1. Octavian3450

    Will there ever be a reset? (Survival)

    I feel like everyone has been talking about a new season for so long, and everyone is like “its gonna be then” and it never happens. Its been like 4 months since people started talking about it, and as a player who has been playing for 5, i want to know if this is actually gonna happen. (Survival
  2. itsmoneytoast

    Survival reset ideas

    I have few ideas to make survival more interesting: ECONOMY - Delete function buy in /shop and make only possible to sell - Add resources world that resets often PVP ( Abyss revamp ) - Abyss leaderboard gives rewards - Add merchant in abyss warp to sell player heads for pvp currency - Add...
  3. Defeatss

    Get Started Survival

    Hello Beautiful new players of ManaCube Survival. I've seen a lot of new face in ManaCube Survival Realm, and have been asking how to start in Survival. So I'm making this post to help you new and OG out. How to get started in Survival? You are going to be send to Survival Spawn where you...
  4. GameGaming

    What is the best way to make money in Survival?

    I have been playing survival and I was wondering, what is the best way money making method?
  5. bawsarlv

    Chest shops

    Hey we really need that people can buy from your chest shops even if you are offline or in other cubes and worlds. It would be very nice if you could make that happen in next wipe if it is soon. If its not soon then just make it happen :)
  6. bawsarlv

    Please fix party perms

    Please fix party premissions on chest opening. That people could again open chests in my claims but couldnt take items out of shop chests.
  7. ThommyBacoow

    Just Spooderheads no trash?!

    Are you done with them trash stuff while Grinding souls? Come grind some souls at our “HEADS ONLY GRINDER” (spiders section) Visit /Warp DaddyGrinder <3<3<3<3<3<3 /P Like DaddyChill <3<3<3<3<3<3
  8. ThommyBacoow

    Pictures Standing?!

    Hi there, lemme kickoff with sum pictures standing: You’re up next! (Last person who posts wins :))
  9. HereticBeatle

    Best mob for exp

    what mob gives the most exp on a baseline? I need to grind for legendary enchantments book. Also add in the mobs that only can be spawned with spawners from crates (like guardians, pandas, and anything you can't buy from shop.)
  10. HereticBeatle

    Currency conversion idea.

    Everyone know how cubits is the most valuable currancy thats hard to come by. So why not make a currency converter? Since 1 cubit roughly equals 1.1 billion coins, why not make it an in-game conversion instead of the chance of getting scammed by another player. Also with this, you can also...
  11. M a i s y

    /Warp Bannerz - I want to here from YOU guys <3

    Hi all, upgrading my Bannerz shop and adding new ways to pay etc etc, thinking of making BUNDLES on /ah, with this idea, the first one I have in mind are PRIDE Banners, so just wondering, what flags would you like to see in this bundle? - here is the bundle so far! <3 I look forward to hearing...
  12. I__PK__I


    We all love captchas(not really) but they are needed in order to stop players from afking. i get that, but, the current system in place for them is not balanced. i don't know for sure but i know there's specific checks you have to hit in order to get a captcha to pop up. for mob farms (Using...
  13. M a i s y

    Banner Designs for you <3

    Hi all! I have opened up a new warp /warp Bannerz, here I have a selection of designs, country flags, etc, I even take requests (if possible to do so) Also available to sell these Banners via trade (if my sell shops are full haha) and would be settled via /pay mjaynex (payment first as I have...
  14. ilyHalo

    Auto sell

    Add a feature or an item that would allow you to use a commands such as /autosell or /as, which would sell everything that can be sold in your inventory and everything you pick up that can be sold too, i would see this good for people who farm because everytime they have to do /sell all or /sell...
  15. Pinguinooo

    Survival PVP Tower

    Post your suggestions for the new PVP Tower (save arena) including cube & coords Looking for something that players can't easily camp in
  16. EndTheLag

    Simple addition to /shop

    I just want a redstone tab in /shop in survival or all servers as tryna craft all these items for a simple machine is very tiring
  17. bawsarlv

    [WE NEED THIS ASAP]Survival Party premissions for Guests need new perm for chest opening

    Hello my name is BawsarLv. I have been running a warp that lets new people get some free stuff so their game is more easy at begging. So all started with that i made a small house next to my claim with chests. Everyone liked this idea and people started to giveaway stuff they dont need or take...
  18. D3ADK1LLSH0T

    What is this Seed?

    I really want to find out what this seed is if and of the staff would reply that would be great!
  19. Spogger

    [HIGH EFFORT] Earth should **NOT** be merged with Survival

    TL; DR: Earth is too different to be merged with Survival, and it would also warrant the merging of other realms in ways that would not work. As many players and staff know alike, it appears that many players would like Manacube's Earth realm to be merged with Manacube's Survival realm. Many...
  20. Madisonn_

    Schematics in Survival.

    Schematics should be allowed in Survival, etc anywhere but limited to ONLY showing the virtual building, not printing or anything else Simply allowing schematics for Factions alone makes no sense. using a schematic in survival in other gamemodes doesn't hurt the way the game is played. Please...