Tank OP Sword Trial Guide

Aug 3, 2019
So for some reason, ill try and do my best to do a guide on my loadout for trials, tank and OP Sword! I'll do my best to explain, but do be prepared to see some vague stuff, as I'm still working this plan out.

Wave 1: Just kill the zombies with crits, not hard. If you want, use the middle ledge trick (Go near a certain ledge near the middle and you'll rarely be hit by zombies)

Wave 2: Run up and kill all 3 skeletons as fast as possible, they're annoying. Do the same as wave 1.

Wave 3: I like to take care of as many pigmen as possible by backing up in the outer ring and slowly taking them out. The wither skeletons can be annoying if you're spacing is bad. If you keep jumping and attacking, they'll die pretty fast though. Just dont get hit, it hurts!

Wave 4: Do your best to kill the shulkers first. This wave gets annoying for tanks, as you have to just jump and crit as fast as possible. Once finished, go into a corner and kill all of those pesky magma cubes, its free EXP!

Wave 5: This one isnt too bad. Just take care of those really annoying Strays by rushing in really fast with crits and Polar Bears by critting them a lot and you'll be fine, Husks dont do much. Just try and back away while, you guessed it, critting. **IF possible, buy the OP sword on this wave, it'll be helpful for the next!**

Wave 6: This is a big wall for some. Those pesky endermen cant be hit by a bow! If you dont have the OP sword by this point, just keep holding back and critting the endermen until you do. Once you have the OP Sword, attack the witches. If you're fast enough approaching them, they won't throw a poison potion. If they do, either wait until it's over or if it's super long, buy a milk.

Wave 7: This wave is a great wave to heal from. You want to attack the evokers with your OP sword as fast as you can, kill them so they stop spawning those stupid Vexes. To dodge their main attack, just strafe left or right, it wont hit. Once they're taken care of, just wait for the Vexes to die out. Running around the outer ring is a great way to avoid them.

Wave 8: I like to take care of the Vindicators first on this round. Lead them around into the outer ring and start critting them! Their pathfinding isnt far, so try to really get as many as possible here. Once a good few are down, attack those blazes head on! They are SUPER annoying! Just run up and slash that OP Sword, they'll die in 2-3 hits. Take out the rest of the Vindicators if needed.

Wave 9: If you didnt have enough XP for a power bow in wave 8, you'll have enough now after you kill a few blazes. Buy that bow and take care of the ghasts, that's the most important part of this wave. Once that's said and done, kill the blazes. Now you'll notice there are some iron golems around. If you have extra XP, buy some arrows here. However, you will eventually run out, so dont use them all here. To attack iron golems, get them so they're on a higher elevation than you and crit them. The spacing here is very precise, so if you need to run and heal, that's fine. You can also make the golems go into the fire in the middle and kill themselves that way, though this takes a long time.

Wave 10: Zulrah! Now, before engaging, you want to be full health. Gapples are helpful here as well. I'll do my best to describe what to do with the states, but for the beginning, just walk back and crit him like any normal mob.

Wither state: RUN! The wither effect is super strong! You'll want to use your bow here to make him switch. If you start to run outta arrows, you're gonna have to tank that wither effect and hit him until he changes.

Fire or Ice state: Just tank them, they dont do too much damage to you by this point, if you need to, gapple.

"sword" state: Not sure what this one is named, but I believe in this phase, Zulrah will hit harder or something like that. This one is the least threatening, just use your bow or rush in and tank with crits as normal. If he rushes at you and hits, run and heal, it does some big damage!

And there you have it! That should finish the trial! I recommend using the bow for the finishing hit, as a glitch with fire aspect can make your win useless as the game doesn't know what killed Zulrah. Thank you for reading, feel free to give me feedback as I'm still learning!