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Jul 4, 2014
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As we are not perfect and because it is not possible to list every possible way to violate the intent of the rules, we ask you to use common sense.
Staff have extensive training and all punishments are given at staff discretion.

Assisting players with ban or mute evading is prohibited. This includes sharing an account with them or providing an alternate account. These actions will be reviewed on a case by case basis and may result in an IP ban for all involved

Falsifying evidence or framing another player with the sole intent of getting them punished is prohibited and will result in a harsh punishment, at least equal to the punishment the target would have received.

Faking hacks will be treated and punished under regular hacking. This includes saying that you’re hacking in chat or attempting to “prove” that you are hacking to troll or trick others.

You are responsible for your Minecraft account security. Do not share your account details with anyone. Keep your passwords secure and do not give them to anyone.

If you feel a staff has been unfair or may have abused their powers you may report them by creating a Support Ticket here:

To appeal a punishment (without accusing staff of intentional wrongdoing) you may Appeal your Ban/Mute here:

Ban Offenses

Hacked Clients & Unfair Mods:

Allowed modifications can be viewed at
Unfair Macros
Using macros to automate tasks while AFK is not allowed. External macros such as taping down your mouse or putting a weight on a button, are also classed as macros as they have the same effect. Macros that send chat messages are also not allowed to be used while AFK.​
If suspected of AFK McMMO/Auto clicking/Macros staff will attempt to get your attention. If you do not respond, you will be considered AFK and will be punished. If players are found AFK at an Auto McMMO farm, signs will be placed to indicate AFK farming is not allowed and the player punished. Public Auto McMMO farms are required to have signage to warn players that using while AFK is bannable.​
Rebinding a command or message to a key is not considered a macro as long as you are manually pressing the key to activate the command or message. If you automate message sending or command running so that they activate without manual effort, then that will be considered a macro.​

Advertising other servers or discords​
  • Intentional destruction or theft inside another player's build.
  • Trapdoor spam on parkour.
  • Killing passive mobs in others territories (not including grinders)
  • Scamming other players (Baiting is allowed on KitPVP & Factions)
  • Teaming during competitive solo events such as LPS
  • Trolling events
  • Builds that intentionally try to crash or lag the server or other players
Griefing is only allowed on the Anarchy realm.

We take the safety of our players very seriously and thus do not allow sharing of personal information.​
Threats include doxing, DDOSing, sending malicious links, death threats.​

Real World Trading
Trading of in-game items or services for real life currency or purchases from a third party or external source.​
In-game items may only be traded for other in-game items, services or cubits.​
ManaCube is not a marketplace for advertising IRL items for sale. Please do not advertise goods or services for sale.​

Inappropriate Content
Extremely inappropriate usernames/nicknames, skins, builds, and item names.​

Bug Abuse
The severity of the bug determines the length of your ban. Typically we generously reward players who report game-breaking bugs.​
Abusing a Glitch/Bug on Parkour will result in a locked rank which locks your account out of sending/receiving Mana/EXP.​
Reporting a severe dupe or security bug can be reported to claim a bug bounty. Bounties for these types of bugs range from $100-$500​

Mute/Ban Evasion
This is when a player uses an alternate account to bypass restrictions set on their main account. The alternate account, and players IP address will be muted/banned for the punishment length on the main account. A second offense may lead to perm IP mute/ban.​

  • If a player is found to exceed the alt limit (by any means), they will be punished accordingly and disqualified from any payouts or rewards.
  • Using alt accounts to bypass claim limits is not allowed. Alt accounts are not allowed to have their own claims, or to be added to other player's claims.
  • If a player has alt parties or alt accounts in a second claim, they will not be considered for payouts or rewards. The alt accounts in other claims will be punished for boosting, resulting in the respective parties being disqualified from payouts per staff discretion.
  • Alt parties may not be created or used to farm, trade, make deals or payments that interfere with leaderboards, payouts or rewards. If deemed to be doing so the primary party and any alt parties will be disqualified and punished for boosting.
  • Deals with active or inactive players that are deemed to unfairly affect leaderboards, server prizes, rewards, prestiges, SVAs, cubits, etc may also result in disqualification.
  • Acquiring leaderboard positions or server awarded prizes (such as begin/end of season rewards, prestiges, SVAs, cubits) by using claims other than your own may result in disqualification.
  • Boosting stats by killing alts, making deals to kill other players, or any other means is not allowed in any game mode. This applies to paid or unpaid deals that affect leaderboards or payouts.
  • Switching parties to gain an unfair advantage is considered boosting and may result in disqualification.
  • Teams mergers that may impact leaderboards are not allowed. Likewise dividing teams to increase leaderboard positions is not allowed.
Players are allowed to use alts, within the limits provided for each realm. This limit may change over the course of a season.
  • Players are allowed to add alt accounts to their own claim.
  • Players may use alt accounts to afk personal claims.
  • An alt account does not need to be in your party to afk your farms for you.

