1. woolly26

    Make staff members better and make the rules better

    1.It happens a lot when the players gets additional punishments or punishments for stuff that isnt even mentioned in the rules . 2.Staff Manager is innactive and barely plays on the server and only checks staff members by the numbers of punishments done . 3.Staff members allow toxic behaviour...
  2. LostBam

    Staff Harassment Over Chickens

    Over the past month or two, certain staff members have decided to kill all chickens at spawn. I understand this is in efforts to reduce lag on the server. I saw no reason to complain when this happened, as I still had chicken eggs in my inventory. While annoying, not a big deal. My impetus for...
  3. Arcire


    I don't know if this has been said yet, but I think each server should have its rules on its own page. I think the official server rules can be viewed more easily this way. It has oftentimes given me the feeling of it being extremely long. I think each server can have a link to that server's...
  4. EvanTech

    [Survival] Add specific rules regarding redstone

    No rules or information pages mention anything about redstone machines or flying machines, etc, being prohibited. By the time a player makes something and a staff rules it out to be punishable, it's too late and it's already been built. For example, we recently built a small(ish) sugar cane...
  5. SSM_GOD

    How to Moderate/Stop Necroposting

    I know this isn't really common, or a major issue, or really a problem at all, but more of just an idea. If you don't know, necro posting is when you comment or push an old/dead thread back into the active ones. This can be anoying to many as it's been seen before and moved on from... blah blah...
  6. Eclyps_e

    Unspoken rule which I was warned about

    So I was on the Olympus Atlas server and went to the volcano after I just ranked up to Hero. When I was getting magma, I was killed by another player (not a problem it IS a pvp area) and was immediately told "reported." Took me about 5 minutes to learn that I had /d on (without a clue) as it was...
  7. MurknMurda

    Unfair punishment?

    So my faction was f top 6 or 7 as of last night. Our name was "Salty". We started about 3-4 days ago gaining wealth through some lucky coin flips and two of my faction members buying several keys. Anyways None of us had made an account on this website yet and gone through the forums to read...
  8. Jdowg2005

    Question about rule

    In the rules it says you can’t use a auto Fisher with a macro. But is it ok if your not afk but still use an auto fisher without a macro
  9. Calari

    Staff Application Rules - Rework?

    Hello. Lately, I have been commenting on staff applications quite a lot. It is sad to see, how short roughly half of them are (way below the word requirement, stated in the rules for applications). Other requirements are generally lacking, too (e.g. forum post count, detail, structure, ... ) I...
  10. Hallowqueen

    Macros, Allowed Mods & AFK Machines Rules - Explained

    I’ve personally noticed some confusion recently regarding the recent (and not so recent) changes/additions to the rules on ManaCube, so I’m creating this thread to hopefully explain the changes/rules in a little more detail. - Specifically talking about the ‘Macros, Allowed Mods & AFK Machines’...
  11. S

    I was banned for "theft"

    Why... WHY! This is a survival server... Stop protecting little kids by banning people for "stealing". THIS IS VANILLA MINECRAFT! So please, don't make stealing a crime (in the server, not real life).
  12. sparkypi

    AFK Mining

    I keep hearing that AFK mining is not allowed, yet it is not in /rules or the rules and punishment guidelines given to staff applicants. This is made even more confusing since people constantly "afk" their spawners and cactus farms, which is apparently completely fine. This is an especially...
  13. F

    The anti griefing rule.

    So there is a rule against breaking wilderness that a player may own. However noob builds like dirt huts and wooden huts that a player may log on once with and leave or even make a party, then it get disbanded and then the land can still not be touched. So therefore we need a way to clear...
  14. Dacon

    Important ManaCube Network: Official Rules

    General Info As we are not perfect and because it is not possible to list every possible way to violate the intent of the rules, we ask you to use common sense. Staff have extensive training and all punishments and warnings are given at staff discretion. You are responsible for your Minecraft...