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May 9, 2022

Earth Map
Experience a new earth inside of Minecraft, rendered using satellite data and upgraded to version 1.17​
Season 2 earth map will remain viewable as an archive on our website​
Nether & End Worlds
Nether & End dimensions are now available on Season 3. Claiming land is not permitted in these worlds.​
Teleport to the End by throwing an ender eye. Use nether portals to teleport to the nether.​
New Spawn
Season 3 will have a much more condensed spawn. MV Kingdom players may remember this. It has been re-done to suit Earth.​
Resource World
The resource world is 1.19.2 world that automatically resets/regens every 2 weeks.​
This world is intended for gathering resources, and slaying custom monsters. Custom monsters spawn in different biomes (see below)​
What biomes Mana Monsters spawn in:​

  • Fields
    Mana Wolf, Mana Slime, Armored Rhino, Mana Golem
  • Forests
    Mana Wolf, Mana Slime, Gorilla, ?
  • Deserts
    Boxaroo, Mummy, Viper, Scorpion
  • Jungles
    Gorilla, Tiger, Viper, ?
  • Snowy
    Moose, Krynka, Mana Wizard, Yeti
  • Swamps
    Mutated Mole, Mana Slime, Necromancer
  • Nether
    Hell Hound, Lava Golem

    (These biomes include a lot of sub-biomes. More information will be available on the wiki soon)

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One of the biggest parts of this update is the changes to the economy. Earth had a unique economy, with no server shops and player trading only. We wanted to add a server shop & spawners, while still having the economy influenced/controlled by earth players.​
However, Earth also does not have enough activity or uses for raw items to have a true supply/demand economy, so here's our approach:​
Only building blocks, decorations, farming supplies & spawners can be purchased from the server shop. The buy prices for these items are static. All other items must still be self-obtained or purchased from other players.​
Farming crops & mob drops can be sold to the shop. These prices are dynamic​
Dynamic Sell Prices
Sell prices of items are automatically adjusted based on sell volume.​
For example, if barely any pumpkins are being sold, but a lot of melons are selling, then pumpkins will go up in sell price while melons will drop in sell price.​
These price adjustments happen hourly, but are also limited to prevent huge price swings & market manipulation​
Price History
History of prices can also be seen in-game by enabling the graphs option in shop.​
This information is also available through our public API, and will soon be viewable on our website too!​
Spawner Tiers
Spawners are now split into 3 tiers. Each tier has a static buy price for every spawner, and sell prices of the mob drops only affect other items inside their tier. (Meaning iron ingot volume from Tier 3 IG spawners won't affect the price of porkchop from Tier 1 pig spawners)​
Hopefully this isn't too confusing. Towny is pretty complex though, so I'm sure earth players won't have much of a problem with this.​
Auctions & Player Shops
Player Shops remain, and we've also added the Auction House. Money and cubits can be used.​

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Enchanting has been unchanged on ManaCube for a long time. This update expands the enchanting system with new features​

40 new enchantments are added in this update - some new and some old ones returning.​
EXP costs have also been reduced - See picture above​

The enchantment database is the best way to view all information about every enchantment. You can navigate between enchantment types at the top, and the books are sorted by rarity.​
Books are color coded based on their rarity (Common Green, Rare Blue, Red Legendary)​

Enchantment cooldown timers are now shown above your hotbar while in combat! This let's you know exactly when an ability activates, and how long it is on cooldown for.​
All items now have 5 open enchantment slots by default (Vanilla enchants are not a part of this)​
You can upgrade your item to hold up to 10 enchantments by applying enchantment scrolls to them.​
These scrolls can be obtained from Monster drops, Kilton, Tasks, Cubit Shop, The Forge & from other players.​
Enchantment slots are only shown on an item once a custom enchantment is added to it.​

Enchantments now have a shatter rate %, along with a success rate when applying.​
If the item shatters, all custom enchantments on the item will be disabled (not removed), and the item has to be repaired at the forge.​
Once the item is repaired, the shattered status is removed and all custom enchantments are re-enabled!​
You can still use magic success dust to increase the success rate of books.​

