1. Baihu

    How to play ManaCube's Skyblock For Beginners

    Hello! If you're reading this forum post, chances are that you're a new member in need of help. Don't worry! I will guide you on how to start playing skyblock (on manacube) and get yourself going in simple bullet point steps! Proceed to take a look at the commands below and revise them for...
  2. Brinaa

    Allow acrobatics mcmmo to be afkable

    Hear me out ok? Acrobatics is one of the slowest grinding mcmmo's because you cant do anything but acro for hours and hours if you want to max it. Once you hit level 1000 it starts slowing down so much, during the last levels it can take 10+ minutes to get 1 single level. Acro is already...
  3. 1Flame2Eyes

    Old Skyblock ranks Maybe get back

    I used to play this server way back. I don't know exactly how long but its when they had many different Skyblock worlds and the one I was in the ranks were different colors and they had like pets but they were heads that were animals and they gave like god apple regen and stuff like that for...
  4. BigBoooty

    Nerf Sparkle Chestplate/Eros Legs&Boots

    Probs gonna upset some of the guys that AFK in pvp as it always does, but the sparkle chestplate/eros legs&boots needs a big nerf. I feel like im stating the obvious here but obviously the sat & reg 2 is still a thing. Currently- People who own Sparkle Chestplate and Eros Leggings&Boots are...
  5. Konte

    Egg Locations 2022

    Easter eggs have been hidden around every spawn! Find them all to unlock the [Egghunt2022] title - See your progress with /eggs. Locations on Skyblock: Egg 1: -94, 72, -83 Egg 2: 0, 63, -91 Egg 3: -39, 53, -114 Egg 4: 197, 121, -58 Egg 5: 169, 99, 22 Egg 6: 24, 66, 42 Egg 7: -44, 102, 6 Egg...
  6. Brinaa

    Change Miniboss Titles

    With the addition of minibosses you get many different rewards, one of which are a rare boss title. Getting this title is exciting but once you see it, it can be disappointing and doesn't seem worth it. They are plain as can be. I've also been told they are exactly the same as an exclusive title...
  7. SlyHaze

    [Skyblock] Hopper update

    I think we should be able to either filter hoppers, or change the hopper speeds. This would make it so autocraft chests are actually useful. As it is, if you try to make a IG farm with an autocraft chest, the items leave the chest quicker than they can be crafted into blocks. The filtering...
  8. 808080808080

    Ocean Crate Top #5 Rewards

    Any ideas when the Ocean Crate Top #5 Rewards (Penguin Plushie) will be given out? I finished #1 on Skyblock with 144 keys opened! :O
  9. 808080808080

    18th of December and STILL no crate..

    It's the 18th of December, one week till Christmas and we still haven't received our new crate. If there's an issue a post from admins or owners would be nice. Hopefully it drops soon..
  10. Brinaa

    Confirmation button on cubit shop

    We need to have a confirmation button on the cubit shop as well as the furniture shop, we have one for the auction house but not for the shops that are cubit based. I cant tell you how many times I see people buy 10x of a furniture or accidentally buy something from the cubit shop. We really...
  11. Brinaa

    Solutions to mobs glitching through walls?

    We all know how it is when you're working on grinding mobs and they glitch through the wall, its super frustrating. I was wondering is anyone had found any solutions to keep the mobs from glitching through walls? As in using certain types of blocks? Using fences/walls? Any suggestions? Mobs...
  12. Brinaa

    Teaming fix in LPS

    On Skyblock we have an issue with 3 people always teaming on lps, aka not killing each other purposfully till the very end. 95% of skyblock players complain about this daily, and nothing is being done because there's just "not enough evidence" I believe we should make lps anonymous, everyone in...
  13. I__PK__I

    Changeable generator tiers

    i feel the title is enough as is but incase its not. the ability to toggle specific tiers for generators would be a game changer. or at least an option to disable nether debris. sometimes i wanna farm specific resources and it gets annoying when nether debris is in the way. or maybe have /break...
  14. Climatica

    Skyblock World Edit?

    So I had taken a longish break from the server as I had other priorities. Not long before the break I had bought World edit for ~35 cubits (don't remember the exact price). I log back in and was working on my island when I tried to use W/E to try and speed up the mining process and prompted...
  15. SoShiS0ne

    Implants... Why is it even here when it just nerfed so badly that it doesn't need to be there anymore

    The fact that Skyblock's (I dont play other servers, that's why) already getting so much restrictions, names, nicknames, limited auto chests, fix cooldowns. Yet, you still wanna nerf the Implants. rather than just tryna bring back Implants, just remove it entirely cause it just made it worse...
  16. TweakCity

    server resource pack could not be applied out of nowhere?!?!?!?!?

    ive been playing on here for awhile now and i left skyblock earlier so that i could get back to the lobby and now i cant get the resource pack to apply, ive tried everything: leave and rejoined the server restarted my game restarted my pc restarted my internet tried 3 different minecraft...
  17. TheMajesticRice

    Skyblock: Add rewards/champ points for things other than /is top

    As the title says, we definitely need some kind of reward for topping in leaderboards other than /is top. There use to be title rewards for being top in MCMMO but that was like season 6 I think. Just kind of defeats the purpose of having /lb if theres no reward for putting in the time to grind...
  18. ItzMarni

    Skyblock Sell Chests (suggestion)

    So at the moment, sell chests expire after 30 days of usage. I think this isn't a good idea since not everyone has the money / cubits to get them, and some people also just have begun, so they cannot buy one from another player. So my suggestion is that you can repair sell chests with mana...
  19. H4RDSH3LL

    Skyblock Spawners Suggestion

    Create a spawner that drops diamonds or emeralds. I hope it was silverfish if the staff can add it. :D
  20. Teddy

    how do you feel about sb and islands being simular?

    sb beta is finally out and ive noticed many simularites, while there are difference the main aspect of islands (acid water) has been removed so its basically skyblock, how do you feel about this?