1. Slaapziekte

    A better pond for all of us

    Hello, I am a regular pond player on Olympus (Aether + Atlas)! And I have noticed how pond isn't popular anymore: there are bugs, the pond isn't good enough, it's too hard and 1-3 players "rule" pond. I feel like this is a problem, pond was supposed to be really good! When you look at the...
  2. Dacon

    Demon Fortress Update

    ➤ DEMON FORTRESS The Demon Fortress is now open! This fortress requires /Slayer Level 3 to enter and has 4 new monsters and 10+ unique drops LAVA CUBE - Health: 225 - Damage: 40 - Abilities: None - Unique Drops: Magma Spawner LAVA GUARDIAN - Health: 100 - Damage: 20 - Abilities: Fire Blast -...
  3. Scheggiah

    Octopus in Skyblock!

  4. Scheggiah

    Skyblock With Shaders

  5. tomeagle

    Skyblock Playlist

    I have made 10 episodes now on my manacube skyblock playlist if any of you guys wanna check it out, the link is below and it’ll be much appreciated :)
  6. JellyJelle

    Quest Point Shop Suggestion

    Hello everyone. A few weeks I made a post about the Quest Point Shop that should return to Skyblock. Then one of the staff members said to me to make a suggestion. So I did that and after 3 days it has been accepted. So if you guys like to see the Quest Point Shop back. Please up vote my...

    Lost Mana

    Greetings, I was conducting a trade with a player, I was going to give them 850 mana for 2m, and I accidentally typed an extra letter in their name, sending it to a non-existent account. The non-existent account's name is 108010thebest. I would like to know if I could get my mana back if that...
  8. JellyJelle

    Quest point shop

    So I've posted a suggestion on the Manacube suggestions! If you like to see the Quest point shop back please upvote! and hope they will add it! click here to upvote! Original post: Hey, I've done quite some quests already and was wondering if the Quest point shop will come back. because doing...
  9. homieturtle26

    May The 4th Be With You

    So whats everyone's opinions on the new crate :D (IMO the swords look so good and the title's are just something else xD) Homieturtle26
  10. JellyJelle

    Slayer 3

    Hello skyblock people! I've got a question for you. I was wondering when the slayer 3 place opens. Does anyone here know more? Please let me know if you do :) -Jelly
  11. Dacon

    Skyblock Bug Fixes - April 22 2020

    Didn't want to spam the Updates channel so here's a post with the recent skyblock changes in the past 2 days: We still have a list of bugs & suggestions that we are working on, they will be posted in #updates Staff can now switch worlds without losing vanish Island Visitors can now use...
  12. Beanboy

    Can we bring back top quest payout?

    please? It was a section of the leader board that demonstrated commitment and strategy, and it makes it equally fair for free-to-plays and donors. Although donors have a slight advantage, it can still continue to be competitive for all players.
  13. Dacon


    Staff beta will be launching today, ELITE beta sometime next week (will announce in discord) Release Date: April 11th @ 12:00PM EST! ➤ TOTAL RECODE We have made a brand new core island plugin from the ground up. Our new core has many new features, optimizations, UX improvements and easily...
  14. lourasc

    is upgrade bug

    I am trying to get the ore generation level 4 island upgrade but it won't activate. I have all the requirements; the money, the mana, and I am rank 7. It just says I can't afford this upgrade when I click it. I tried relogging, bu it still won't work. Please help me fix this somehow :(
  15. interstellar

    island disappeared???

    hi this is probably gonna sound so dumb but i started a new skyblock island the other day and today i started up the server and saw that i was in the lobby so i tried doing /is and /island to go back to my skyblock island but that didnt work so i went to the compass, click the option for...
  16. Aztec

    I Am Doing A 25 Iron Golem Spawner Giveaway.

    All you have to do to enter is subscribe, like and comment on this video:
  17. KayeKat

    Ability to view quest progress

    You can currently view your quest progress by hovering over the quest icon in the GUI: I think it'd be nice if you could view your quest progress without having to go directly to the GUI, perhaps shown as a bossbar or added to the featherboard, or on top of the HUD (just to name a few...
  18. Aztec

    My voteParty chest didn't give me anything

    I hoped on and was given a vote party chest, I open it and I didn't get anything from it. Pls fix.
  19. Zeolous

    Fishing Jobs on Skyblock

    Hi guys, I am a budding fisherman on Skyblock and I feel like I am not getting very far in terms of job profession. So I have fished 1480 fish currently and have achieved a mcmmo of 300+ so far. However when it comes to the /jobs my fishing level has only increased to level 13 out of 200...
  20. Murcisen

    Infinity chests on skyblock

    So a lot of people have problems with the inf chests right? Is there a way for us to be able for us to change the sell speed? Mine keeps clogging and i think it should sell faster the more hoppers you have hooked up to it or igs in the area or something. Maybe thiss will cause lag idk. I whould...