Important ManaCube Network: Official Rules


Jul 4, 2014
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General Info

As we are not perfect and because it is not possible to list every possible way to violate the intent of the rules, we ask you to use common sense. Staff have extensive training and all punishments and warnings are given at staff discretion.

You are responsible for your Minecraft account security. Do not share your account details with anyone. Keep your passwords secure and do not give them to anyone.

You may file a Staff Report if you have evidence staff abused their permissions. This is used to report staff misconduct and not to appeal a punishment.

To appeal a punishment (without accusing staff of intentional wrongdoing) you may create a Ban/Mute Appeal on the Forums. Information on the appeals process and on preparing a successful appeal can be found in our "Appeal Your Punishment" article on our WIki.

Private Messages & Group Chats

In general, staff does not moderate “voluntary” chats such as friend messages, and team chats like party chat, squad chat, etc. It is left to the team or chat leader to monitor the group rules. This does not mean group chats are beyond punishment. Admins may authorize punishing based on information in these chats on a case-by-case basis. Malicious Violations and Misconduct are always punishable.

Private messages are rarely punished unless reported to or sent to staff. If the recipient of a /msg, /r, /tell, etc. reports the sender for rule violations, they may be punished.


Evasion of restrictions on your account, such as a mute or ban, is not allowed. The severity of the punishment will depend on the severity of the initial offense. General guidelines for evasion punishments are:
  • Evasion without additional rule violations is typically punished for the next offense on the original punishment path
  • Evasion with additional Minor or Moderate rule violations typically follows the original punishment offense.
  • Evasion with Major rule violations is typically punished on the Particularly Toxic Player punishment path
  • Evasions with additional cheating violations are punished on the Particularly Toxic Player path or Malcious ToS path, depending on their past history of cheating and evading.
  • Evasions of permanent punishments punished as Malicious Tos violations.
Minor Violations [MIN]
Minor Violations are those that are more of an annoyance than a true issue. Examples include
  • Spam
  • Chat Trolling
  • Custom Font
  • Excessive Use of Foreign Languages in Public Chat
  • Soft Advertising
  • Excessive Swearing (enforced by chat filter)
  • CAPsing (enforced by chat filter)
  • Nickname Formatting (enforced by chat filter)
Typical Minor Punishment Path: /warn > 30m > 1h > 3h > 8h > 1d > 3d > 1w > 1mo > 3mo (repeat)
Verbal warnings and /warn are a courtesy and are given at staff discretion.
Staff may use an Accelerated Pathway when players violate rules quickly after their punishment expires.

Appeals for Minor Punishments will only be accepted or reduced if the punishment was in error. Appeals will only be processed if the punishment is longer than one day.

Spam occurs when players post repeat messages. Some examples include:
  • Chat Flood: using multiple messages instead of writing one full sentence
  • Character Drag: adding extra characters to words
  • Keyboard Smash: repeatedly posting garbage messages
  • Encouraging Spam: asking players to guess a number to win a prize, to type "F" in chat, and countdowns can be spam
  • Command Spam: repeatedly issues commands that display text in chat. (e.g. msg, helpop, report, tpa, duel, show, me, afk, party name changes, pay)
  • Begging: repeatedly begging for free items, mana, keys, ranks, etc.
It can also apply to excessive advertising of shops and auctions or any other means of annoying other players with repeated messages.

Group Spam is discussed under Special Cases and Spam Bots are discussed under Malicious Violations.

Trolling [Chat] occurs when a player leads other players or staff on with falsehoods. Examples are telling others to press Alt+F4, or using color codes to make fake broadcast messages. Trolling is typically harmless. If it causes harm or is harassment a harsher punishment path is followed.

Custom Fonts are not allowed as your main font in public chat. Not only are custom fonts often hard to read, but they also suggest the player has a hacked client installed.