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Kilton & Huey have setup shop on Earth! Bringing with them a ton of new items to buy!​
Items from kilton can be purchased using mob heads, and huey using fish points.​
This also means the fishing update on Survival/Skyblock is now available on season 3.​

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The Task Board is a replacement to the old solo quests system. We want to re-introduce quests with multiple steps, story & dialogue in a future update.​
Tasks are randomly generated within set parameters, so you will probably never have the same exact task twice.​
There are 2 types of tasks you can complete at any time: Slayer & Adventure​
Slayer tasks
- Vanilla Mob Kills​
- Mana Monster Kills​
- Mini Boss Kills​
- Boss Kills​
Adventure Tasks
- Catch fish​
- Catch a specific fish​
- Mine/harvest specific resources​
- Harvest specific crops​
- Mine specific blocks​
More task types will be added, however with just these there are 130+ different tasks with thousands of variations.​
When you complete a task, you are automatically assigned a new task right away.​
Players have 24 hours to complete this task or a new one is assigned. You can also use the skip feature to skip your current tasks.​
Skipping costs 0.15 Cubits​
Task Level
Completing tasks earns you task XP for your task level. Many tasks have minimum level requirements to be assigned. This is so that new players aren't assigned more difficult tasks such as defeating a boss. So far there is only Lvl 1 tasks, Lvl 5 tasks, and Lvl 25 tasks.​
Complete tasks before they expire to build up your streak. Higher streaks reward more task XP.​
Task Crate
Every task you complete rewards you with a crate.​
This crate will be continuously updated. Version 1 contains rare items, high level vanilla enchantment books, mystery spawners, mana pouches, spawn eggs & more.​

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McMMO skills have been added in season 3!​
Read about McMMO here:

At the forge you can purchase gear, craft spawners & repair shattered items from failed enchantments.​
The forge is located to the left of Spawn​

The crate rewards have doubled in size, and rewards are now consistent with the latest updated ManaCube realms.​
15 new packages have also been added to the Cubit Store.​

Bug Fixes & Balancing
  • Sieging and plundering amounts increased by 100x
    Siege warchest deposit is now $7500
    Plunder per plot is now $4000

  • Towny Updates
    - TNT protected from being primed with fire arrows
    - Fixed towns with 0 residents being assigned ruined status
    - Fixed town kick command requiring player to be online
    - Fixed sheriff missing jailing permissions
    - Fixed water being able to be placed in water-loggable blocks on plot borders
    - Fixed outlaws being able to log out before teleported away
    - Fixed nation tax message bug
    - /res toggle bordertitles (Toggle title messages when entering/leaving town)
    - Angry wolves are now attackable inside towns
    - Clearing plots is much faster
    - Lots of optimizations & backend changes

  • Server updated to 1.19.2
  • Town Quests revamped
  • Vanilla advancements enabled
  • Season Vault now has page support
  • Can now /sit
  • Difficulty changed from easy to normal
  • Chests can now be locked with signs
  • Outposts can now only be claimed if player is at least 10 chunks away from nearest claim
  • LPS spectating has been fixed
  • ManaPond rewards re-balanced
  • Added new plot permissions for killing animals
  • Added /welcome command
  • Fixed bug causing mini armor stands to not drop items
  • Fixed daily reboot times interfering with events
  • Fixed morphs making player invisible on live map
  • Fixed being able to pearl out of duel maps
  • Fixed mobs spawning outside of earth's border
  • Can now view the furniture you've placed with /furniture location
  • Furniture can now be deposited to storage
  • Furniture inside your storage is now carried across season resets
  • Improved mob AI
  • Lots of bug fixes


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Pog :D


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dude i prefer normal 1.8 combat with the VERSION but the way they did it by changing attack speed sucks

also im pretty sure you just want 1.8 so u can spam click lol

don't say i want 1.9 because im bad at 1.8 because im actually pretty decent at 1.8

like literally try dueling on survival - that's the kind of pvp we would get with a "1.8" system


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dude i prefer normal 1.8 combat with the VERSION but the way they did it by changing attack speed sucks

also im pretty sure you just want 1.8 so u can spam click lol

don't say i want 1.9 because im bad at 1.8 because im actually pretty decent at 1.8
u want 1.9 bc your bad at 1.8