Earth Release


Jul 12, 2021
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Cannot wait! Looking forward to this season


Jul 14, 2021
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Hello everyone,
Earth towny will be releasing on ManaCube Saturday September 11th 2PM EST. This is one of the last remaining stages of the merge with MineVille and we can't wait to add Earth to ManaCube. Earth will be different from the other gamemodes significantly in terms of gameplay, and that uniqueness will bring a whole new fun aspect to the network.

Reply with what you are most excited about for Earth release to enter a 50 Cubits giveaway. 10 winners will be selected and they will get 5 Cubits each and the VIP rank! Drawing on September 11th @ 3PM EST

➥ Towny System
To create a town, you need $5,000, use /town new <name> to start a town. To get money, make sure you complete solo & town quests and also claim your daily Cash Cow reward. There are also crates available for purchase in the /cubitshop

The home chunk is where you were standing when you created a town. To expand beyond this chunk, you will need to use the command /town claim. Each additional chunk will cost $200 and they have to connected to the claims (edges). You can have two claims not attached to the edges by using /t claim outpost. Outposts will not cost money to create.

Every day your town has to pay $10 per chunk for upkeep. This means if your town fails to pay, it will be disbanded/unclaimed, so make sure you deposit money into your town's bank account using /t deposit <amount>

Other information
  • Invite players using /town invite <name> - accept a town initiation using /accept <town name>
  • Change your town's spawn using /t sethomeblock then /t setspawn
  • Rent chunks to residents in your town by standing on the chunk and doing /plot forsale <price> and they can use /plot claim to buy it. You can undo plot sale by doing /plot nfs and it will be taken off the market.
  • Name a plot using /plot set name <name> while standing on it.
  • Set a plot type using /plot set <inn, farm, embassy, jail, shop, or arena>
  • You can set a tax on residents using /t set taxes <amount> and its collected daily.
  • Kick residents from your town using /t kick <name>
  • Promote residents to roles using /t rank add <name> <Helper, Guard, Sheriff, Moderator, Assistant>
  • To execute commands for a plot instead of the whole town use /plot instead of /t
  • PvP is enabled on town claims. To disable it use /t toggle pvp
  • You can teleport to a town using /t spawn <town name>
  • You can edit permissions such as build, destroy, chest access using /t set perm <perm> on/off. There are classes for plots and towns: resident, outsider, friend, or ally. Allies are members of your nation, residents are members of your town, outsiders are not allies or residents, and a friend is a player you add to your plot.
  • To add a friend, use /resident friend add <name>
If you have a successful town and would like to create a nation, you can do so by using /nation new <name>. This will cost $50,000. To invite towns to your nation, use /n invite <town name>. You may also set surnames and titles for players using /n set surname/title <player> <surname/title>. The nation spawn is the capital city which is the town/city of the player that created the nation and it can be set using /n set spawn.

Other Information
  • You may change the nation's king using /n set king <name>
  • You can ally other nations using /n ally add <nation name>. Once they are allies, they can access your nation spawn using /n spawn <nation name>
  • You can also enemy other nations using /n enemy add <nation name>
  • Set players rank inside the nation using /nation rank add (name) (rank)
➥ Towny Seiges
To start a siege you must place a colored banner outside the town you wish to siege. The cost to start a siege is $75 per chunk owned by the town you are sieging you can use a white banner to surrender. A siege lasts 3 days to earn points you need to either capture the banner or kill enemies. For each kill, you receive 150 points and once you control the banner you gain 10 points for every 20 seconds you maintain control of it you must remain within 16 blocks of the banner to hold control. During a siege, keep inventory is on for all guards, assistants, and the mayor/king of the town and nation if they are within the siege zone which is within 150 blocks of the siege banner. You can only earn points during the battle time which is announced in chat and can be seen with /siegewar hud (town) these battle sessions last for 50 minutes at a time. At the end of the 3 days, the winner of the siege is decided if the siege balance is negative the defenders win if the balance is positive the attackers win. The defenders will receive all of the money that the attacking town paid to start the siege if they win and if the attacking team wins they must place a chest outside the town they sieged this will plunder the town and reward them with $40 per chunk the defending team owns and they will be refunded the initial siege cost they paid to start the siege. For more information on sieges use /siegewar guide

➥ Economy
The economy on this realm is different from what you see on the rest of the network. On Earth, there will not be a centralized server shop, instead, players can create their own shops and they will all be listed in a directory at /playershops. To get materials, you will need to gather it yourself from this vast world or through quests (town and solo quests) and the Cash Cow.

There will be a 15,000 x 15,000 1.16 nether world also available to gather materials as well. Town creation & outposts are disabled in the nether.