Excessive Use of Foreign Language use occurs when lengthy non-English discussions are held in public chat. While speaking non-English languages is allowed, lengthy discussions should be in messages. All chat rules apply to non-English speakers.

Soft Advertising occurs when a player mentions another Minecraft server by name or IP. For example: “I’ll be on BoringMC”. Posting invitations to a player group in public chat is also treated as Soft Advertising. Players are allowed to put their team's Discord invite in their team description, but not in public chat.

Sending invitations to player Discord servers and mentioning hacked clients are also considered Soft Advertising.

NOTE: Excessive Swearing, CAPsing, and Nickname Formatting are officially still against the rules, however, they are typically enforced by chat filter.​

Excessive Swearing rules only apply in-game when the chat filter is broken.
CAPsing is the excessive use of CAPS. Capitalizing more than 5 words (that means six or more words) for more than two sentences is not allowed.​
Nickname Formatting includes nicknames of less than two characters, magic font, underlined portions, or other formatting that makes reading the nickname or the chat near it difficult.

Moderate Violations [MOD]
Moderate Violations tend to make chat hostile or uncomfortable for other players. This path is harsher than the Minor Violation Path and results in longer mutes at a faster pace. Most Moderate Violations can be escalated to Major Violations for more severe offenses. For example, Disrespect will be escalated to Harassment if deemed justified by staff. Examples include
  • Disrespect
  • Inappropriate Chat
  • Physical Trolling
  • Staff Interference
  • Impersonation
  • Rude Build
Typical Moderate Punishment Path: /warn > 3h > 1d > 1w > 1mo > 3mo > 6mo (repeat)
Verbal warnings and /warn are a courtesy and are given at staff discretion.
Staff may use an Accelerated Pathway when players violate rules quickly after their punishment expires.

Appeals for Moderate punishments of 3mo or less will only be accepted or reduced if the punishment was in error. Appeals for valid 6-month punishments may be reduced after serving 3 months and submitting a suitable appeal.

Disrespect (Player or Staff) includes abusive speech that insults, harasses, or bullies other players or staff. While disagreement is allowed, disrespect is not. Repeatedly targeting and disrespecting the same players or staff will be punished as Harassment. This includes attacking staff or publicly questioning their competence.

Concerns about staff may be expressed in a staff report. To file a staff report please create a Support Ticket

Inappropriate Chat includes discussions of inappropriate topics such as:
  • drugs
  • illegal activities
  • suicide or self-harm
  • breaking server rules
  • sexual activities
  • partial links to porn sites
Political, religious, and other contentious discussions are conditionally allowed. Lengthy and contentious discussions may be held outside of ManaCube. If you refuse to end a discussion when requested by staff, you may be punished.

NOTE: Using disrespectful or inappropriate language on pets, items, in the auction house, on signs, or in any other location that cannot be stopped by muting results in a ban.​

Physical Trolling includes using grappling hooks, fishing rods, trap doors, minecarts, or other methods to troll players (keep from mining, keep from PvPing, moving around plots, interfering with parkour, or otherwise annoying and harassing players).

NOTE: If items are lost due to moving players into lava, PvP, or other situations it is punished as Illegal PvP and follows the Major Cheating punishment path.

Staff Interference occurs when player behavior makes it difficult to moderate. This includes, but is not limited to accusing others of cheating, calling out staff in vanish, interfering with events such as Parkour & Seek, disruptive mini-modding, and other actions that distract staff from their duties. Staff will determine if a behavior is sufficient to interfere with their staffing.

Joking about cheating is also against the rules and is punished as "Claiming To Cheat". /report can be used to report other players and /helpop to ask questions of staff. If players are not satisfied with the responses of in-game staff, they may create a Support Ticket.

Impersonation includes pretending to be another player, staff member, or console. If a name or nickname was changed to violate other rules it will receive a harsher punishment. For example, changing your IGN to antagonize, attack, or bully a player will be punished as harassment.

