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  • hey, sorry im not trying to be impatient, but please check me parkour on my plot or the thread I posted thanks
    I saw that on Parkour, I was still VIP but I ranked up to legend (by money not gems). Also in creative, I don't have my perm. World Edit that I bought. Please fix this! Thank you.
    I had Adept on parkour and it took me too rookie and im Regular now bc i ranked up but im lazy so pls give my rank back kthx
    Hey Dacon,
    Could you give my rank back on Creative? It's VIP and my username is BoundedDemon. If you could, that would be great, thanks
    Dacon why did you ban me when I didn't grief? It was my cousin! She somehow managed to get into my account and grief a plot. help!!!!!
    I was wondering, with the voting rewards at the end of the month, when the top 4 voters are chosen, can you use a coupon and donate? For instance, if I manage to get say 4th voter, I'll have 10$ to spend. Its $14 to go Vip --> Legend, so could I use the coupon and then pay $4?
    i was rank amateur on parkourse but now im a noob rank and just ranked up to rookie would you be able to put me back as a amateur thank you
    Hey Dacon I don't have my VIP anymore sence the sever issue my minecraft name is Bizznasty99 I has it before the crash for about three months and I have VIP for every part of the sever really do hope this could be resolved I love the sever so much just please can I get VIP wich I paid for back thanks Bizznasty99
    Hey dacon can you get my premium rank on creative back? My custom nick is there but it says im a member and I cant do premium stuff
    Hey, I was wondering when voting will be up, and if when it comes back up all the votes that have stacked up will be added, or if not, then at the end of the month there will be a small amount of votes..
    Oh, I also just noticed something. A couple months ago, you added in lava to creative. Now (at least with a lava bucket) you can't place lava anymore. No lava on the world was deleted, as far as i know, and you can still spawn in lava with "//set lava" World Edit command. So that also needs fixing. Thanks Dacon!
    hey dacon its spartangirl here, on parkour i am a premium and it took it away can u plz help me get my donator rank again? thx
    In Creative, I had Permanent Advanced World Edit, now I can't do Advanced W/e commands like "//undo" or "//brush …", however, I can do simple W/e commands such as "//wand" and "//set (block)". I believe I have basic W/e now. So if you could help me get back Perm. Adv. W/e that would be great(I need it to start a new plot for a grade)! If you can't give me Perm. Adv.
    W/e then can you at least refund me my 120 gems so I can attempt to buy it from "/shop"? Anyway, I know you have others who have bigger problems, so minorities this problem if you need. Thanks anyway! I'm excited for the new update though! Bai!

    Hey Dacon, I have bought VIP rank for $8.49 for skyblock and hub. But when I logged back onto skyblock, it said I was Mv+ only. I have lost everything in my inventory and echest. The best gear you can get including eff 5 silks and tones of stuff. I hope you can fix this problem. Thanks
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