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    Coffee Discussion only

    either iced peppermint mocha or toffee nut.
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    A Message To All

    Ngl I couldn't get half way through with every word being capitalized.
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    [Skyblock] Hopper update

    Disregarding the hopper speed bit, because honestly I don't think that would be possible either, I was just providing an alternative. I know for a fact that @CullanP knows a plugin to filter hoppers. Otherwise, honestly I wouldn't have even bothered to make this post. (Screenshot from another...
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    Are you in like, 2nd grade?

    Are you in like, 2nd grade?
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    [Skyblock] Fastplace

    I think /fastplace should be added to the "misc" section in cubit shop, that way everyone has a chance of getting it. The fact that some people were able to get it because they were on at the time of a certain crate that had it, and now nobody else can get it is kind of stupid.
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    You have to do the /sync in game.
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    [Skyblock] Hopper update

    I think we should be able to either filter hoppers, or change the hopper speeds. This would make it so autocraft chests are actually useful. As it is, if you try to make a IG farm with an autocraft chest, the items leave the chest quicker than they can be crafted into blocks. The filtering...
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    [Factions] Raid timer

    I think it would be beneficial to have raid stages/timer on factions. For those of you that don't know what that is, it basically stops other people from raid interfering. How it works, is once one faction sets up and shoots, a raid timer will start (some plugins have raid stages). During "raid...
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    [Skyblock] LPS

    Make it so you can't see player names, and make everyone anonymous in LPS. Every LPS I've been in, there's always been at least someone who's teamed or truced because you can see names.
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    Are Auto Sugarcane Farms Allowed?

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    My Road To 200Cubits! - Progress update 1

    Just go on factions and defend a base for 1 week and boom done.
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    Are Auto Sugarcane Farms Allowed?

    Okay, after looking into it a bit, looks like automation for sugarcane isn't enabled on survival. The only auto crop you can have it cactus. You can check this info by doing /shop and looking at the crops. It'll say "AUTOMATION (X or checkmark)"
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    Are Auto Sugarcane Farms Allowed?

    I think you'd be better off using the #help channel in the discord server. Also, unrelated, but where did you even find the info relating to auto farms for skyblock? I know they are not allowed, but I checked the rules on forums, as well as the wiki, and didn't find anything. Unless it's kind...
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    Border Greifing?

    I do agree that the rules need more clarity. But I do wanna point our that it COULD fall under the Physical trolling rule: I know that is kind of a stretch, but it is also noted in the rules to not try and get around the rules: That being said, staff ultimately have the ability to see if a...
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    Which books do you enjoy reading / listening to?

    The institute by Stephen King