Survival Season 8


Jul 19, 2019

Hey everyone,

As season 7 of survival nears it's end, it's time for a reset with a load of new updates!

Release Date: Tuesday, July 19th @ 1:00PM EDT

Season 7 servers will be turned off Monday night at 8:00PM EDT. Make sure to vault your items before then

Survival is the first ManaCube server to be updated to 1.19!​
All the new 1.17, 1.18 & 1.19 features are enabled, including the new beautiful world & cave generation with 2x world height, all of the new items, blocks, mobs & mechanics. (The only feature not enabled is chests in boats.)

Enchanting has been unchanged on ManaCube for a long time. This update expands the enchanting system with new features​

40 new enchantments are added in this update - some new and some old ones returning.​
EXP costs have also been reduced - See picture above​

The enchantment database is the best way to view all information about every enchantment. You can navigate between enchantment types at the top, and the books are sorted by rarity.​
Books are color coded based on their rarity (Common Green, Rare Blue, Red Legendary)​

Enchantment cooldown timers are now shown above your hotbar while in combat! This let's you know exactly when an ability activates, and how long it is on cooldown for.​
All items now have 5 open enchantment slots by default (Vanilla enchants are not a part of this)​
You can upgrade your item to hold up to 10 enchantments by applying enchantment scrolls to them.​
These scrolls can be obtained from Monster drops, Kilton, Tasks, Cubit Shop, The Forge & from other players.​
Enchantment slots are only shown on an item once a custom enchantment is added to it.​
Enchantments now have a shatter rate %, along with a success rate when applying.​
If the item shatters, all custom enchantments on the item will be disabled (not removed), and the item has to be repaired at the forge.​
Once the item is repaired, the shattered status is removed and all custom enchantments are re-enabled!​
You can still use magic success dust to increase the success rate of books.​

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The Task Board is a replacement to the old solo quests system. We want to re-introduce quests with multiple steps, story & dialogue in a future update.​
Tasks are randomly generated within set parameters, so you will probably never have the same exact task twice.​
There are 2 types of tasks you can complete at any time: Slayer & Adventure​
Slayer tasks
- Vanilla Mob Kills​
- Worlds/Isles Monster Kills​
- Mini Boss Kills​
- Boss Kills​
Adventure Tasks
- Catch fish​
- Catch a specific fish​
- Mine/harvest specific resources from Isles/Worlds​
- Harvest specific crops​
- Mine specific blocks​
More task types will be added, however with just these there are 130+ different tasks with thousands of variations.​
When you complete a task, you are automatically assigned a new task right away.​
Players have 24 hours to complete this task or a new one is assigned. You can also use the skip feature to skip your current tasks.​
Skipping costs 0.15 Cubits​
Task Level
Completing tasks earns you task XP for your task level. Many tasks have minimum level requirements to be assigned. This is so that new players aren't assigned more difficult tasks such as going to Burninglands, or defeating a boss. So far there is only Lvl 1 tasks, Lvl 5 tasks, and Lvl 25 tasks.​
Complete tasks before they expire to build up your streak. Higher streaks reward more task XP.​
Task Crate
Every task you complete rewards you with a crate.​
This crate will be continuously updated. Version 1 contains rare items, high level vanilla enchantment books, mystery spawners, mana pouches, spawn eggs & more.​

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Season 7 spawn had complaints of being too large. Our new spawn is significantly smaller, while still having most places, including new ones!​
At spawn you can find:​
- The Forge​
- Enchanting Tower​
- Crates​
- Leaderboards​
- Shop​
- Tavern Lounge​
- PvP Arena​
- Mana Pond​
- Huey's Fishing Shop​
- Teleporter Portal​
- Trials/Dungeons Entrance​