Player run games/giveaways
While players are allowed to run various games, giveaways and casinos on ManaCube, there are a several rules to be aware of.​
  • Any prize from a game or giveaway must be available and proven to staff if requested
  • Rigging a game or giveaway is not allowed and is punishable under trolling
  • Giveaways are allowed but players cannot claim that they are official. Official giveaways are only posted by administrators in the public announcement areas.

Mute Offenses

Most chat offenses will initially be given a warning. However, these warnings are given at Staff discretion. Arguing that you were muted without warning is not worthwhile.

Excessive use of Capitalization over multiple long messages is not allowed.​
Custom Chat Fonts
Using custom fonts as a main font in public chat is not allowed and continued use will result in a mute.​
Inappropriate Names/Nicknames/Item Names etc.
We do not allow user names with derogatory or offensive terms, hate speech or swear words. Users who do not change these when asked will be issued with a punishment.​

Impersonating Staff and Players
Changing your nickname to pretend to be someone else or to bully, harass or attack someone else will result in punishment.​
Spamming includes posting repeated messages to chat in quick succession, repeated nonsense like "odmowlskdjmliaskdmadakmsdo;l2" and excessive character drag such as hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Command spam, encouraging spam, repeatedly begging for items, repeatedly advertising events, coinflips, auctions , etc. and group spam will also result in punishment. Spamming commands like /helpop, /marry will result in a ban.​

Inappropriate Chat
Including but not limited to discussing inappropriate topics such as:​
  • Drugs
  • Sexual activities
  • Illegal activities
  • Suicide or self-harm
  • Breaking server rules

Disrespect (Player or Staff)
Players can have disagreements and argue but they must do so in a respectful manner. Insulting, harassing, bullying, and abusive speech is not allowed. This includes attacking staff or publicly questioning their competence.​
Concerns about staff may be expressed in a staff report. To file a staff report please create a Support Ticket

Tricking or misleading players to issue commands such as /ci or [Alt][F4] falls under Trolling and is punishable at staff discretion. Physical Trolling is also not allowed, see the Physical Trolling rule.​

Interfering with Staffing
Players are not allowed to hackusate by calling out hackers in chat or to call out staff that are in vanish. Both of these activities interferes with catching cheaters. Joking about or pretending to hack or cheat is also against the rules and may result in ban.​
Disrupting chat with arguments for or against a specific staff decision, punishment or issue is not allowed. Punishments should not be argued in chat and will only be reviewed after an appeal is filed at Staff will not accept your appeal over Discord or in-game. Warnings for chat disruption are given at staff discretion.​

Hate Speech
Abusive or threatening behavior against a particular group, especially on the basis of race, religion, or sexual orientation is not allowed. Unlike most chat violations, staff give no warnings for true Hate Speech and the punishments quickly escalate.​
Note: Not all offensive, ill-informed, inflammatory statements or opinions are true Hate Speech and therefore may be warned or punished as disrespect, harassment.​

Players are not allowed to initiate, fuel, spread or discuss drama. Malicious or abusive discussions about other players or staff are punishable.​
Intentional harassment of another player will result in a mute and possibly ban. Please be respectful.​

ManaCube uses English as the official language. However, players who speak English as a second language are allowed to speak their native language in chat. Regardless of the language used, all chat rules must be followed and lengthy conversations in another language should be held in friend chat, party chat, plot chat, or other private chats. Those who use another language to bypass chat rules may be punished.​

Factions has a set of separate rules. Please view them here:

Earth rules:

Use common sense
If you think it may be against the rules, don't post it, or privately ask a Staff Member.
No offensive content
If it is going to offend someone, reconsider your post.
No excessive foul language
A little is okay, but anything deemed excessive is not allowed.
No spam posts
Don't make short and pointless posts. If you like the content and want to show the OP, use the Like button, rather than just saying "Nice", etc.
No advertising
Do not advertise for other servers or unapproved websites through the use of links, images, videos, etc.
Sites such as Imgur are fine for uploading pictures if necessary.

Do not talk about hacks, cheats, or severe bugs
The only place these things should be discussed is with Staff Members in the Bug or Player Report sections.
Do not abuse the tagging system
@Users can be tagged. Do not abuse this feature.
Do not make alternate accounts
Do not make alternate accounts, especially if your main account has been banned.
Do not 'backseat moderate'
If you see someone breaking any of these rules, use the Report button.
Do respect others
This not only includes just people at ManaCube, but everyone else too.
Do post in the correct section
If you are not sure where to post, ask a Staff Member.
Do speak English

If you break the forum rules, you may be at risk of receiving a warning.
Warning points last for 1 month, and while you are at or above 3 points, you will be in a Banned state, unable to post new content, or reply to existing content.

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