1. M

    Rejected Easy parkour

    Mineformark1 Cloud parkour Cannot provide images #1 of mineformark1's Easy difficulty 25 jumps
  2. Dacon

    Parkour - Season 2

    We've thought long and hard on how to approach any kind of parkour reset. After considering multiple possibilities and feedback from the community, we've decided this is the best way to do this. The following will be reset upon release of Season 2. - Mana Balances - Mana Pouches - Ender Pearls...
  3. Acrellux

    Rejected Capybara - Medium

    ~ IGN: Acrellux ~ Map Name: Capybara ~ Plot Warp: /plot v Acrellux 16 ~ Difficulty: Medium (Or easy, if necessary) ~ Jumps: 35 ~ Photos:
  4. iiNavy

    Rejected 2022 - Expert (75 - 85 jumps)

    Do /plot visit iiNavy to take a look at the map! In this parkour there are some expert jumps, 2022 facts, and stuff that has recently happened in 2022 and other things related to this! Details: Checkpoints: 11 Difficulty: Expert Around 80 jumps Tricky jumps such as: 5b jump with head hidder...
  5. Mr. cobble

    Triple neo tips please

    Im really bad at triple neo. Anyone can give me tips for this? (I know how to do double neo)
  6. Mr. cobble

    Ladder parkour tips please

    Im bad at ladder parkour Anyone can give me tips for that?
  7. OleOskar123

    Rejected Dreamy

    This map is called ''Dreamy'' because its based on dream, its at my 1st plot next to my cookie dropper... didnt work that well

    Rejected Driving - Medium

    Hi, Needogon here. I made another map that I would like to get tested. This one is called Driving. I really like it.
  9. Mika

    Accepted Sith Wayfinder - Easy Map

    Mappers: - Parkour built by Pink_Bovine - Build built by qMika Map name: Sith Wayfinder How do we get here?: /plot visit qMika 10 Difficulty: Easy Number of jumps: 17 Checkpoints: 2 I hope you you like the map! Greetings, Pink Cow and Mika
  10. Dacon

    Parkour 3.0 Reset Discussion & Poll

    We've been working on the 3.0 update for parkour, which includes some things resetting I'm not sure what the community wants though. The new ranks and prestiges require more than just mana, for example one of them also requires completing 100 easy, medium & hard maps. We could still do this...
  11. Iron

    Rejected Riches or Happiness (Easy)

    This is a map where the player can choose to live the life of riches or happiness only one makes it.
  12. Flame4206

    Parkour With A Xbox Controller CHALLENGE

    This was just pure PAIN, enjoy :D


    Hi. Needogon here. I have recently made a parkour map called Driving. It has 37 jumps and 5 checkpoints. I think it looks cool. My favourite part is the inside of the car. I just think it looks cool inside.
  14. _amfroggy

    Rejected The Frog- Map submission (am i doing this right? i read the post thingy)

    Here's my first map submission!! Hope its good, tried to make it original but idk if there's another frog themed map. Username: _amfroggy Map Name: The Frog Pics are attached Map coords/ID?: -136;102 Difficulty: Medium Jumps: 44, ish, depends on how you do some of it. Note: There is a...
  15. Skywurs

    Rejected The Melon Monster [Medium] Go to my plot please to approve it admins :D Have a good day

    ^^^ ^^^ === Picture of part of the parkour
  16. iiNavy

    Rejected Youtubers (Parkour map, Expert/Insane)

    Difficulty: Expert or Insane By JacobJuliana Around 75 jumps and around 10 checkpoints Do /visit JacobJuliana 2 to visit the plot This map is mainly about youtubers. 4 - 7 Youtubers Do /p v JacobJuliana 2 to visit the plot (The first one is blank) Here are some images about the parkour (Happy...
  17. BluePottwal

    Accepted Barbarian : Insane

    Mapname : Barbarian Difficulty: Insane Jumps: 124 Checkpoints: 9 Builders: Berry_Blue145 - Build BluePottwal - Parkour Location: /plot h BluePottwal 10 Notes: Feel free to test this course. If you find any exploits, typos or any other kind of mistakes please let me know.
  18. Owen_Boys

    Rejected OmegaTree

    /plot visit Owen_Boys 1 Builder: Owen_Boys Map Name: OmegaTree Difficulty: Medium ~47 Jumps
  19. LexSocks

    Rejected Bartelby Resubmission - Medium

    Hi, I am not sure if this is proper procedure but my map was rejected a few hours before I made a bunch of edits to it... I was hoping to fix things before someone officially made a decision on it, oops! This is my first attempt at a map submission for any server so please give me some grace if...
  20. LexSocks

    Rejected Bartelby - Medium

    Here is my map submission: This is a wizard101 themed map in honor of my friend miachelle. I have re-created beloved character Bartelby in a life-wizard themed parkour map with about 60 jumps, and some more advanced maneuvers mixed into a decently easygoing flow for an avid parkour-er. I...