Rude Builds include those that are offensive, inappropriate, or overly sexual. When players build detailed “porn scenes" they should not expect a warning before they are banned. More graphic and disturbing builds will be given harsher punishments at staff discretion.

Major Violations [MAJ]
Major Violations are disruptive, divisive, and violate our community standards. Staff do not always give warnings for Major Violations. Examples of offenses in this category are:
  • Hate Speech
  • Flame Wars
  • Shock Statements
  • Disrupting Chat
  • Harassment
  • Border Claiming
Typical Major Violations Punishment Path:
Chat Offense: 3h > 1d > 1w > 1mo > 1y (repeat)
Non-Chat Offense: 1d > 1w > 1mo > 1y (repeat)
Verbal warnings and /warn are a courtesy and are given at staff discretion. Hate Speech punishments are given without warning. Staff may use an Accelerated Pathway when players violate rules quickly after their punishment expires.

Appeals for Major violations of one month or less will only be accepted or reduced if the punishment was in error. Appeals for valid 1-year punishments may be reduced after serving 6 months and submitting a suitable appeal.

Hate Speech includes abusive or threatening behavior towards a particular group, especially based on race, religion, or sexual orientation. Unlike most violations, staff don't give warnings for true Hate Speech and the punishments quickly escalate. Using hate speech anywhere that cannot be stopped by muting will result in a ban. Examples include builds with hate speech messages, symbolism, or references.

NOTE: Not all offensive, ill-informed, inflammatory statements or opinions are true Hate Speech and therefore may be warned or punished as other violations.​

Flame Wars occur when respectful discussions turn into personal attacks on others. Respectful discussions about politics and other contentious topics are allowed. However, long, drawn-out conversations should be moved out of public chat and into direct messages, group chats, or other platforms.

Shock Statements made for the sole purpose of starting Flame Wars may be punished at staff discretion.

Disrupting Chat includes arguing or protesting specific staff decisions. Heated or hostile arguments regarding a decision, punishment, or server issue are not allowed, especially in a way that makes moderating chat difficult or offensive to other players or staff.

Punishments should not be argued in chat and will only be reviewed after an appeal is filed at Staff will not accept your appeal over Discord or in-game. Warnings for chat disruption are given at staff discretion.

Harassment includes malicious, abusive, or harmful discussions about other players or staff. It includes direct attacks and those comments made in a way where they don't attack directly but “everybody knows” who they are insulting. Harassment often occurs when players resort to ongoing bickering, insults, and petty arguments. Bullying typically occurs when one player is tormenting those they feel are vulnerable. All forms of harassment have a negative impact on the community.

Players participating in Harassment may be given an accelerated punishment path if they cannot refrain from violating rules. When it involves ongoing drama between parties, both parties will be placed on an accelerated punishment path [PPPP]. Any further harassment or retaliation will result in punishment. Staff do not care who started it we want to end it.

Border Claiming currently applies to Survival, Earth, and Factions. Parties are not allowed to claim land in a way that prevents another party from expanding. On Earth, outposts and claims must be 5 claims away from another town. Outposts may only be used to siege and will be removed when there hasn’t been any activity for 48 hours.

NOTE: If additional rules are broken, the punishment may be significantly harsher. For example, border claiming to grief another party will result in a [MAJ] Griefing ban.​


The PPPP is an accelerated punishment path for dealing with ongoing, bickering, bullying, drama, and harassment. It is reserved for the most disruptive conflicts.

The PPPP most often takes the form of not allowing two (or more) players to say anything to or about each other. This applies to public chat, private chat, friend messages, shouts, and any other form of communication available to them on ManaCube platforms. At Admin discretion, conversations taking place in player Discord servers with predominantly ManaCube players, on Social Media, and on any platforms that result in drama on ManaCube may be used as evidence.

The typical PPPP is 1d > 1w > 1y > perm.
The punishments may be mutes or bans depending on the severity, context, content, frequency, and whether they initiate or drag out drama.

