Small pvp enabled pit in parkour spawn


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Apr 15, 2020
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Hello sorry for double posting but I’ve had a lot of random ideas.

It would be cool to have a low stakes keep inventory pvp pit in spawn. This may seem weird but I have a few things to back up my idea.

One may ask, why not just go to kitpvp? Well one reason is that in a lot of the crates there is armor and swords and other random items that really have nothing to do with parkour and serve no other use besides cosmetic or I guess race pvp but that is really not used. If there was a pvp designated area in spawn, people would have the chance to show off their items that they got in crates.

The reason I think keep inventory is best is because ultimately the focus of parkour should be parkour so keeping it keep inventory keeps it non competitive and just fun to mess around with.

Another reason pvp pit would be good is that it is another reason for players to buy crates which I know is important for the admins because money money money arghhh Krabby Patty formula or whatever. It would incentivize people to try and get the previously useless items for show off in the pvp pit. There also could be goofy items created in new crates that have like ridiculous effects that wouldn’t really fit on a more try hard server like kitpvp.

Idk if this is actually a good idea but it seems kinda fun and another thing to do in spawn. I’d be interested to see what other people think. This could just be a terrible idea and I’m cool with that too.