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Josh - MobDrops

May 3, 2021
Ello Friends and Family of Manacube!
Upon coming back from my long hiatus, I noticed the discord has lost quite a bit of activity. I feel it might be a great time to leave a suggestion or two for events targeted to increase community engagement. Then underneath that will be some unneeded input from my own thoughts and experiences and give some context to the suggestion... that you are more than welcome to skip :p


Manabugs Event

Manabugs Event a.k.a Mana Monthly Competition Event
Whole Event will last a month, challenges every week within. (So x4 Challenges)
This one-time-event combines with the normal Manacube Monthly competition
Event should be used to promote social networks associated with ManaCube/ManaLabs

Several contributing parts to the event:
1) Chatterbugs: (Discord Only)
• Pretty straight forward, a discord chat requirement challenge. Such as the typical chat bots that monitor message counts.
• Top users with most messages at the end of the month receive in game reward. T
• Top 1-3 Users get special event role. (eg. ChatterBugs Winner)
• This part of the event is focused on putting spotlight to the discord platform. In hopes that it will spur more future discord participation.
1.2) Discord Invites: (Discord Only, could reward a discord themed hat in game)
• Top 10 users with the most invites get rewards.
• Reason for such a large winner pool is to draw more participants in, the winners/winnings for this part is not that important. So rewards may be simple.
• This part of the event is again solely focused on putting spotlight to the discord platform In hopes that it will spur more future discord participation.
2) In Game challenges: (In-Game Only)
• As mentioned there will be four challenges, one per week of July.
• This part of the event is focused to give the returning player something to grind as well as motivate more casual players to become regulars of the server.
• The main idea revolves around the theme of the event (ManaCube)
• Players have to assemble a miniature ManaCube (Wont be a physical entity)
• Players assemble this miniature ManaCube by collecting all four pieces during the July Month.
Pieces include; Blueprint, Frame, Mana, Glass
• Each piece will be hidden within the Manacube network. That is, any of the servers. Undisclosed.
Each piece will be hidden for one week.
• Players need all four pieces to complete the challenge.
• Players get a small reward every week for finding individual pieces.
• Players get a big reward at the end of the last week if all four pieces have been found. (Idea was that it be a Manacube companion or cosmetics)
3) Mana Monthly Competition: (In-game, Forums & Discord)
• The usual Mana Monthly Event
• Theme is ManaCommunications or short, Manacoms'
• Enter-able through Forums & Discord
4) Social Media Giveaway's: (Social Media platforms)
• Again, pretty self explanatory
• Something along the lines of;
"Like this post and stand a chance to be randomly selected..."

So that was it, an event larger than some, but focused and themed specifically around community and inter-connectivity
What do you think? Reply down below and share your ideas/thoughts!

Sooo... this goes without saying, that a strong community has always been one of the pillars of online gaming. After all, gaming is a form of social interaction.
I have found though that some community departments across the industry seem to overlook the fact that within the last two years, this has grown exponentially.
Gaming is much more than just a simple social interaction but has manifested to its whole own category of social spaces in the modern world we live in. Where record breaking amounts of people all across the globe have moved to virtual entertainment. Be it social media or gaming... What we all share more than the experience we get, is the interaction between others.
The way I like to word it is; "The community has grown from a pillar to a whole wall."

There has been a huge amount of insight studies around this recently (a lot due to the huge shift in gaming trends after the first lockdown started from covid outbreak). A simple google search and you can find articles and case studies that has even extend past the last 10 years.
For example, In these studies it has shown that just adults in the age group of 51-65 years, has seen a 43% increase in gaming since 2019 alone.
Not that the age group is super relevant to the suggestion... But the undisputed fact stays that the target markets have shot up to numbers never seen before in the gaming industry.
As written in the first paragraph, this is important to the community relations, but also a big factor on the corporate side of things.
To put it blunt; In 2022, a well set up community/following that keeps interactions on a high communal level. Is guaranteed profits (Hypothetically considering development is mostly normal etc.)
So this suggestion is not solely focused on adding temporary entertainment but also on general retention to maximize profits according to the newest trends in the industry by highlighting the community platform as apposed to putting 80% of the workloads into the actual gameplay for example.

Some more statistics taken from consumer insight research done by Newzoo in 2021 shows that;
- In the past six months(Late 2020-early2021), 80% of gamers in North America and Western Europe talked about games with peers.
- 61% engaged with gaming communities, Actively contributing to discussions on Reddit, Discord, ResetEra, and other platforms.
- And 60% visited gaming websites/social platforms/listened to podcasts etc. (Such as in this case again, Discord)

These are outside of the already in-game engagement. Now imagine taking an already decent retention of say 35% in game. By simply adding more focus on the community platforms, one could theoretically increase up to two fold. Which is exactly what large studios/corporations have been doing recently. So why shouldn't the more indie type studios do the same?

Why an event suggestion? Well, generally speaking events are used for various reasons. Whether it be to celebrate a special occasion, announce a new release or just gather friends. What they always have in common is that they boost participation and promote bonding within the community. They also serve as a good staff bonding exercise when getting everyone involved with different task/steps of the event. Win-Win if you ask me.
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