Appeals for PPPP offenses will only be accepted or reduced if staff believe those involved have matured and can peacefully coexist.

Particularly Toxic Players [PTP]

Some players join ManaCube just to cause trouble. These are the new, generally unranked, players that tend to discuss sex with children, flood chat with hate speech, repeatedly make offensive statements in chat, ignore warnings, advertise, and generally disrupt the chat.

Offenses in this category include;
  • Toxicity
  • Hard Advertising
  • Evasion + Rulebreaking
The typical Particularly Toxic Players path is: 1y > perm
The punishment may be a mute or ban depending on the severity, context, and content. Any violations that can not be prevented with a mute require a ban.

Appeals for Particularly Toxic Player offenses will only be accepted or reduced if staff believe those involved have matured.

Toxicity is present in most online gaming communities. When a player joins Manacube to spread toxicity, harsh punishment is justified.

NOTE: Players can be toxic while following ManaCube rules. For example, players are allowed to act superior to others if they do not violate other rules, such as Disresepct.​
Hard Advertising occurs when a player posts another server's website/IP address with the intention of stealing the player base. This is typically done by new players with no connection to ManaCube. Advertising a competitor's server that has a store is Malicious Advertising whether the player is new or established.

Evasion with Rule Violations occurs when players break additional rules while evading their temp ban or mute.

Malicious Violations [MAL]
Malicious Violations are intended to threaten, trigger, or intimidate players, staff, or the server. They include things such as:
  • Malicious Advertising
  • Malicious Statements
  • Misconduct
  • Spam Bot
  • Malicious Abuse
  • ToS
Typical Malicious Punishment Path: /ipban, a possible ban on Discord, possible blacklisting

Appeals for Malicious Violations will only be accepted or reduced if the punishment was in error. There are exceptions. If the initial appeal is rejected, you will be given guidance on if and when you may re-appeal.

Malicious Ads are posted by a current or former player(s) to encourage joining a competitor's server. The server's website or IP address is posted with the intention of stealing the player base, or recruiting staff. In some cases, Malicious Ads will result in being added to the blacklist.

Malicious advertising also includes posting invites to competitors' Discord servers and discussing, or recommending illegal mods.

Malicious Statements include those that encourage suicide, threaten or wish violence or death upon others, or link images or videos of IRL violence. They also include releasing someone else's personal information without their express consent. Just because someone's information is public does not mean you have a right to share it on ManaCube.

These are the statements graphic, explicit, and vile. They cause players or staff to no longer be comfortable having the player in our community.

Misconduct includes Inappropriate Relationships, Predatory Behavior, and Soliciting & Distributing Porn.
  • Soliciting or Distributing Porn includes sharing sexually explicit images, regardless of the age of those involved. This also includes all links leading to pornographic images or videos. Please keep in mind that links are clickable, and punishable, without the "http://".

  • Inappropriate Relationships refer to a romantic or sexual relationship between an adult and a child, whether or not consensual on the part of the child.
There are two important ages when considering Inappropriate Relationships. The Age of Majority is 18. People who are 18 and above are adults. People younger than 18 are minors. People often believe that it is illegal for an adult to have a sexual relationship with a minor (less than 18). This is not completely true. The Age of Consent is 16. Therefore, people 16 and above are capable of consenting to a sexual relationship. This means that an 18-year-old may have a relationship with a 16 or 17-year-old without breaking the law or Manacube rules. Typically ManaCube will not get involved with dating between players or players and staff unless there is suspicion of predatory or improper behavior.​

  • Predatory Behavior refers to any attempt to sexually abuse or exploit others. It includes techniques used to manipulate others, such as grooming, pushing sexual boundaries, etc. Sextortion is one type of predatory behavior. Sextortion is when someone threatens to post intimate images unless you provide more photos, or pay them in some way. It also includes making threats to receive intimate images.
Spam Bots involve multiple accounts joining simultaneously to spam the server and completely flood chat.