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Another complaint was too many cube servers. The world size has been increased and the cube servers reduced to 4.​
Each cube has a 20kx20k border (10k radius), and are connected to each other the same way.​
The total overworld size is 40kx40k (20k radius)​
Nether World
Nether world is now claimable by parties, and has a 20kx20k border (10k radius)​
End World
The end world is now enabled and also claimable! Border is 20kx20k (10k radius)​
The end island spawn is protected from building & claiming, so that players can respawn and kill the Ender Dragon. (There is ladders added to tower + players can place end crystals in correct spot)
New Worlds
These are not new worlds to ManaCube, but they are new to survival:​
All the worlds can be accessed via the teleporter by everyone. No requirements other than strong enough gear.​

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Minions can now be upgraded multiple times with Mana! The available upgrades are:​
- Speed: How fast minion produces items​
- Efficiency: How many berries the minion requires​
- Capacity; How many items the minion can hold​

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Advancements have been enabled for the first time! Completing all of Minecraft's advancements will reward you with a [✔] title (separate from your regular titles)​

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The fishing update on Skyblock is being added to Survival. This includes​
- 65+ new fish to catch​
- Huey's Fishing Point Shop​
- Fishing Log​

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Not many people are aware of this, but all furniture can be carried across season resets! We've tried to make this more clear with various GUI improvements​
New Command​
/furniture location
[Cube] [Coords] [Furniture Type]​
[Cube] [Coords] [Furniture Type]​
[Cube] [Coords] [Furniture Type]​
Shows a list of your placed furniture​
Trying to pick up a furniture piece you don't own will now also show the owners username.​

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Ancient Crate
- [+] Ancient Shovel​
- [+] 5000 Use Sell Wand​
- [+] Minion​
- [+] Ancient Aura​
- [+] Ancient Title​
Legendary Crate
- [+] 10,000 Use Sell Wand (130% Multiplier)​
- [+] Infinity Chest (No expiry)​
- [+] Autocraft Chest (No expiry)​
- [+] Legendary Shovel​
- [+] Legendary Grappling Gun​
- [+] Legendary Aura​
- [+] Legendary Title​
Mythical Crate
- [+] Mythical Shovel​
- [+] Mythical Crossbow​
- [+] Mythical Chestplate​
- [+] Mythical Leggings​
- [+] Mythical Boots​
- [+] Mythical Aura​
- [+] Mythical Title​
- [+] Mythical Animated Glow Color​
Elite Crate
- [+] Realm Title Crate​
Obtain 1 of following title: [Survivor] [King] [Queen] [PitGod] [Expeditioner]​
- [+] Elite Crown​
- [+] New Elite Prefixes (Rainbow, Sky, Sunset)​
- [+] /Thru perk​
- [+] Lion Mask​
- [+] Soda Helmet​
- [+] Elite Wings​
- [+] Gamer Headset​
- [+] Elite Tail​
- [+] Bunny Ears​
- [+] T-Rex Mask​
- [+] 2x Ancient Crate Keys​
- [+] Legendary Crate Key​
- [+] OG Hat Crate (Obtain one of the hats from the old elite crate)​
- [+] 2 New Quit Messages​
- [+] Pot of Gold​
- [+] Elite Mana Pouch​
- [+] Elite Spawner Crate​

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  • PVP changed to 1.8 mechanics (PVE is still 1.19)
  • Season Vault now has page support
  • Expiry timers removed from items like infinity chests, chunk hoppers, etc.
  • Can now /sit
  • Holy scrolls can now apply to every item except shields
  • Difficulty changed to Normal
  • ManaPond items now go 50% higher and 50% slower
  • There are more updates ready, but we are instead going to be releasing them separately as network-wide updates.
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Jun 30, 2020
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This is looking creat :eek:


Jul 4, 2014
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More updates that weren't included in original post
  • Improved warp GUI. Player warps can now be accessed with /warp [warp]
  • Parties can now have multiple homes
  • All previously blocked crafting items (Ender eyes, golden carrots, tnt, book and quill & beacons) are now craftable
  • Throwing an ender eye will teleport you to the end world
  • There are more updates ready, but we are instead going to be releasing them separately as network-wide updates.


Jun 25, 2018
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Excited to be playing this update and season!! Looks brill with lots to do!