[Parkour] PVE parkour tower


Oct 20, 2017
The PVE Parkour tower (temp. name) would be a tower that has 50 floors. Each floor has a wave of mobs that the player has to defeat before moving onto the next floor. In between each mob floors are tall rooms which have parkour to reach the next floor. The parkour will start off easy and gradually increase in difficulty. I was thinking about maybe having multiple towers which are easy, medium, hard, expert and insane and the difficulty of the mob rounds and parkour would be increase depending difficulty and how far up the tower the player is. But if that is too many, just one tower which increases in difficulty from the difficulties already in the game and start off at easy and reach insane on the last few.

The would be no mobs on the parkour segments as parkouring whilst being attacked is just annoying and allows for the player to focus on the actual parkour.

Every maybe 5 or 10 floors could be a boss room.

Because the parkour and mobs both increase in difficulty, it would be worth having mob drops or rewards from the completing the parkour segments to upgrade armour and weapons as the game mode is on parkour and should have the PVE aspect be a little easier for parkour players. This could make for another way to enjoy grinding parkour whilst adding the element of PVE rather than just playing maps like normal. The rewards from the drops could also increase depending on what floor the player has cleared and which tower they are on.

The mob drops and rewards from completing parkour segments would be spent in a shop where the player can purchase armour and weapon and also upgrade their current gear.

The tower would be made to be playable as solo but can play with other players. Although having multiple people on the same tower makes the player need to wait for the mob room to be empty before they can join it so they don't end up skipping the fight. This allows for the community to come together to challenge the boss floors and make it easier to get further.

I don't play much 1.9+ but have been playing the festival event recently and find the custom textures on the mobs a really cool addition and would love to see it for the tower mobs if parkour ever went in the direction of increasing the core version from 1.8.

If the player dies they could either restart from a checkpoint or restart the whole tower and they just keep grinding for better armour and weapons to get further into the tower (depending on how grindy you want to make it). Also I'd rather the parkour segments not be able to take fall damage.

Not entirely sure what reward for completing the tower, but maybe token for a shop with multiple items/tags in it so that the player can replay the tower to get different rewards.

Parkour with the PVE elements just gives players a change of pace of just the normal maps and another place for parkour players to grind and think it could be a cool addition to the game mode. Could also allow for the seasonal crates to give weapons/gear that work in the tower.

If anyone has any additions or changes to the idea please leave them below, would love to see what you all can come up with.