Malicious Abuse occurs when something is used in a way to intentionally gain a significant unfair advantage, damage the realm's economy, crash the server, or substantially impact gameplay. Typical examples are dupes and crash exploits.

NOTE: The accidental discovery of an exploit is not bannable. Failure to report the exploit, sharing the exploit with other players, and profiting from the exploit are bannable offenses.​

Violating ToS includes any actions that are against ManaCube ToS []. Examples include DDoSing, DOXing, SWATing, stealing credentials, links to malware, IP grabbers, real world trading, and other malicious activities not mentioned elsewhere. It also includes threats, attempts, or claims to have taken malicious actions against others.

Illicit Behavior [ILL]
Using ManaCube to seek inappropriate relationships with children, sexually harass other players, solicit or distribute porn, post or threaten revenge porn, for sextortion, grooming, and other predatory behavior is not allowed.

To report concerns of Misconduct, submit a Support Ticket on the Forums. Choose “Report Predatory Behavior” for the department.
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Retaliation
  • Public Allegations
Typical Misconduct Punishment Path: 1w > 1y > permip

Appeals for Misconduct will only be accepted or reduced if the punishment was in error. Players are typically blacklisted and will not be allowed back into the community after committing these offenses.

Sexual Harassment typically begins as targeted, inappropriate or uncomfortable, sexual remarks being made to or about other players. Some examples would be:
  • Rating others based on attractiveness/sexual activity
  • Unwelcome and directed sexual comments, dirty jokes, sexual innuendos
  • Unwelcome sexual advances or requests for sexual favors
  • Comments about minors becoming “legal”
Retaliation includes attempts to convince victims or reporters to drop their complaints by intimidation, coercion, or any other means. It also includes players harassing those accused or suspected of inappropriate behavior or misconduct.

Public Misconduct Allegations include any public accusations of sexual misconduct. Examples are calling someone a "pedo" or "groomer", and accusing staff of protecting "pedos" or "groomers". These types of public statements are triggering to survivors of sex crimes and harmful to the community. If you are concerned about potential predatory behavior, please file a report at

Moderate Cheating [MDC]
Moderate Cheating includes but is not limited to illegal macros, keybinds, scripts, illegal teaming, boosting, alt abuse, moderate hacks, and moderate abuse. Staff are not expected to distinguish between a hack, script, macro, or key bind when banning. Punishment depends primarily on the advantage given rather than the method used to cheat. For example, a script that behaves similarly to X-Ray would receive a moderate hacking ban on Survival. A script that auto-sells while AFK would receive a macro ban. Examples of Moderate Offenses include.

Players who knowingly assist or benefit from cheaters will be punished as if they cheated themselves. For our purposes, assisting a cheater includes providing alts, gear, or other support.
  • Illegal Macros & Scripts
  • Illegal Teaming
  • Claiming to Cheat
  • Boosting
  • Moderate Hacks
  • Moderate Abuse
  • Festival Abuse
NOTE: Since an AFK kicker is no longer used, there are no punishments for AFK machines. AFK pools, minecarts/power rails, and jumping machines that provide no competitive advantage. While players may be AFK for grinding passive McMMO skills such as acrobatics, smelting, or taming, they may not allow other accounts to earn McMMO at the same time. Doing so is considered Boosting.​

Typical Moderate Cheating Punishment Path: 1d > 1w > 1y (repeat)
Warnings are not given for Moderate Cheating.

Appeals for Moderate Cheating Violations of less than 1-year will only be accepted or reduced if the punishment was in error. Appeals for valid 1-year punishments may be reduced after serving 6 months and submitting a suitable appeal.

Illegal Macros & Scripts that automate tasks while AFK are not allowed. External macros such as taping down your mouse or putting a weight on a button, are also classed as macros as they have the same effect. Macros that send chat messages are also not allowed to be used while AFK.