➥ Live Map
There will be a live dynmap available at where you can see the claims for each town and some town details. You can zoom in or out and you will be able to see online players and their coordinates.

➥ Teleportation
You can teleport randomly to a continent using the command /wild, /continent, or /continents. This will open a GUI which will allow you to select a specific continent to teleport to. Each teleportation will cost $50. You starting balance will be $50 when you first join the realm so don't worry about not being able to afford a random location right off the bat!

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Spawn & Player Markets
There is a brand new spawn. It is much bigger than last season's spawn. You will find a PvP warp, a feature that last season lacked. There is also a very exciting new addition: player markets.

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There are two types of player markets: Queue based and bidding based.
  • You may only own one market at a time.
  • You may not bid or queue for markets while owning a market. Meaning you have to wait till your market rent duration is up before you can go back in line for to get another market rent.
  • If you are bidding or queuing for amarket, your bid/queue will be removed once you successfully rent a market
  • There is a cooldown for when you can queue/bid for a new market once the market you are renting expires.
  • There is a limit for how many players can queue up for a specific market stall.
  • You have to pay a fee to join a queue for a market.
  • When a queue-based market rent is up, the next player in the queue will get the market for the period. Then so on.
  • A bidding-based market goes back up for auction once its rent is up.
  • Every item/block placed in the market stall will be deleted once the rent period expires.
Player Markets are Market Stalls in /spawn which can be rented by players for a period of time. During that period, players can set up their own player/chest shops in the market stall and benefit from high traffic and exposure.

➥ Prestige
The new Prestige & Rankup system gives everyone a fair opportunity at earning Cubits by completing 10 different objectives. For each prestige level, you have to complete 7 objectives including:
  • Killing mobs
  • Harvesting crops
  • Mining ores
  • Completing solo quests
  • Catching magic pond rewards
  • Playtime
  • Sacrificing money
Every time you prestige, the objective challenge will increase. They will all increase by different intervals for balancing. Once you complete all the objectives, you can prestige and will be set back to rank 1. Your cubit reward will be deposited into your account!

➥ Champions
Every month, the five towns that earn the most money during the month will be reward with a champion score & cubits. Only the leader /mayor will receive the cubit earnings & the score (unless they choose that someone else from their team does).
  • To check the town balance leaderboard type /t bank
  • There are two leaderboards: All-Time and Monthly. The champions system is based on the monthly leaderboard
  • Season Legends are for All-Time
  • The champions are chosen at a random time on the last day of the month.
  • Champion score is displayed in chat next to your username
  • Type /champions for a full list of champions, their earnings, and winning months.
➥ Daily Events
Earth will have the following daily events:
  • Last Player Standing (twice a day) - 3 winners
  • Magic Pond (4 times a day)
  • Bosses (
Participate in the daily events to get items, cash, keys, or cubits as well as other custom perks.

➥ Ranks
Unlike last season which saw only 3 ranks (Iron, Gold, & Diamond) this season will have all 5 ManaCube Ranks: VIP, VIP+, MVP, MVP+ and Elite. The ranks will be moved according to the following conversion list:
  1. Iron --> VIP+
  2. Gold --> MVP
  3. Diamond --> Elite
You can buy ranks faster in-game using the /cubitshop or on the store at To view the list of perks that each rank has, execute the command /perks in-game.

➥ Crates
Earth Towny will have three crates:
  • Ancient ($3/key)
  • Legendary (Keys obtainable from Ancient crate)
  • Mythical (Keys obtainable from Legendary crate)
The crates do not have cash in them in order to uphold a fair-play economy. You can instead win armor, tools, weapons, low-tier farm spawners (chickens, pigs, etc), XP, holy white scrolls, rename scrolls, and other perks. You can purchase the crates directly from the /cubitshop or from the store.

➥ Other Changes
  • Added a /chunk command to view information on the chunk/plot you are standing on
  • Fixed multiple bugs
  • New rank prefixes
  • Added [teleport] (will only work if you are standing on a chunk you have access to
  • Added duels
  • Added /sync
  • Custom enchantments revamped. 25% less costly to buy, and many PvP-related enchantments removed to balance PvP.
  • New /help command
  • New /stats command
  • New auction house
  • Alot new furniture
See you on release day!
There will be a twitch stream on release day and we will be giving out ranks, crate keys, and cubits!
EXTREMELY EXCITED!! Can't wait to build a town and run shops with my friends! good luck to everyone with the giveaway as well


Sep 3, 2021
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Woah. I've played a lot of different towny servers but this looks so much cooler than anything I've played so far. I haven't even played on this server that long, but I'm crazy excited to try this out when it releases!!!