1. Duo

    Proposed Feature: Alert for PvP-Enabled Towns in Earth

    Hey everyone, I wanted to share an idea I've been thinking about for our Earth Towny server. As someone who's more into building and exploring rather than PvP, I noticed something that might help players like me, as well as newcomers. Right now, when we use `/t spawn [town name]` to jump to a...
  2. I__PK__I

    New World Idea

    early skyblock season we found a bug where we could mine the netherwart blocks under the map. they acted as netherwarts when mined. was a good source of money and xp. but it was fixed. but i was thinking, what if we had a world built for just that? a world after burninglands that you can mine...
  3. Pinguinooo

    Survival PVP Tower

    Post your suggestions for the new PVP Tower (save arena) including cube & coords Looking for something that players can't easily camp in
  4. K4ND3

    PVP Change For Survival

    PVP System should be change from 1.8 to 1.9 version PVP, since most people abuse AutoClicker Hard ASF in PVP Events and it's just more than annoying Plus it's too easy to clear mobs so I honestly think that 1.9 PVP would be great on survival.
  5. 4Lsd4

    In-game Mod For approval?

    Hey, I would like to know if Betterpvp is allowed, they offer two versions. may a staff member please review the mod? https://chocolateminecraft.com/betterpvp2.php Thanks!
  6. Bardbatos

    Stop being rude. Seriously

    First of all, if you don’t have anything nice to say or can’t state your opinion in a mature manner than I ask that you move on with your day. I understand that there are aspects of certain servers that are PVP. However, there’s a difference between simply playing the game as it should be and...
  7. dorathecreatorrr

    Lucille Nerf...

    Roll back the Lucille nerf or change it, PVP even worse than before now even though the nerf was supposed to make PVP less "dull". I dont know how someone that doesnt even PVP has the nerve to post a thread saying that PVP is "dull". Nerf for Lucille was needed, yes but nerfing it that hard...
  8. Cedis ♡

    PVP, Sweeper, Boss Egg, and Mine TP (Suggestions)

    I suggest disabling or decreasing /near radius within the volcano and the hades sections. (Very unfair advantage for ranked players with access to it with it's massive radius and might help with /rebirth) I suggest letting helpers spectate LPS. (Might help with teamers) I suggest making it more...
  9. Uninhabited

    PVP Revival / Rebalance Across -ALL- Game-modes

    Pvp across, Survival, Prison, Islands, Towney, have all been pretty unbalanced and undesirable for anybody to partake in for a while now and though nerfs have been applied to many items to attempt to balance pvp on some of these game modes the fact remains that the “pay to win” or people that...
  10. Chaseyn

    Ideas to share with staff to benefit server!

    Combat/PVP Bow Boosting: It is now known that bow boosting was slightly fixed; this was indeed good work. Hit registration: The hit registration has been very off lately and we feel like we can barely hit players sometimes, or even at all. Kill participation With the new kill participation It...
  11. Chaseyn

    Top 10 Best Manacube KitPVP Players (My Opinion)

    This post is my opinion so don't get triggered or nothing. I am basing these rankings on overall performance, including pvp ability, kiting, maintaining heals, and overall skill in the community. (PS, this is not bias in anyway either, it is what i genuinely think of these players, I will not be...
  12. akeosgod

    Roof above Survival PvP Arena

    Hello everyone, hope you all are having a great day! I came here to share my sad (and kinda funny) history. I got VIP+ today and so, I was exploring everything that comes with it, including the fly ability. Over the Survival spawn, I was flying around exploring stuff, looking for nice...
  13. xX11ian11Xx

    Elytra's in pvp too OP?

    I'm not one to typically complain about what's fair, but having the ability to instantly disengage from any pvp zone is a little broken. Especially with the addition of jump 5 boots. Any player can have boots and an elytra and completely avoid pvp, making hades a pointless place to PVP. Once...
  14. xlify

    KitPvP Kits

    I have been playing KitPvP on this server for a while now and i think just like in duels there are multiple kits like Pot and bowl but that's just in duels. I think there should be some kits with pots and bowls BUT the armor and swords are weaker. So for example A pot kit could have 5-10 instant...

    Factions spawn PvP

    when I got killed im pvp factions i lost all my stuff thanks to the cleanup, should the server add a feature that when you die your items stay with you and they dont sit there?
  16. BlackPTNL

    Dead pvp zone

    In my opinion pvp zone in olympus is kinda dead because the reward is low. It would be cool if they added a bigger reward for the volcano / pvp mine because you sacrifice good gear for low reward .
  17. Esperosa

    What is a finished "God Set"

    So you wanna pvp on Olympus huh? Well listen to my guide and i'll tell you where to start! So for the most part your enchants will all go on a chest-plate. Now if you REALLY WANT TO you can split them up between the 4 pieces of armour. So for this God-Set we will start from the top and work our...
  18. T

    /vanish in pvp

    So, I have recently suffered a death to Chris26c which was my fault completely but he did something in the fight that I feel is completely unfair. He somehow ran away and used /v to cloak himself and then proceeded to slice at me until i was going to die then I died to logging. This is BS, /v...
  19. Speediare

    Survival | PvP Tournament

    Survival | PvP Tournament Hosted By: @Speediare & @RainbowCat379 Sponsored By: @Animenz Come one, come all, to a new event on Survival! To bring some more love and attention, Catt (RainbowCat379) and I will be hosting a PvP tournament! This is NOT a ManaCube Staff Team-hosted event. This is...
  20. Whiskerando

    The Challenge

    Hi. I've recently introduced an alternate type of game onto the Creative server called The Challenge. It's a multi-round strategy and physical competition with 1 goal. Win. Here's how it works. You start out with anywhere between 5-10 people. You start out in a competition of some random...