Wild Crate


Feb 12, 2023

The Wild Crate is now available to purchase on the store and the in-game Cubit Shop!

This is a limited time crate lasting 30 days!
All unique rewards are SVA access, meaning they can be carried across resets using the
Season Vault

Rewards Include:
Crocodile Bundle
(Croc Staff, Crocodile Pin, Wild Title)
Rhino Helmet
(Charge Attack)
Peacock Feather Sword
(Push enemies away)
Safari Net Gun
(Capture and launch mobs)
Bear Claws
(2x 150% damage charged attacks)
Tranquilizer Crossbow
(Deals extra damage to Isles mobs & gives slowness)
Buffalo Pickaxe
(7x7 Trench Pickaxe)
Giraffe Rod
(2.5x more Legendary Fish)
Capybara Pet
Otter Pet
Red Panda Pet
Meerkat Plushie Cosmetic
Safari Hat Cosmetic
Kangaroo Pouch Cosmetic
Elephant Trunk Cosmetic
Orange gradient Chat Color
Tiger Title
Panda Title
HakunaMatata Title
Feral Title
King of the Jungle Join Message
Hibernation Quit Message

(Rewards exclusive to 1.16+ realms)
Reply to this thread to enter a giveaway!
5 random players will receive 5 Wild crates each on a realm of their choice

Winners will be announced via
Discord on Wednesday
So excited!