1. My_Chemical_WiFi

    Public Outrage due to lack of cocoa beans!

    I Goose wish to make a public letter of protest to the mana staff due to the lack of cocoa beans on islands!! Such an mistake is beyond a tragedy! How else is one to make free cookies to give to people as presents?! This is an outrage! I myself have a bakery that gives out free baked goods, and...
  2. Dacon

    Islands Season 7

    Release Date: March 23rd @ 2:00PM EST ! Make sure you vault your SVA items before this time ! Latest Minecraft version (1.20.4) with latest ManaCube features Wolfhaven Revamp Fungo Speedrun Tasks & Shop Adamant Forge Great Wolf & Mana Golem Boss Minion Revamp Task Board added New...
  3. Woolf1234

    The tutorial guest

    Find 3 unique places om spawn ? does it even work?
  4. Oekepoek

    SVA Items Islands

    SVA Items Islands I love SVA items and if it was possible i wanted them all. But now the idea has come to show how may SVA items islands has. I will not add all items i will do it on request and items i think it's fun. Also i don't know who has the items that is for you to figger out.:) If you...
  5. skydude1234

    More content for Islands #UpdateIslands

    Honestly, Islands is kind of dry right now and is in desperate need of more content. There isn't honestly much to do and it has a lack of custom items, other than SVA's, tp pads, minions, Kilton items (which we also apparently have less of) and Rank-only armor, from VIP armor to slayer armor...
  6. skydude1234

    Who wants to co-op next Islands Season?

    Anyone wanna team/coop next islands season? Must be active tho. Just reply to this and like say something ur good at like building, or you just happen to have Elite rank and are rich or something.
  7. Uninhabited

    PVP Revival / Rebalance Across -ALL- Game-modes

    Pvp across, Survival, Prison, Islands, Towney, have all been pretty unbalanced and undesirable for anybody to partake in for a while now and though nerfs have been applied to many items to attempt to balance pvp on some of these game modes the fact remains that the “pay to win” or people that...
  8. AverageJoey

    Player shop chest help.

    Its been a while since I've played Islands and I don't remember what to put on chests to make a player shop. I've followed a couple of older guides without success and I would like to know what I'm missing.
  9. Darthpartyman

    Give white concrete plz

    on island shop all the concrete colors are there EXCEPT white. I would really rather not go through 30 stacks of concrete powder every time i need white concrete. please fix this,it makes all of us sad :(
  10. Matt!!

    how do you feel about sb and islands being simular?

    sb beta is finally out and ive noticed many simularites, while there are difference the main aspect of islands (acid water) has been removed so its basically skyblock, how do you feel about this?
  11. Pigochi


    Pigochi here with somethin new, ya’hear. This is The Manacube Dis track Welcome to manacube, we have crappy games, why don’t we start off with the least of the lame? Olympus all you do is mine all day, Only way to get good is to sit back and play. Atlas got all the players, too bad...
  12. AbiXChew

    Featured Islands Builds

    Just a few fun builds I have made on islands. Figured I'd share before the season finally comes to an end :D
  13. Toshhi

    Current List of SVA Items across Manacube

    =-= Hey everyone =-= So, after seeing Dakota's list of SVA items, and Fluffy_hime's post, I've decided to publish myself and Congiius' current collection of SVA items across the whole of Manacube. Please be sure to go ahead and have a look at both of their posts as well! I will most likely do...
  14. RIQ808

    Rejected Gravity - Medium

    > Map Builder: Riq808 < > Map Name: Gravity < > Map Difficulty: Medium < > Number of Jumps: 67 < > Number of Checkpoints: 4 < > Plot ID: -29,127 <
  15. NovaDragonYT

    Islands Fixes and suggestions

    If you play islands you know that there are some things that are messed up here is a list of bugs/glitches and some suggestions that I and some of the other islands' members have come up with. ------------------- Suggestions - Better ways to make money through farming and mining. - Remove...
  16. PippyLI

    Featured Dragon!!! (Islands Project)

    Hey there back again with another build I did!! I was super nervous for this one because I never really did any organic builds before, let alone a dragon and that caused be to procrastinate a bunch before I actually built it lmao but i think it turned out well!!! I did this uhhh over the...
  17. FAID_Reaper

    Scrambler idea

    In the scrambler its the first person to type the word gets 75 silver. But what if there was like a timer of let's say 5 seconds for anyone to spell the word out and still get a reward. There are many times that there are only a few people that actually get the word but if there are like...
  18. PippyLI

    Featured Ship! (Islands Project)

    This one was made entirely by @Crockov (I was given the OK by him to post this)! This was his first ever ship build, but he could have fooled me due to how epic it looks. The rest of the ocean is very much a WIP but I'm glad that this was the first thing to be made, it already makes it a...
  19. druiditbeau

    Accepted Sonic Paradise - Medium Parkour Map

    Username: Druiditbeau [Builder] Map name: Sonic Paradise Plot Info: Id: -111;33 // Plot owner: druiditbeau // /plot visit druiditbeau 1 Difficulty: Medium Number of Jumps: 35 I know there's already a Sonic map but it not only uses different materials, I would say it gives a different...
  20. shm888

    Ingame rank tag

    Can someone explain to my low IQ self why my ELITE tag is not showing up on the forums or in survival. As far as Im concerned the only server where my Elite tag has shown was in islands.