1. EndTheLag

    A very small amount of suggestions I've been thinking about for a while

    Thanks to a couple of individuals I do not need to mention I've been encouraged to write down all my suggestions here. At first, I thought it would be a survival-only thing but after checking most if not all my suggestions could apply to most gamemodes/realms. These suggestions vary in...
  2. jacobsfunparty

    Small pvp enabled pit in parkour spawn

    Hello sorry for double posting but I’ve had a lot of random ideas. It would be cool to have a low stakes keep inventory pvp pit in spawn. This may seem weird but I have a few things to back up my idea. One may ask, why not just go to kitpvp? Well one reason is that in a lot of the crates...
  3. jacobsfunparty

    Suggestions for Parkour Crate Items

    Hey guys. Not sure if this will actually be looked at by staff but I had a few ideas for cool items that could be put into crates. All of them kind of follow the same theme of tracking some specific stat that isn’t normally tracked which I guess means admins would have to do a little more than...
  4. Duo

    Proposed Feature: Alert for PvP-Enabled Towns in Earth

    Hey everyone, I wanted to share an idea I've been thinking about for our Earth Towny server. As someone who's more into building and exploring rather than PvP, I noticed something that might help players like me, as well as newcomers. Right now, when we use `/t spawn [town name]` to jump to a...
  5. 0senzo

    Reset suggestions [SURVIVAL]

    I think there should be more f2p items/methods or just make more ways to earn cubits other than just selling on ah or daily rewards. And I think the custom enchants are nearly useless so i hope you guys change that. Another thing you should add is A Skill Tree: Another thing I noticed while...
  6. Sweet_Marry

    mana pond is unfair...

    I've been playing Earth for a few weeks now and noticed that mana pond is really unfair.... Some people abuse their jump boost from the fishing net or their armor to catch EVERYTHING. New players don't even get a chance to get something except these players are not there. My suggestion: Make...
  7. Duo

    Integrating Building into mcMMO

    Hey Manacube players! Hope you're having a great day! :) I've been farming mcMMO in various ways trying to prestige, and after doing so I got an idea. I'd like to propose the idea of integrating building (blocks placed) into mcMMO. Here's how it could work: As we place more blocks, our...
  8. Duo

    Request for Amazon Pay integration at checkout

    Hey everyone, I have a specific request that might resonate with some of you. My Amazon gift card balance refills monthly and is currently overflowing - I’m struggling to find enough places to spend it. That’s why I’d love to see Amazon Pay integrated at the Manacube store checkout. By adding...
  9. Duo

    Enhance the Auction House experience with Bidding!

    I want to highlight a fantastic idea to make our already great auction house even better: the introduction of a bidding system! By incorporating bidding, we can enhance the overall experience for sellers and buyers alike. Here's why bidding is a great addition: With bidding, sellers have the...
  10. Duo

    Improving other dimensions

    Hello Earth Towny community! I wanted to share an exciting idea to enhance our gameplay experience by delving deeper into the other dimensions. With the upcoming version of Earth Towny, we have a chance to make the Nether and End even more captivating. Here are some key points: Nether...
  11. sharkbait2015

    [Suggestion] Make the Scramble / Chat Games Worth More!

    Title says it all! It'd be nice to see the chat-based games worth a little bit more. $75 isn't much! ;)
  12. SSM_GOD

    CE Storage Suggestion Idea **ACCEPTED**

    since ces are a royal pain in the ass to sort and store i would like there to be a better way to do this and cause i wont be complaining without providing a solution- please take notes- here is my idea make a custom enchant bank ! maybe this can be for sale in /store or it can be a rank perk...
  13. EndTheLag

    Dreamworks Crate

    So like, how has this not happened already, i have a lot of ideas ima suggest so here i go: Death sickles, holding it makes the whistling sound he does, the sound is already kinda present in ocarina (make it one handed so we can hold totems unlike the black widow batons. Also maybe make it 40...
  14. Beau

    Kitpvp feedback and idea /welcome command

    hello dear staff and playerbase of kitpvp, recently I started playing kitpvp and when someone joins the server people can type /welcome to welcome players and recieve 75$ ingame cash. But the issue here is that a lot of people use this command and it fills chat so much aspecially on a busy...
  15. 420Virage

    Town Claim GUI

    An idea I have for uncomplicated, quick Claiming; Add a GUI in which you can simply click on a chunk within a 16 block radius, and it claims it. If the chunk is claimed/unclaimable, it will show as red in the GUI. If you are able to claim it, it shows up as green.
  16. My_Chemical_WiFi

    Suggestion for a The Lord of the Rings monthly themed crate

    Apologies if this has already been suggested but, I and several others have thought a Lord of the Rings (LotR) themed crate would be pretty epic if its possible? Would love to know the staff thoughts on this :D Cheers :)
  17. alexgamer88

    Add a "watch forum" button.

    I think it would be really nice if there was a watch forum button under every forum (eg: survival, parkour, feedback and suggestions, etc). This would give the user a notification every time a new thread/message (could be configured) would be posted. It would be way easier and effective than...
  18. Legan320

    Parkour suggestion: Turn back the ability to sell crates on the Auction House

    Issue: Recently, there was implemented a new feature in which you can get only virtual the Season/Elite/Legendary keys, but you can still get the Mystery crates as usual (physically). It caused a problem, where you can sell Mystery, but can not sell other crates. Of course, you can create a...
  19. MathBTW_

    [PRISON SUGGESTION] Add a Smelting Enchant

    I suggest to add a smelting enchant for being used with Autoblocking Thanks for reading MathBTW_
  20. MathBTW_

    Improve the "Autoblocking" enchant in Prison

    Hello, i have a suggestion to make, Smelt ores (like iron and gold) and condenses it to blocks when your pickaxe have autoblocking And maybe up the mana cost if this suggestion is approved Thanks for reading this ! MathBTW_