1. KayeKat

    Ability to view quest progress

    You can currently view your quest progress by hovering over the quest icon in the GUI: I think it'd be nice if you could view your quest progress without having to go directly to the GUI, perhaps shown as a bossbar or added to the featherboard, or on top of the HUD (just to name a few...
  2. Qubs

    /Gary on different servers

    I've got a big one. So /Gary, at least for me is kinda linked on different servers. What I mean by that is when I get my rewards on one server I can't claim it on others because they are already claimed, even on servers I never played on. From what I figured out the connected servers are...

    Pls Help i Defeated Zulrah but Got Nothing! D:

    Hey Dacon /Whoevr is reading this, I ran into a problem you might not think is as big but I defeated Zurah and got Nothing At all N/A and I have witnesses like Anxii To prove it Pls Get BAck to me ASAP Thak you =D, Your friendly Minecraft Player 'JJJHarb"
  4. Kiran

    World expansion borders

    Hey, was thinking about something right now while it’s 01:37am but I feel like survival has no real “motive” or purpose, especially for the people who have MVP and MVP+ I think maybe a world border should be added and you have to complete daily or weekly quests and once lets say 100 people have...
  5. Emerald Ednard

    Book cases

    I remember in another unnamed server, They had this fun thing were when you clicked on a bookcase it opened up and you could place books in there, I think it would be a good idea to make this feature for creative, Olympus, and Survival just so people could make libraries, Send secret messages...
  6. Maaawc

    Funny Survival Life

  7. Pinkpiggie

    Survival home.

    Built this today on survival, usually don't do these kinds of builds but hey, it turned out better than expected. I'd like feedback!
  8. gangstaslaya

    Infinity Chest Broken

    I bought this infinity chest yesterday and I decided to place it hooked up to my sugarcane farm. It acts as a normal chest and doesn't sell anything. I don't want to break it just in case it gets lost. Someone, please help.
  9. ryanhartness19

    Farmer Job is broken

    The farmer job only gives exp and money when you breed animals or harvest flowers. Crops such as wheat, potatoes, and carrots do not give money or exp. I'm unsure if this has already been posted about, but since I didn't see anything related to the issue, I decided to.
  10. sil

    Two rank give aways. (Please read details)

    Hello, my name is Sil. I am a Survival Helper now. I want to give back a little bit and give away two ranks/rank upgrades Rules below and notes below . Please read. Rules: 1) You enter by replying to this post, put your in-game name and type one sentence 2) This is excluding MVPs and MVP+s...
  11. Dacon

    Survival Season 5

    This Tuesday it will have been 1 year since season 4 was released, and it's time for a new season - Releasing April 20th @ 1PM EST This season brings a lot of new features listed below, and the following things will be reset: All worlds Balances Stats (Although will still be saved and viewable...
  12. D4NLav

    Do I have all of my MVP+ perks for Survival? I'm not sure...

    *SORRY IF THIS IS IN THE WRONG FORUM I recently bought MVP+ and I'm still trying to figure out the commands of what I can and can not do. However it's come to my attention that some of the commands aren't working for me. With MVP+ i'm supposed to have no cooldown when teleporting, however I...
  13. Meme4574


    Why exactly cant we craft hoppers? I realize we can buy them, but for a auto-smelter build I was planning I would need to spend upward of 400k just to get the hoppers. My thinking was that if anything hoppers should be encouraged to try to reduce the item lag on the server. I'm sure the big guys...
  14. Surzy_MrSure

    Cleaning up spawn

    As most are aware, once you leave spawn and enter the survival world, the immediate chunks are trashed with wood and cobble pillars, starter structures, craters, lava, water etc that are unclaimed, as well as some claimed chunks. I have a proposition for the people of survival, we should all...
  15. x_xBen

    Survival Halloween Perks

    I recieved the Magic Aura Perk, /Artmap Perk, and Seller Minion on survival from the Halloween Bundle. However, none of these work. I would really appreciate it if there were fixed as soon as possible, as they are the primary reason I bought the bundle. I have reported it many times, but it has...
  16. Dacon


    QUEST REVAMP The current quest setup we use has been very buggy and often reset players quest data. I've replaced this with our own custom setup There are now 2 random daily quests you can complete, and 1 weekly quest. These all give Vote Keys, Quest Points & a random reward. You can spend...
  17. C

    Lag Throughout The Worlds

    Hello, I have only been on the server for over a week and so far I am loving it but one thing that always get me out of the mood of playing is lag. From reading and talking to people in game this issue is server wide affecting all worlds. As you recently upgraded your hardware for the server...
  18. A


    Hello Fellow players. My name is AlienCactus I plan on conquering the known world with the power of love. If you would like to joy the crusade do the following /hug AlienCactus Thanks <3
  19. T

    Looking for party members Owo

    Looking for a d e c e n t human as a party member. My party name is Distortion, msg me on survival if interested uwu ign: TypicallyHannah