1. Raynaldinho

    Glowing Ink sac's

    I play on skyblock and there is no way to get glowing ink sac's. so It would be very handy to have glowing ink sac's in the /store
  2. M a i s y


    As an Aviation lover, its a yes from me lmao (im easily impressed)
  3. xHexie


    since sweeping edge was removed imo. skyblock should be changed to 1.8 pve/pvp makes it easer to grind mobs etc and makes pvp more bearable since 1.9 with svas is badd u can pvp for hours and no one will die.
  4. Dacon

    Skyblock Season 12

    ELITE Beta: December 8th RELEASE DATE: DECEMBER 10TH @ 3:00PM EST What Resets: Islands, Inventories, Currencies, Skills, Most stats What is kept: Rank, Cubits, Season Vault, Unlocked Perks Wolfhaven has been revamped with an entire new world, monsters, NPCs, event bosses & more! | New...
  5. yaster_day

    Summer Festival jellyfish

    back with another needle felting project! this time its the jellyfish
  6. yaster_day

    Summer Festival crab

    I needle felted the crab from the skyblock summer festival! pic 1 pic 2
  7. MagJad

    What is one thing that can change skyblock for the future

    Pick anything that has never been seen before. or even something you want brought back
  8. Brinaa

    Introducing the Brinaa outside of Manacube

    Hello, my name is Brinaa! Im sure youve seen me around the server, forums or the discord, im pretty active on the server! I even recently started a youtube channel dedicated to tutorials on manacube, but i've never formally introduced myself. To be honest I do not share to much about...
  9. I__PK__I

    Better Shop

    a while back we asked for shop to be tweaked so we could use a command to buy items from the shop. and we got something kinda similar to what we asked for except it still requires the gui. it would be nice if we could do /buy Raw_copper amount and it buy that much. currently when we do that it...
  10. shxde

    reset skyblock

    reset skyblock
  11. ImScorpyy

    I can't login discord with minecraft for cow reward

    hi everyone I can't login the discord link on minecraft for the reward can someone help me?
  12. shxde

    More /is perms

    add more role perms, such as being able to change /gen when ur not the leader (thats all i could think of lmfao(
  13. ThommyBacoow

    Pictures Standing?!

    Hi there, lemme kickoff with sum pictures standing: You’re up next! (Last person who posts wins :))
  14. I__PK__I

    A New Shop System

    the shop system we have now is great, but it has some flaws. we have all these wonderful blocks to choose from but sometimes we like to stick to our roots and use the same blocks, over and over again. sometimes that specific block is on the last page of the shop and when its laggy can sometimes...
  15. I__PK__I

    Allow AFK Acrobatics Grinding

    afk grinding acro is one of the most common reasons why people get banned on skyblock or any realms that has mcmmo abilities. the amount of time needed to go from level 1-2000 is insane already. but having players grind that manually is also insane as they need it for the prestige challenge...
  16. I__PK__I


    We all love captchas(not really) but they are needed in order to stop players from afking. i get that, but, the current system in place for them is not balanced. i don't know for sure but i know there's specific checks you have to hit in order to get a captcha to pop up. for mob farms (Using...
  17. baxt3r

    [skyblock] Add more daily quests

    Implement something like Survival has with tasks, rather than just the 2 daily and 1 weekly task. This way things are a little more active rather than most of the playtime just being afk
  18. BigBoooty

    Complete Skyblock SVA list

    Done gatekeeping this, the list is fully public, feel free to filter, share etc. If reused anywhere don't feel the need to credit. I wont be posting a video of the stuff I had like Fluffy, but u can view the full list of Survival SVAs here where they also have a video Worth noting this list is...
  19. HappyMushie

    I don't understand SVAS XD

    Hello :) Is someone able to explain SVAS to me? I know they are items that can be transferred across seasons, but i haven't seen any yet i dont think and I'm not really sure what I'm looking for. Also i assume 'seasons' is when the server resets? Thankyou :3
  20. Baihu

    How to play ManaCube's Skyblock For Beginners

    Hello! If you're reading this forum post, chances are that you're a new member in need of help. Don't worry! I will guide you on how to start playing skyblock (on manacube) and get yourself going in simple bullet point steps! Proceed to take a look at the commands below and revise them for...