1. jacobsfunparty

    Small pvp enabled pit in parkour spawn

    Hello sorry for double posting but I’ve had a lot of random ideas. It would be cool to have a low stakes keep inventory pvp pit in spawn. This may seem weird but I have a few things to back up my idea. One may ask, why not just go to kitpvp? Well one reason is that in a lot of the crates...
  2. jacobsfunparty

    Suggestions for Parkour Crate Items

    Hey guys. Not sure if this will actually be looked at by staff but I had a few ideas for cool items that could be put into crates. All of them kind of follow the same theme of tracking some specific stat that isn’t normally tracked which I guess means admins would have to do a little more than...
  3. IdkU

    [Parkour] PVE parkour tower

    The PVE Parkour tower (temp. name) would be a tower that has 50 floors. Each floor has a wave of mobs that the player has to defeat before moving onto the next floor. In between each mob floors are tall rooms which have parkour to reach the next floor. The parkour will start off easy and...
  4. ChilledBrian

    Re ranking of maps

    I feel like most maps are not in their desired category, for example, a lot of hard maps feel like experts and the other way around. Some mediums feel like hards as well. Starbucks is a good example, it does not feel like a hard map at all and more like an expert. while colors feel more like a...
  5. ThatDangGoldfish

    Rejected Map Submission: Inside your Home Screen

    1. ThatDangGoldfish 2. Inside your home screen 3. Home plot 1 4. Hard 5. Approx.65 jumps this map is designed to be as accurate as possible to the push button iPhone original 1st page Home Screen.
  6. Dacon

    Parkour Server Update: 1.8 vs 1.20 [POLL]

    Hey everyone This is a crucial poll regarding our beloved Parkour server. The team has been discussing the next parkour update, and if we should pursue updating to 1.20, or remain on 1.8. The update is still many months out, but we need to poll this now Below are some key differences that...
  7. Melonez

    How many hours do you have in Parkour

    i was just wondering how many hours each player have on avg
  8. Vilith

    More customization to /Prac - Parkour

    Some wee suggestions... An item that toggles practice on and off in your hotbar so you don't have to type /prac over and over again. Another item that goes into your hotbar when you toggle practice on, it will put you in the place you last did /prac on, instead of the checkpoint button that...
  9. Enderbyte09

    Rejected Skilift : Easy [Resubmission]

    I have applied the changes described in the original rejection reason, please see changelog below. Username: Enderbyte09 Map Name: Skilift Plot Warp: /plot tp Enderbyte09 Difficulty: Easy Number of Jumps: 34 Number of Checkpoints: 4 ======================== Changes since initial submission...
  10. AlfieJay

    [Parkour] Donator checkpoint save

    Okay so there's two parts to this suggestion: 1: Players (or, at the very least, donors) should have their saved checkpoint persist past reboots. It shouldn't be too hard to make it happen. Even if you have to add an expiry date, it should be a thing by now 2: High enough donators could have...
  11. GoWithTheFlo

    Skips that don't abuse bugs should be allowed

    The current "speedrunning" model is quite dull, going the intended path all the time is boring! Skips (except the ones abusing bugs and the ones that skip 99% of the map" should not be lockable/bannable.
  12. oEvah

    Rejected Pride PK Map

    oEvah Pride PK To get to it do /plot teleport oEvah. Difficulty: Medium It has 71 jumps but I think it has a medium difficulty instead of a hard one. There is 1 neo. Thank you for your time and consideration :D
  13. LePika

    Parkour - New 'Sort By' Filter

    Hello, this is something I've wanted since the beginning of the new parkour Season, but I was to lazy to make a post about it. As someone who is trying to beat every single map each season, it would make it much easier to navigate through the parkour menu using a Sort By which could sort maps by...
  14. Legan320

    Parkour suggestion: Turn back the ability to sell crates on the Auction House

    Issue: Recently, there was implemented a new feature in which you can get only virtual the Season/Elite/Legendary keys, but you can still get the Mystery crates as usual (physically). It caused a problem, where you can sell Mystery, but can not sell other crates. Of course, you can create a...
  15. Dmixy

    Parkour Prestige Color Idea

    Idk if this idea has already been thought of before or has already been ruled out, but I thought of it myself and thought it was cool. What if for parkour, when you prestiged there was different colors. Because at the moment it is just a light blue star with a white number. And I think it would...
  16. Mika

    Accepted DrHakim - Expert

    Builders: ThomasHyper, qMika Map Name: DrHakim Plot: /plot visit qMika 18 Difficulty: Expert Jumps: 85 Checkpoints: 8
  17. Acrellux

    Accepted Capybara - Easy

    ~ IGN: Acrellux ~ Map Name: Capybara ~ Plot Warp: /plot v Acrellux 14 ~ Difficulty: Easy ~ Jumps: 22 ~ Photos:
  18. M

    Rejected Easy parkour

    Mineformark1 Cloud parkour Cannot provide images #1 of mineformark1's Easy difficulty 25 jumps
  19. Dacon

    Parkour - Season 2

    We've thought long and hard on how to approach any kind of parkour reset. After considering multiple possibilities and feedback from the community, we've decided this is the best way to do this. The following will be reset upon release of Season 2. - Mana Balances - Mana Pouches - Ender Pearls...
  20. Acrellux

    Rejected Capybara - Medium

    ~ IGN: Acrellux ~ Map Name: Capybara ~ Plot Warp: /plot v Acrellux 16 ~ Difficulty: Medium (Or easy, if necessary) ~ Jumps: 35 ~ Photos: