1. Climatica

    Skyblock World Edit?

    So I had taken a longish break from the server as I had other priorities. Not long before the break I had bought World edit for ~35 cubits (don't remember the exact price). I log back in and was working on my island when I tried to use W/E to try and speed up the mining process and prompted...
  2. SoShiS0ne

    Implants... Why is it even here when it just nerfed so badly that it doesn't need to be there anymore

    The fact that Skyblock's (I dont play other servers, that's why) already getting so much restrictions, names, nicknames, limited auto chests, fix cooldowns. Yet, you still wanna nerf the Implants. rather than just tryna bring back Implants, just remove it entirely cause it just made it worse...
  3. TweakCity

    server resource pack could not be applied out of nowhere?!?!?!?!?

    ive been playing on here for awhile now and i left skyblock earlier so that i could get back to the lobby and now i cant get the resource pack to apply, ive tried everything: leave and rejoined the server restarted my game restarted my pc restarted my internet tried 3 different minecraft...
  4. TheMajesticRice

    Skyblock: Add rewards/champ points for things other than /is top

    As the title says, we definitely need some kind of reward for topping in leaderboards other than /is top. There use to be title rewards for being top in MCMMO but that was like season 6 I think. Just kind of defeats the purpose of having /lb if theres no reward for putting in the time to grind...
  5. ItzMarni

    Skyblock Sell Chests (suggestion)

    So at the moment, sell chests expire after 30 days of usage. I think this isn't a good idea since not everyone has the money / cubits to get them, and some people also just have begun, so they cannot buy one from another player. So my suggestion is that you can repair sell chests with mana...
  6. H4RDSH3LL

    Skyblock Spawners Suggestion

    Create a spawner that drops diamonds or emeralds. I hope it was silverfish if the staff can add it. :D
  7. minerent

    how do you feel about sb and islands being simular?

    sb beta is finally out and ive noticed many simularites, while there are difference the main aspect of islands (acid water) has been removed so its basically skyblock, how do you feel about this?
  8. Gamerking_YT

    Will my money be reseted?

    Hello, i heard, that it will be a new update. And i played more than 24 Hours on skyblock Oasis. Wil my money be deleted after the Update or it will be convert in cubits or my money will move on the other after-update server?
  9. bishypig

    Any way to make manacube lag less?

    Hai! I'm a new player whos been playing for about two days now, and manacube seems to be really laggy, for some reason @[email protected] What I mean by laggy is not something like teleporting back to the spot you were in two seconds ago, but more like terrible FPS? I've been having really bad FPS while...
  10. bishypig

    How do you only see commands?

    Hello! I'm very new to the skyblock server, and I'm not too sure how a lot of it works @[email protected] I've been trying to work on my island a little bit, and I've also been thinking of recording a video on the skyblock server itself! But the bad thing about that is people talking in the chat. It can get...
  11. Pigochi


    Pigochi here with somethin new, ya’hear. This is The Manacube Dis track Welcome to manacube, we have crappy games, why don’t we start off with the least of the lame? Olympus all you do is mine all day, Only way to get good is to sit back and play. Atlas got all the players, too bad...
  12. Dacon

    Mana Skyblock - First Reveal [1/3]

    >>> MANA SKYBLOCK FIRST REVEAL <<< We will be revealing the upcoming season 10 update for Skyblock over 3 separate announcement posts! The 3rd announcement post will also contain the release date! This is a huge update, that also changes some core gameplay. For this reason we will also be...
  13. DefeatedZoro

    Most Commonly Asked Questions By New Players

    Hi everyone, I'm currently working on an autoresponse bot that will reply to certain questions that people ask, but the problem that lies within that is that there are so many that I cant keep track, so I am asking the players of Skyblock: What Are The Most Commonly Asked Questions By New...
  14. Toshhi

    Current List of SVA Items across Manacube

    =-= Hey everyone =-= So, after seeing Dakota's list of SVA items, and Fluffy_hime's post, I've decided to publish myself and Congiius' current collection of SVA items across the whole of Manacube. Please be sure to go ahead and have a look at both of their posts as well! I will most likely do...
  15. NovaDragonYT

    Islands giveaway

    I am hosting a giveaway for the amazing members of the island's community the details and the link to enter are in the description of the video. 1st place - fortune dao 2nd place- 2 season vault fireworks 3rd place- 75 million Dollars
  16. 404_Katsura

    A non wipe server

    would it be possible to get like a skyblock server that doesn't wipe every season by chance would enjoy to maintain the island that built
  17. FireDragon9k

    Rejected SkyBlock Parkour-Easy

    This is a SkyBlock themed original map. I think it would fit in the easy category . The account this is under is FireDragon9k plot 1 and i built it by myself. Thank you!
  18. Slaapziekte

    A better pond for all of us

    Hello, I am a regular pond player on Olympus (Aether + Atlas)! And I have noticed how pond isn't popular anymore: there are bugs, the pond isn't good enough, it's too hard and 1-3 players "rule" pond. I feel like this is a problem, pond was supposed to be really good! When you look at the...
  19. Dacon

    Demon Fortress Update

    ➤ DEMON FORTRESS The Demon Fortress is now open! This fortress requires /Slayer Level 3 to enter and has 4 new monsters and 10+ unique drops LAVA CUBE - Health: 225 - Damage: 40 - Abilities: None - Unique Drops: Magma Spawner LAVA GUARDIAN - Health: 100 - Damage: 20 - Abilities: Fire Blast -...
  20. Scheggiah

    Octopus in Skyblock!