If suspected of Illegal Macros staff will attempt to get your attention. If you do not respond, you will be considered AFK and will be punished. If players are found AFK at an Auto McMMO farm, signs will be placed to indicate AFK farming is not allowed and the player punished. Public Auto McMMO farms are required to have signage to warn players that using while AFK is bannable.

This rule does not apply to earning passive McMMO XP such as acrobatics, smelting, or taming; however, only one account may earn McMMO at a time.

Rebinding a command or message to a key is not considered a macro as long as you are manually pressing the key to activate the command or message. If you automate message sending or command running so that they activate without manual effort, then that will be considered a macro.

Illegal Teaming is when two or more players work together to gain an unfair advantage. Due to the rewards for winning, teaming is not allowed in KOTH, LMS, or similar events.

knowingly assisting and benefitting from those who cheat. Cheating includes but is not limited to hacking, exploiting, bug abuse, and stealing. The punishment path is the same as if you cheated yourself.

Boosting is when players gain an unfair advantage with assistance from 'outside' accounts. Boosting is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Boosting is typically categorized as Leaderboard Boosting, Stat Boosting, or Alt Abuse.
  • Leaderboard Boosting occurs when a player or team achieves a spot on the leaderboard or any server awarded prizes with “outside” help. Examples of outside help are using builds, islands, and resources other than their own to gain a prize or unfair advantage. This includes but is not limited to begin/end of season rewards, earning prestige, SVAs, and cubits.
  • Stat Boosting is when a player unfairly boosts their stats. This includes killing alts to boost kills, creating alt plots/islands/teams for bonuses, sharing accounts to boost stats for leaderboards, etc. Rulings are made on a case-by-case basis.
  • Alt Abuse includes the use of alt/friends accounts to exploit the game and gain an extra advantage. Examples include alt usage in
    • Events (ManaFairy, KOTH, LPS),
    • Kill boosting,
    • Claiming boss rewards
    • Claiming /cow above alt limits
    • Earning passive McMMO [e.g. smelting, taming] simultaneously with two accounts
Festival Abuse is when players gain an unfair advantage by teaming with others in a free for all (FFA) event, gaining multiple rewards during the same event (such as boss) or bypassing established player limits, such as daily resource or activity restrictions through the use of alt accounts. Although the use of alt accounts is allowed during the festival, it is not allowed to claim rewards or currencies multiple times within the specified time limits. Festival abuse follows the same punishment lengths as the regular moderate abuse path, but is punished with a local festival ban.

Moderate Hacks include those that provide little or no competitive advantage on the realm where they are used. They include but are not limited to Xray, derp, boat, and Jesus, hacks. The severity of the violation may vary by realm and advantage given. For example, X-ray may be Moderate Hacks when used to find ores on Survival and Malicious Hacks when used to find bases on Factions.

Moderate Abuse is a classification of exploit abuse that gives a slight advantage but has little impact on leaderboards, the economy, server rewards, etc.

Major Cheating [MJC]
Major Cheating includes Major Hacks, and methods of dishonestly taking money, items, labor, or anything else of value from another player. Because the methods used to cheat are constantly changing, the rules cannot address all activities that may be considered cheating.

Examples of common offenses are:
  • Griefing
  • Stealing (theft, insiding,)
  • Scamming
  • Illegal PvP
  • Major Abuse
Players who knowingly assist or benefit from cheaters will be punished as if they cheated themselves. For our purposes, assisting a cheater includes providing alts, gear, or other support.

Typical Major Cheating Punishment Path: 1w > 2w > 1y (repeat)
For severe offenses, the initial punishment may be increased to 1y or permanent.

Appeals for Major Cheating Punishments of less than 1 year will only be accepted or reduced if the punishment was in error. Punishments of 1 year may be considered for reduction after serving 6 months and submitting a suitable appeal.

Griefing is intentionally destroying or changing another player’s property or build without their consent.

