1. lesbianblue

    Survival Abandoned Infinity(+) Chests

    Abandoned (meaning the owner has been offline for 2months, the standard time for auto-disband on parties) and unclaimed Infinity/Infinity+ chests should be obtainable somehow by people who find them!! Thank you :)
  2. IrishEmmy

    Survival community 11 Ranks Giveaway!!!1 (Draw End of July!)

    Hey Everybody! :) So, there is alot of negativity about the ranks of Manacube no longer being global and things being changed. I get it, it sucks, I feel your loss everyone :( However, I want to bring some happiness to this change and give back to the community I've been a part of for so long...
  3. thelolinater

    Looking for builders interested in making a medieval city.

    I started to play on the survival server not so long ago, about 6 days ago, and I've been having this ambition to make an awesome city on survival with the purpose of looking awesome. I'm looking for people who consider building their passion and want to make something awesome. Please feel free...
  4. Pigochi


    Pigochi here with somethin new, ya’hear. This is The Manacube Dis track Welcome to manacube, we have crappy games, why don’t we start off with the least of the lame? Olympus all you do is mine all day, Only way to get good is to sit back and play. Atlas got all the players, too bad...
  5. Frost

    Hopper limit increase

    hi, im new to forums so yea. Id like to see the hopper limit increased on survival, same as the spawner limit was increased. Whats everyone elses opinion?
  6. CrefixOrigin

    Add more kits

    Maybe add more free kits liek claim kits? our monthly kits (survival)
  7. JASO0ON

    More ideas for survival season 7!

    ---[Dear ManaCubers]--- As i said on my last forum post about my list of ideas that may or may not be introduced in survival season 7, I will be making a part 2. Here I am. This part will be the last one as i am planning to feature all my rest ideas in this part. The list: Fist of all there...
  8. JASO0ON

    Ideas for the upcoming season 7 on survival.

    ----[ Dear ManaCubers ]---- So I decided to make a small list of new features that may be able to get in the new upcoming survival season. Also a note. I wont be featuring any plugins cause I don't want to bring on ideas that devs may not like. This is the list of the features: Firstly we...
  9. Wilburynotseen

    Project "The Road of the Newbie and the Seller"

    Of course, I know that I am on the server itself recently (a month ago I first came here), but I have a PROBABLY interesting idea. As the title of this post suggests, my idea is about the road. The road will be built in different directions - X, Z, -X, -Z. This road will go to and from zero...
  10. switch

    AntiDrop in Survival

    Survival's current AntiDrop is only Diamond Tools, Sticks and Golden Axe (probably more). I suggest adding Items like, Shears, Iron Hoes, Diamond Armor, Bows and so on. Olympus has a good AntiDrop that I want Survival to have too. Sometimes I drop my items by mistake and AntiDrop doesn't do...
  11. TheOneHornedDev

    Lost my claim

    Hi so i lost my claim on a pretty decent base ive made because i accidentally went to spawn and forgot to set home. Im pretty new to minecraft and coords so i dont really know how to find my way back. Is there a way a mod could bring me back or????
  12. Commodore_Sheep

    Season 6 - Vana - Solo Underground City

    Hello Commodore here! Thought I start a thread todo with my city build on survival! Background - So been playing on the server since 2018, always starting a project then never finishing it due to external factors, but lock down in my country has allowed me time to build and design this. I...
  13. XALRK


    post pictures of the ssv's you own and a price to buy it below like this NYE firework 300m or 1 cubit
  14. XALRK


    Project Rim (/warp Rim or /warp Arcade)! Its a arcade where you buy RimCoins and play games. Current games include: Rock Paper Scissors, The Changing Maze, Russian Roulette, Trampoline Park, Impossible Shot, and the RimCoaster. Have fun!
  15. Alyss4

    Creepers On Survival

    Does anyone know if creepers destroy blocks in survival when they explode? It seems to vary depending on the server Thanks
  16. bingalls98

    Survival -auction housee

    Currently the max price you can place an item on auction house is 500m in survival, I think the limit should be raise to around 750m (maybe 1b) so players arnt spamming items on ah, for instance players will place like 10 ancient crates on ah all separate listing. If the limit was raise it could...
  17. bingalls98

    Thanksgiving Giveaway -400m and 1 cubit-

    Happy Thanksgiving!! :mc_e_93: Myself and Katie wanted to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving, thus we will be giving away 400m and 1 cubit in survival! All you have to do to enter is reply and you will be entered! Giveaway ends today (Thursday, 26th) at 8PM EASTERN.
  18. Axolotl


    We want an SSV trident, it would most likely have loyalty and the custom design could be like a posiden trident, or maybe a spear or smth, but most likely a trident design. (We also want SSV dirt?! That's what people are saying lol. Maybe it would be dirt that you can place like an infinite...
  19. oStop

    Appreciation Post. Weekly!

    I would just like to make a effort to show some approbation! first person I would like to ( appreciate ) Is the Mod @Anxi ! She’s super helpful and her Response time is impeccable! always vary good info given as well as help!! Thanks Anxi! -oStop
  20. oStop

    Please Lower Elite Rank Cost!

    I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. I keep going back-and-forth from my game to the Manacube shop desperately searching for the day that I find the elite rank is lower than $86. But with all my dread I find out it hasn’t changed. I feel like it would be more beneficial and you’ll get...