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Sep 3, 2021
*Crazy long rant about some of the problems i have seen while playing non stop for the past 4 or 5 days*
I wanna start by saying that im not a crazy long time player or anything ive been on manacube a good amount but when the earth server came out i decided to give it a shot. And i am having alot of fun playing everyday but there are some obvious issues that i feel need to be fixed if we want earth to keep progressing and not die after half a year.

#1:The economy--I personally love the player based economy it makes the game alot more satisfying when u cant just pull items out of the void just by having sommeee money (like in survival) and i like the idea of the spawn market *even tho its dead at the moment and kind usless* and giving each person there own freedom to make a pretty shop is nice. With that said tho there needs to be more ways of making money. If you start out solo and somehow managed to get set up somewhere u wont be safe or able to make a town for dayyyyysss since the only way to make money is by quests witch i think gives a appropriate amount of money but still not enough for a solo player to start out at all. Yes you can get lucky in the pond or with your /cow but the ability to start out shouldnt be locked behind luck, excessive time spent or hoping someone nice helps you out or invites u to there town. Also i know cubits will always be sold for a good amt of $ but since there is so little ways to make money normaly. People who are able to spend real money on the game not only start out with insssaiiiinnee tools compared to a no rank but also can get fully set up with a base , spawners, and just everything right off the bat removing the grind completely while everyone else has to grind 4x longer then normal to even have a chance at catching up. And while this is good for people who have been on manacube for a long time and have cubits on other servers or friends to start out with or just a rank this is a huggeee wall limiting the amount of new ppl the server could have aka limiting the amt of potential money the server could make so its really not a smart choice to keep it like this
Suggestions ::
#1 Jobs!!!! This is the main one they dont have to pay alot at all. Honestly it would be better if they didnt pay alot at all to keep the eco small like it is. But still a passive way of generating income by just doing what u like in the game. Expecially farming since farming wheat pumpkin melons and most other crops is basically useless since who tf is gonna buy any of that most of the time? Unless you have a quest or just wanna stock pile shit. Gathering most things is pointless since there isnt a huge demand for usless crops and items.

#2:This one is a bigger change but maybe a npc or just a command that allows us to sell sommmee things to the server for money insted of solely running off chest shops. Maybe only a certain amount of each item could be sold to the npc a day? Or maybe the prices are super low so ur not making alot of money but at least gives everyone the ability too. Expecially since the amount of chest u can have in ur shop is based on ur rank.
#3:Repeatable daily quests maybe a new quest slot that has realllyyy high requirements to complete but can be done as many times as your able to maybe with a hour cool down if needed.
#4:maybe putting a temporary hold on cubit trading at least like a month or 2 for the start of the server so things could start out a bit more fair. *Ik this one wont happen tho*

Problem #2:: The insane amount of bugs
The amount of times ive gotten confused because of broken features is insaine. Ik there working on fixing them but heres a list of the things i personally have experienced.
1:None of the trench tools have been working i think they fixed this one tho atleast the pickaxe.
2:ppl being able to glitch thourgh closed doors. Obvious problem
3:quest rewards just being deleted and lost if your inventory is full the item should drop on the ground.
4:idk if this is on intentional but nether portals wont light yet i have seen some ppls bases have working ones
5:horrible hit box on pond items might just be a personal thing.
6: the side bar menu doesnt display the right information at all.
7:i cant think of all the commands that dont work but ik theres been too many instants where basic commands just fail to work at all.

Problem #3:
Just the total lack of information/help ik this server is new but there is only one thread on it and its litteraly just the realise post.

Problem #4:
Just generally a lack of things to do theres almost no seiges going on and the amount of goals and things you can are very limited

Problem #5:
Last one i can think of and its purely a personal opinion but i think mcmmo or some form of skills or somthing to level could help this server alot give players some kind of goal other then the prestige *witch cant even be done without a rank anyway witch is the dumbbist thing ever to me*

With all of that said im still really enjoying this gamemode and im gonna continue to play but if we want to actually gain a playerbase and maintain it we need to fix some of these base problems. Im not trying to complain abunch just want the best for the server ,

Im aware this is a little ranbaly and not put together very well but when i saw there was nothing on the formes for earth i decided to express my opinions. And i hope that at least some change starts to happen soon or at the very least have the staff at least consider these things a lilllll bit