On Earth, when looting a ruined town, you may only break valuable blocks (ore blocks, beacons, spawners), crops, and containers. Breaking more than this would be punished as griefing. You also may not destroy the map terrain by draining, flooding with lava or water, making cobble monsters, placing a lot of random blocks, deforestation (burning a lot of trees), or digging large holes unless the area is claimed.

Stealing includes theft, insiding, scamming, and auction house (AH) scamming.
  • Theft is taking blocks, spawners, beacons, or other valuable items from another player’s island or base without consent, intending to keep the items. Theft is NOT rolled back. Adding a player to your team (party, squad, island, etc.) intending to kick them and keep their items is stealing.
Removing a player from a group & private signs:
When a player is removed from a party, island, or plot they must be given 14 days to collect their items. Use /mail to notify the removed player that they have 14 days to collect their items.​

After 14 days a player's items can be removed. If locked chests exist, a staff member can remove them and return any items to the original owner.​

If 30 days of inactivity have passed then a staff member may clear any locked chest & return any high-value items to the original owner. If the chests are in the wild the items aren't returned to the owner.​
High-Value Items: Includes items such as but not limited to Cubit Store Items, ManaItems, SVAs, Spawners, & Crates.​
On Earth, creating sieges to abuse (keep inventory) siege zones and unfairly obtain items from other players is considered theft.. In addition, players removed from towns must be given notice (by sending a /mail) and given the ability to move their items to another place. After 7 days, if the kicked player does not respond, all the items may be taken and the plots may be cleared.​

  • Insiding applies only to Factions and includes stealing value from your faction or teleporting enemies into your base. All enemies that teleported to the base may also be punished for stealing.

    NOTE: Loans are not typically enforced by staff. The server provides several ways to have secure transactions, and loans are done at the player's risk. However, if the loan had a value of more than 5 cubits, and the lender can provide proof of the payback agreement, staff may get involved. Those who repeatedly or intentionally default on loans can be punished.
Scamming is not allowed on most servers on our Network, the exceptions are KitPvP and Factions. Scamming includes renaming an item incorrectly to sell or trade it for a higher price. Another method would be negotiating a price for an item, but refusing to pay once you receive the item.

NOTE: Cubit, auction house, and SVA (season vault access item) scamming are not allowed in any realm. For SVA scams players need to provide the SVA ID which is obtained with /id. This does not mean players are guaranteed to have their items returned. We will not risk duplicating valuable items by spawning in replacements.​
NOTE: While players are allowed to run various games, giveaways, and casinos on ManaCube, there are several rules to be aware of.​
- Any prize from a game or giveaway must be available and proven to staff if requested​
- Rigging a game or giveaway is not allowed and is punishable as scamming​
- Players cannot claim their giveaways or games are official. Official giveaways are only posted by administrators in the public announcement areas.​

Illegal PvP includes tactics to trick players into areas where inventory is not kept on death, killing them and taking their items. Examples include TP-ing others into a PvP-enabled area without their knowledge, luring them to request a TP into a dangerous situation, and similar methods to illegally obtain their items.

Luring should not be confused with baiting. Baiting is when you convince a player to enter a known PvP situation so they consciously risk losing their items. Baiting is allowed in well marked, or known PvP-enabled areas whether keep-inventory is on or off.

Abusing server features or lying about server features to make others believe their items are protected on death is punishable in all realms if the deceit results in significant gains.

Baiting is allowed in PvP-enabled areas in all realms. TP-killing and luring are allowed only on KitPvP & Factions.

