Ideas to share with staff to benefit server!


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Sep 19, 2020

Bow Boosting: It is now known that bow boosting was slightly fixed; this was indeed good work.
Hit registration: The hit registration has been very off lately and we feel like we can barely hit players sometimes, or even at all.

Kill participation
With the new kill participation It seems to be hard to get started and farm, kill stealing and getting the final hit always gave people more of a sense of life with the fact of regeneration III that is rewarded from kills. In our opinion and some others it should be reverted back to how the last map was. This made members revert to fishing instead to earn money; which lowers the amount of fights and activity in war zone.

Blue Sharks/Strength items
We have asked Sil to fix the fish last map since they were broken. From the PVP clips We have seen and we completely think that fish are OP and regret what we said before. Sharks should either be completely removed or nerfed in some way.

We are not completely sure but when when we played in beta dura seemed to break really fast compared to other maps It may have been just in our heads but keep that in mind.

Pearl Glitches and getting Pearl Stuck
Whilst I’m in calls I hear a lot of teammates complain about getting pearl stuck and dying very easily. One mistake can cost your life and any risky pearls can get you killed. It seems to happen more than last season. I don't think it brings you back to the hub anymore which is unfortunate.

The anticheat is new and comes with some flaws but from the looks of it, it is honestly a huge improvement and upgrade from last season. All though it does not catch all since it's nearly impossible to catch closet cheaters as of how new it is, it rids of the annoying 6 blockers and bhoppers. Very good job with this addition that we have been waiting for months if not years. Well done.

Arenas in the beta just looked like a source of duplication glitches our my eyes and I’m sure there will be some that will come out. I don't think arenas will be used much for PVP but more of a showcase. It was a great idea but with the outnumbering and kiting meta it won’t be used much.

Magic Anvil
Everyone knew the update would annoy some players with the XP and mana portion of it. The money was lowered which was great… but the kill participation makes it harder to get these resources. XP bottles are very expensive and players have all shown some hate and disagreement towards it. The mana is also a little annoying since players see money pouches as more of a necessity and with the economy already being a little slow growing with the new kill system is quite annoying.

Although we do like that you give the opportunity to let players who don’t want to spend money on the game still use it. The VIP and up sale is very nice and appreciated by the gset community. Good work on making it fair for everyone.

Locations: The new added location is refreshing and more competitive.
Loot: The loot pool was buffed which is great for the time spent on KoTH.
Cap time: Cap time being cumulative is great for the players who spend hours because they get knocked by that one annoying kit weekly player.

Mana Fairies
Should be buffed a little in our opinion since they are per hour; we were thinking a range from 20-30 would be a nice number.
The clues are fun and get you to know the map better.

Staff Activity
Staff Are very responsive and active this season, they are quick to fix bugs and help players when they require it.

Boosting Protection Plugin
We feel that whenever we are farming that there sometimes isn't enough people to fight and are stuck with facing the same 3-4 players dropping. We feel that boosting protection should be removed or at least pushed so you can get more kills instead of only being able to kill one person 5 or so times. Keeping it disabled in Arenas would be mandatory.
Last But Certainly Not Least Removal of Void
Awesome Great Perfect
This allows for more fights and deaths. It was easy to kite and get away with a void last season. Dying is a part of kitpvp and with the removal of void it increases death. One of the best changes so far.

Made by Chaseyn and Dylan.

Thank you for reading.


Jan 21, 2021
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I think it's really progressive that you went out of your way to make a post like this, thats really cool chaseyn. Making kit better for everyone.