1. EvanTech

    [Survival] Add specific rules regarding redstone

    No rules or information pages mention anything about redstone machines or flying machines, etc, being prohibited. By the time a player makes something and a staff rules it out to be punishable, it's too late and it's already been built. For example, we recently built a small(ish) sugar cane...
  2. vKenzon

    Good Bye SS5... Hello SS6!

  3. Arenzo

    Easy to use level-calculating sheet!

    Hello dear Survival players! As you may or may not have noticed the Survival reset is (finally) coming up. With this comes a complete new system wich some might recognize since its very similar to the (new) SkyBlock system. The specific feature that I believe I can help you with is the...
  4. Banns

    Your opinions on Season 6 Survival

    Your opinions on Season 6 Survival I just finished reading through the notes for the season 6 reset, and i think it has some fantastic features, i think they are really trying to push more towards people going into parties rather then solo partying considering a big majority of the updates have...
  5. Dacon

    Survival Season 6

    Release Date: June 20th @ 2:00PM EST! It has been over a year since Season 5 was released! We planned on releasing in early May but decided to update to 1.15 which took over a month in itself due to performance, and we've been running a staff only beta for a couple weeks now. Season 5 Legends...
  6. CammX

    Titles on the mana store

    I think the titles that players are able to purchase on the mana store should be revamped. (I'm speaking about survival titles as I don't play any other servers so I'm not sure what other people think) The titles for the survival server on the store are outdated and quite boring. Would it be...
  7. Fluffy-hime

    [CLOSED] Giving Away A Free Rank Upgrade!

    Entries are now closed! Big thank you to all the participants! Hello my fellow ManaCubians! As you may or may not know, many of us who mainly play the survival server have been itching for a reset, and I am definitely one of those people, haha! While we pass the time, I have decided to host a...
  8. c :D

    /warp home like area for s6?

    Ok, so we all know /warp home. It's one of the most recognizable and iconic elements of season 5 and everyone has seen it at least once. For season six we'll of course have something similar but I think it'd be interesting and helpful if we did even some minor planning on the forums beforehand...
  9. itsfuturebound

    Going to start a steady series once Season 6 starts, but here's a test video!

    Would love to get a party together for commentary to hit on Season 6, message me on instagram if interested @itsnamagashi. I know how hard it can be sometimes to get good Manacube content, so I wanted to change that for the upcoming season!
  10. ✘ Zoqzey ✘

    EVENT - Rewards: Star Wars Keys!

    Grounded Crossword Puzzle Contest, Tuesday, 5/12/20 @ 4:00pm EST on Survival. The event will be between 4pm EST - 8pm EST. 5 Star Wars Keys Giveaway! All players with a completed puzzle will be entered to WIN! Warp will be announced later.
  11. GummytheGod

    Unofficial Horse Races!! 8am CDT!!

    This Saturday 5/2 at 8am CDT!! This event will be held on survival at ./warp horserace! There will be 5 to 6 races of 5 players each for big money and prizes! This event is for all players not just survival players to compete for fun and prizes! So stop on by on saturday for a fun time and some...
  12. RedKyle


    Ive always known you could turn cubits into cash/credit but never had enough to do so. So how would I go about doing that?
  13. Pateu


    Currently im single ( im not in a party ). Anyone whos recruiting members and they are interesed in me hmu on Discord: RubenBrick#7016 - I don't want people that don't know party commands / claim / perms etc. - I want to make part of a team that can produce money / Can progress a lot. Thanks for...
  14. CammX

    Idea for season 6!

    Hi guys, I just came up with a thought for a new idea for season 6 and wondered what everyone else who plays survival thinks. There are alot of players who like to build houses ect and then sell them afterwards, I myself like doing this sometimes as it breaks up the constant grind. So my...
  15. Sonic_Raptor

    Survival Parkour Event

    Survival Parkour /warp parkour Friday 16th April 6pm EST/3pm PDT/11pm UTC +1 Countdown Here Hi all! Back with what will probably be the last event of this survival season! There will be 5 races of which 2 people can win per race. How to Play 1. Go to /warp parkour in the Survival Realm. 2...
  16. RedKyle

    Ingame rank tag

    Can someone explain to my low IQ self why my ELITE tag is not showing up on the forums or in survival. As far as Im concerned the only server where my Elite tag has shown was in islands.
  17. RedKyle

    How to?

    I have forgotten the command to name items, any help would be nice
  18. CammX

    Top 5 warps of Season 5

    I have put a list together of the top 5 warps of Season 5. I have tried to picks warps that would be of use to new players and older players. These are in no particular order. 1. /Warp Hyrule - Very good builds and gives inspiration to other players builds 2. /Warp Grounded - Very good for...
  19. Sonic_Raptor

    Survival Build Competition 2!

    Hi all! Today I'm excited to announce the 2nd non-official Survival Build Competition! It will be very much the same as @Anxii_ 's event and will take place in the unused plots from that event! Event The Build Competition is themed as Wonder's of the World. Famous buildings like the Eiffel...
  20. KathrynsWill

    Christmas Rank Battle

    Merry Christmas!! Capporo and myself have decided to Gift 3 rank upgrades to 3 dedicated survival players! Join the Christmas Rank Battle Discord Channel to stay updated. Please message me for Discord Channel details. Gingerbread House Contest 1. Survival Players Only 2. Everyone who has...