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  • Hello, I was going to buy /repair on skyblock, then I accidentally clicked on VIP even though I already have it. I would like a refund. I'm upset.
    Heei Dacon so i have a question,
    The question is could you make the creepers stop exploding on the skyblock server because it is very annoying.
    And the other one is can you give more options to the /spawner command because i cant change it to zombiepigman or other mobs that give good drops.
    Let me know if you read this thanks!
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    Anything else: I have been regularly playing on this server for about the past month now, around an hour a day. Today, I decided to get my brother on, (Deuteronomy6_5) so that he could check out the server for himself.
    After playing for a bit, said "Philippians4_13, you're a mod, right?" as a joke--he obviously knows I'm not he's sitting right next to me in person.... so I say "Yes, I am." It was a joke meant to be kept simply between me and him but little did I know that Glowstonelover22 had been eyeballing our conversation. He then accused me of impersonating staff, of which led to a 10 day ban.
    Following the incident, I got on another account of which I just so happen have and use from time to time as an "alternative account", and began to explain to Glowstonelover22 who I was and what was going on. Before I had a chance to get into details I was immediately perm banned on that account.
    Then, I was down to my third and final resort. I then got on as my third and final account, and, quite literally upon entry, as I was just "cutting to the chase" was perm banned. I asked The mods where I could go to appeal, and they said no where, they never want to see or hear of me again. Luckily for me, I was able to find the site (of which I had saved in my bookmarks) and made my way to ban appeal.
    That is where I got this format, but found there was no section for reply. From there... I knew your name from one of our previous mini conversations, and ender up here. All I am asking for is a second chance, to let me at least have a chance not to "joke around" with my brother. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. -Philippians4_13
    Did you deserve to be banned: I do not feel that I should have been banned without clear warning.

    If yes to above, are you sorry for what you did: I am sorry for what I did, of course. I love this server. Enough that I spent $5 for the better towards the betterment of server. The last thing I would try and do is cause trouble or confusion.
    Your Minecraft username: Philippians4_13

    What server were you banned on: SkyBlock

    When were you banned: 7-18-14

    Who banned you: Glowstonelover22/Purple4Me

    Why were you banned: "Disrespecting/Impersonating Staff
    I'm asking for help, but its ok if you can't. I tried using the gift card from June voting to buy Legend. It looked like it worked but I didn’t get email confirmation or the rank. No big deal, except now I can’t use the code again. I tried, this time for VAST. Thought it might work since the first time didn’t go through. But it says I can't use it. If I blew it, that's fine. If you can help, I'd appreciate it.
    u got some serius probs there purps XD
    coupons can only be redeemed one time unfortunately. I'll give you a coupon with the remaining amount :)
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