earth towny

  1. Baylittlebeam

    Bug fix request

    recently most of the players I have asked in the Towny Earth server have said that they can't buy anything from the player shops i am also having this problem (when I click on the sign it doesn't register that I bought the item) please fix this bug when you get the chance -Baylittlebeam
  2. HeuristicsInc

    Me and my new friend :)

    Got this amazing guy today. He's really cool :D.
  3. ThatSean

    Issues making maps bigger

    I am attempting to upgrade maps using cartography table, it seems to work at first at hand but then when i place it down it resets back to a 0/4 level map, but still took my paper and map, Is it intentional? please help. 1699047153
  4. ThatSean

    I do not like how you cannot make a claim 7 chunks or something too close to another town.

    I wanted to claim the Gush-Dan area or at least the Haifa Bay but it was "too close to another town", This is very annoying.. I would understand it if was like 3-4 chunks but it is ridiculously over the necessary amount imo
  5. Sweet_Marry

    mana pond is unfair...

    I've been playing Earth for a few weeks now and noticed that mana pond is really unfair.... Some people abuse their jump boost from the fishing net or their armor to catch EVERYTHING. New players don't even get a chance to get something except these players are not there. My suggestion: Make...
  6. Poppycon

    Town Top Contributions

    So I had an idea. What if at the end of a month when /top is finalized and cubits given out, what if there was a way to see how much each member had contributed? A top 10 list, to make it easier to calculate the cubit split within towns with multiple people grinding.
  7. pkre

    Increase neutrality and upkeep costs.

    So right now, on earth the cost of neutrality is only $25 regardless of town size. I love having neutrality and the concept of it. However, I don't think the cost right now is reasonable. What I am suggesting, is to link upkeep and neutrality cost. So, if the cost is $1,000 for the upkeep the...
  8. Spogger

    [Guide + Tool] Everything You Need to Know to Dominate Earth! (From a leaderboard player)

    Hello! I have seen many players asking questions related to how to make a town, how to make money, etc., and I think that I should finally write a guide for these questions that answers all the questions you could possibly have about Earth Towny! Part 1: Joining/Creating a town/nation Quite...
  9. HollowShell

    Earth Improvement Propositions

    Hello all, Earth has been out for a few weeks now and I felt like now enough time has passed for people to add some suggestions to how to improve the realm and the quality of life for players on earth. So without further ado here are some of the Earth Improvement Propositions (EIP for short)...
  10. Duda23123

    New earth prestige system

    I Dont agree with the new prestige system on earth. Many people are not farming mcmmo skills that hard. I have nearly 100 hours of playtime and im only level 700 and i need level 2400 to prestige. I Belive this is making this realm more p2w and its a way to try to extinct f2p players. It should...
  11. elle⠀

    Earth Wilderness Mob Spawn Rate.

    Dear Manacube, Currently on Earth, a new feature had been implemented to include Manacube's own custom monsters. While this is a good new feature for Earth, many players and I believe they do not have a high enough spawn rate. From personal experience, it takes an hour to find...
  12. Spogger

    *RANT* Strength 2 Items are insanely overpowered

    DISCLAIMER: THIS IS A SUGGESTION FOR NERFING THEM, BUT IS ALSO A RANT Recently I made the *shocking* discovery that, in fact, items that give Strength II buff upon holding, do in fact, deal more damage that normal weapons. Shocking, I know. Anyways, this is about the most insane thing...
  13. Spogger

    [HIGH EFFORT] Earth should **NOT** be merged with Survival

    TL; DR: Earth is too different to be merged with Survival, and it would also warrant the merging of other realms in ways that would not work. As many players and staff know alike, it appears that many players would like Manacube's Earth realm to be merged with Manacube's Survival realm. Many...
  14. SaraBear_

    Build ideas for Towns!

    I was a bit bored and decided to kind of make a master list of town build ideas I've had. This list is so I can reference back to it when I want another thing to work on. Feel free to add to it! Farm Mob Farms Mall Library Bee Farm Zoo Pvp Arena Shooting Range Restaurant (maybe with food shops...
  15. SaraBear_

    Earth Resets

    Hey! I was going to post this because a few of the newer members were confused on why Earth resets are beneficial and needed. Resets can sound scary when you've spent so much time on your town/builds. Resets come with major fixes and plenty of new updates to make earth more enjoyable Ranks and...
  16. SkyDieGame

    Earth problems & fixing

    This is a list of wishes from the players at Earth, this is not only my wishes, but from the community! Fix Quests: The daily Quests is often impossible due to server settings, like getting killed by an angry pigling when they are not aggressive on the realm. Town Quests have quests like...
  17. Purple_eBoy

    [Earth] General Discussion Thread

    I have been playing earth(towny) for about a week now and wanted to give some feedback to the servers staff and open up a discussion for other players to voice their opinions on. 1. When creating shops not all items have a section the item you are selling pop up on. example (most foods)...
  18. NinjaStar5559

    Earth P2W continued...

    I made a post a few days ago talking about how earth was P2W bc the champions for each month just bought crates and have the most money. Now that vault items are out from mineville... wtf. Strength 3 on a sword?!?! who decided that was a good item to put in a crate? Someone who is money hungry...
  19. NinjaStar5559

    Earth P2W

    Imagine, a server that has ZERO cash flow apart from doing quests that offer little cash and require you to do some obsurd tasks and then the ManaPond that is way to big and probably 25% of the drops are uncatchable. What if I told you that the best way to get money was by buy SpongeBob Crates...
  20. Enlill

    Earth has some problems.

    *Crazy long rant about some of the problems i have seen while playing non stop for the past 4 or 5 days* I wanna start by saying that im not a crazy long time player or anything ive been on manacube a good amount but when the earth server came out i decided to give it a shot. And i am having...