Spawn Killing (Earth Only)

  • You cannot spawn kill players (ex. /t spawn) at any time. The player must be given enough time to leave the spawn area.
  • Spawn killing is only allowed when the spawn point is close (around 3 chunks away from the edge of the siege zone) to a siege zone against military-ranked players who are participating.
Toggling PVP in Claims (Earth Only)

  • If a player is on your property, you reserve the right to ask them to leave. If someone is in your base with your permission and you no longer want them there, you are not permitted to kill them until the following requirements are met:
  • You must give them 2 warnings before toggling PvP (at least 30 seconds within the warnings). You must wait 2 minutes before toggling PvP, to give them a chance to leave. The player is not AFK.
  • Personal PvP arenas are allowed, but must be have clear signs warning players that PvP is enabled.
Traps (Earth Only)

  • Traps within claims intended to harm and/or kill another player are not allowed.

    This includes (but is not limited to): A town spawn that does not allow for safe entry and exit. Large and unsecured holes that are used to trap and kill players. Trapping players inside claims and keeping them in combat so they cannot leave.

Major Abuse is a classification of exploit abuse that is not game-breaking, but that gives a significant advantage and impacts leaderboards, the economy, server rewards, etc. If staff determine the infraction was Malicious Abuse a perm ban will be issued.

Malicious Cheating [MLC]
Malicious Cheating includes any methods to generate items or money, easier or faster than otherwise possible. Most Malicious Cheating Bans are due to using hacked clients or other methods that give a similar advantage. Any macros, scripts, or use bugs that provide the same benefit as common hacks will be punished as hacks.
  • Malicious Hacks
Players who knowingly assist or benefit from cheaters will be punished as if they cheated themselves. For our purposes, assisting a cheater includes providing alts, gear, or other support.

Typical Malicious Cheating Punishment Path: 1mo > 6mo > perm. Parkour has a unique hacking pathway of 2w ban > 6mo lock > perm lock

Appeals for Malicious Cheating Punishments will only be accepted or reduced if the punishment was in error.

Malicious Hacking includes cheats that provide an in-game advantage. Many hacks are associated with PvP, such as kill-aura, anti-knockback and auto-armor. For some game modes, mob aura, or no-fall are more common. Faking hacks will be treated and punished as hacking. This includes attempting to “prove” that you are hacking to troll or trick others.

Hacked client ads generated by the spam feature of a client result in a Hacked Client ban.

Any macros, scripts, or use bugs that provide the same benefit as common hacks will be punished as hacks. This includes mechanics in standard Minecraft that provide benefits similar to hacked clients.

Special Cases [SC]
Special Cases include violations that are difficult to categorize elsewhere or that have multiple possible punishment paths.
  • Auction House (AH) Abuse
  • Causing Lag
  • Falsifying Evidence
  • Group Spam
  • Inappropriate IGN
  • Inappropriate Skin
  • Player Request
The Special Cases punishment paths are varied.

Appeals for Inappropriate IGNs are typically reduced once the offensive name is changed to something appropriate. The appeals for the remaining offenses are handled on a case-by-case basis. If an appeal is not accepted, you will be given further instructions on when you may re-appeal.

AH Abuse includes renaming items and placing them on the auction house to advertise player warps or events

Causing Lag is punishable. This includes any builds that lag nearby players to an unacceptable level, as determined by staff. If your build lags the entire realm, the build may be punished as a crash plot. If a player unintentionally creates a lag build they should report it to staff to avoid punishment.

Falsifying Evidence to frame someone else for breaking rules is punishable. The punishment matches the punishment they attempted to frame the other player. So, if SaltyNoob was framed for Hate Speech, the player(s) involved with the falsified evidence would be punished for the forged Hate Speech evidence.

Group Spam occurs when multiple players work together to flood the chat. This normally consists of repeating the same or similar messages. It may include multiple individuals spamming about the same topic and may last a short time.

Inappropriate IGNs include any in-game names that violate chat rules.

Inappropriate Skins include any player's skin that violates our rules for inappropriate or offensive content. Examples include Nazi or Hitler Skins, nude skins, and suicide bombers. Inappropriate skins will be set to display as a network-wide default. Staff may remove the default skin once the player has complied with ManaCube rules.

Factions Rules:

Earth Rules:

Anarchy Rules:

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