with these plots can be dealt with beforehand, rather than letting the whole thing happen daily.
The Problem
For builders like me, a common technique is using #copy to w/e with blocks that would otherwise be blacklisted. Today I found out that members can do this too, meaning without getting any rank or even a single mana, any player can //set insane amounts of area with literally any block they’ve copied. Today’s item was repeaters. In the past we’ve seen grass, mushrooms and more.

The Simple Solution
The simple solution would be to limit WorldEdit to players with over an hour or to a rank. There are very few new players who immediately use WorldEdit, so limiting it to an hour or rank would greatly reduce the chances of this happening.

The Permanent Solution
A much more permanent solution, albeit more harsh, would be to restrict WorldEdit to players with VIP or over. It would reduce the number of returning members from when they first join, but it’s hard to get around a paywall for a cheap prank.

I really like ManaCube, but I feel like even when Admins come onto the server, it’s problems are largely ignored. This is the biggest problem with Creative right now, and something needs to be done with it. unknown.png


Jan 9, 2020
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Heyo Dnho!

All Creative staff and players know the pains of crash plots (and finding them!) and it's funny that you bring this up now! Yesterday, after having 6 crash plots in the span of two days, a possible solution surfaced in which I will be discussing with higher ups to see if it may be implemented. I'll be sure to pass on this post as well! You hit some really nice points overall <3