ancient trials

  1. Blockbuster69

    LF Trials group duo/trio with voice

    As the name says im looking for a semi-permanent group to farm trials. I don't want to waste too much time with constantly switching team mates. The game mode can be rough, some basic organization with voice for example on kiting groups while the others deal DPS should be more than enough to...
  2. ChillpandaDotexe

    ancient trial ideas

    So i've been playing some ancient trials lately. and have some ideas to make it even better. make it multiplayer. not alot but max 3-4 players. now you might think that this makes it much easier to play but watch point nr 2 downgrade the start. I like the classes but they are to strong from...
  3. Mr_Milly

    grand master quest : victory

    dear sir/madame, we wanted to do the ancient trials quest, but we cant do this. we did all the other island quest but this is the last of all. so i asked in the chat if someone can do it for us. and ssnek_ said that i can make a ticket and ask if i can get the quest (unlocked) because it was...
  4. Harmless Telly Tubby

    Ancient Trials has been untouched for a long time and it NEEDS a change... its dead.

    Hi, My names Harmless (or Hamless). I've been playing this server for around 2 years now, with a little break in the middle and for as long as i've seen it, the Ancient Trials hasn't changed. As most of you know, ancient trials is a game mode on multiple different servers within manacube and...
  5. Aztec

    Olympus Trial tips?

    What are some tips to help me complete the trials for my first time?
  6. mendor3

    Trials doesnt work

    Hi, so i have every rebirth i need to zeus except Ares that mean i need to complete one trial but i cant log into trials. I tried changing versions to 1.12,,1.12.2,1.13,1.14.4 and i tried to go to both skyblock servers but there it doesnt work either. What can i do to make trials playeble for...
  7. 9ten

    Beat Trials, Doesn't let me Ares Rebirth (Aether)

    After many failures, I finally beat trials, and it gave the message and Then I waited until the arena collapsed to exit the trials. When I went back to Aether, it wouldn't let me do the Ares Rebirth, telling me I didn't meet the requirements. Attached is a screenshot of the chatlog with the...
  8. Dukerules

    Stuck in ancient trials

    I decided to get onto to the Manacube server and go to the Olympus prison. I wanted to do some ancient trials, every round went fine aside from round 10. I killed Zulrah (the final boss) and the announcement in chat said "Unknown has completed the ancient trials" nothing happened and now i'm...
  9. M

    Ancient Trials Problems and Feedback [Mainly Based around Trials on SKYBLOCK] :)

    Why hello my non-adoring fans (that don't exist), Recently, me and my group (MyDeadLife, Pippin and DumbleDora) have been playing on Skyblock and have attempted the Ancient Trials multiple times (I'm currently on the Leaderboard with 15 wins) and I have a lot to say about the gamemode, which is...