1. QueenCripple

    Mana Pond Balancing [ Earth ]

    As a new player, I found the concept of the Mana Pond fun and intriguing! At first. I soon found it to instead be frustrating, disheartening, and demotivating. I require 23 Mana Pond catches to prestige just once, but after 5 days of playing, am still at 3/23. I thought it may just be a skill...
  2. JirQuuZ

    Magic pond makes the prestige system in survival too difficult

    Shortly explained, I have been playing on the server for a while now and I absolutely love the survival server with all of its features. Prestige system was also enjoyable until I got stuck at Rank 7 objective; "Catch 30 Magic Pond Rewards". So far, I've joined the event countless times but...
  3. alexgamer88

    Mana Pond Prestige Requirement

    The mana pond prestige requirement is literally the hardest of them all- and I've been stuck at it for a while- any tips and tricks on how to achieve it? Also count this as a suggestion to lower the amount of rewards you need to catch to fulfill the requirement.
  4. Dmixy

    Parkour Prestige Color Idea

    Idk if this idea has already been thought of before or has already been ruled out, but I thought of it myself and thought it was cool. What if for parkour, when you prestiged there was different colors. Because at the moment it is just a light blue star with a white number. And I think it would...
  5. Jonpauljones1

    How to get to Prestige Six

    Prestige One Call in a Nuke which costs 1500 mana. Get this much mana by collecting all the fairies which are 1,050 mana and completing a handful of achievements. You can find the nuke by clicking the TNT icon on /bm. Prestige Two Sacrifice 60 XP levels. The best way to do this is just by...