Survival Season 5


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Mar 25, 2019
Im quitting cause im not allowed to bring my inf chest, i got mine for free from a friend but someone still payed for it! So if someone bought lets say 5... and you made about $81.25? witch is coming out of their wallet... making inf chests not allowed in the vault could cause many players to leave with would not be good for you, so i beleave you should allow them kin the vault


Jan 27, 2019
My suggestions for 1k sell wand or just non-infinite sell wands on survival ss5:

#1 Kilton
Make them obtainable through the new kilton. For an appropriate amount of souls. In my opinion this should be between 1500-2500 souls but that is just my guess. Just depends on how hard souls are to get in survival.

#2 Quest shop
Make them obtainable through /q shop. I don't really know for how many quest points, depends on the difficulty of quests next season. But my guess would be between 6-10 qp.

#3 Jobs shop
Make them obtainable through the /jobs shop. A fair amount would be between 75k and 125k job points but this is my guideline and yall can disagree with this. Another option is to make them more expensive as the season goes on, cause job points will be easier to get.

#4 Ancient trials shop
Make them obtainable through the ancient trials shop with ancient tokens. I think this already has been implemented into other gamemodes but I am not sure. As for the amount of ancient tokens? Just use the same as other gamemodes.

#5 Ancient and legendary treasure chest

Out of the box idea
30 days infinite sell wands in the manacube store. I know this is a weird idea, but this way you could see it like a sort of monthly subscription. As for the price: 3 usd monthly? I really don't know but that is what I would consider reasonable. This is an idea that just popped into my head so cut it some slack :p.

These are all just suggestions and I am not saying they should be obtainable through all 5 of these ways(although that would be sweet). These are just some ways to help the survival community with the loss of our inf sell wands :crying:. I do hope some of these suggestions get implemented and I hope I will see y'all in survival ss5! <3
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