1. Octavian3450

    Will there ever be a reset? (Survival)

    I feel like everyone has been talking about a new season for so long, and everyone is like “its gonna be then” and it never happens. Its been like 4 months since people started talking about it, and as a player who has been playing for 5, i want to know if this is actually gonna happen. (Survival
  2. itsmoneytoast

    Survival reset ideas

    I have few ideas to make survival more interesting: ECONOMY - Delete function buy in /shop and make only possible to sell - Add resources world that resets often PVP ( Abyss revamp ) - Abyss leaderboard gives rewards - Add merchant in abyss warp to sell player heads for pvp currency - Add...

    Earth Season 4

    In November we polled if Earth should reset earlier than planned with a new economy and some QOL updates, and a majority voted for reset. What Resets: World, Inventories, Currencies, Skills, Most stats What is Kept: Rank, Cubits, Season Vault Items, Unlocked Perks The season 3 earth map will...
  4. M a i s y


    As an Aviation lover, its a yes from me lmao (im easily impressed)
  5. Dacon

    Skyblock Season 12

    ELITE Beta: December 8th RELEASE DATE: DECEMBER 10TH @ 3:00PM EST What Resets: Islands, Inventories, Currencies, Skills, Most stats What is kept: Rank, Cubits, Season Vault, Unlocked Perks Wolfhaven has been revamped with an entire new world, monsters, NPCs, event bosses & more! | New...
  6. shxde

    reset skyblock

    reset skyblock
  7. HackerMan313

    survival reset

    why exactly does the server reset doesn't it kinda elimante the point of grinding on the server if ur progress is gonna be wiped :thumbsup:
  8. saberkiryuu

    Islands reset - when?

    As in the title. I don't have any ideas for my island, probably some other Islands players too. Which mean I'd really like Islands to reset and hopefully it's just not only me, who think like that. Is Islands reset planned in future? When can it be expected?
  9. SaraBear_

    Earth Resets

    Hey! I was going to post this because a few of the newer members were confused on why Earth resets are beneficial and needed. Resets can sound scary when you've spent so much time on your town/builds. Resets come with major fixes and plenty of new updates to make earth more enjoyable Ranks and...
  10. Toshhi

    Final Olympus SVA Gallery!

    ~ Hey Guys ~ Seeing as the end of the season is coming very very soon, I decided that it was time to bring every item in my collection across Atlas, Aether, and Asgard together, and showcase them before the next season of Olympus. Items from game modes other than Aether, Atlas, and Asgard will...
  11. Dacon

    Olympus Season 4

    RELEASE DATE: SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 7TH @ 3:00PM EASTERN ➤ PLOT & CLAN REVAMP Plots & Clans have merged together. The clan now owns the plots instead of individual players. You can still be added to plots that aren't a part of your clan though. Plots are now 99x99, and a clan can own up to 4...
  12. JojoStyle

    Olympus: Collection of Info regarding the Reset

    So as many of you know resets are a key element on Olympus. With them there is quite some information, which is not as easily available as I and many others would wish for. I would suggest implementing some sort of command or something similar which brings more transparency to this topic and...
  13. HonuluTheOnthorn

    When does factions reset?

    When does factions reset? I need to know what day, what time and, which timezone it goes by
  14. Dacon

    Survival Season 6

    Release Date: June 20th @ 2:00PM EST! It has been over a year since Season 5 was released! We planned on releasing in early May but decided to update to 1.15 which took over a month in itself due to performance, and we've been running a staff only beta for a couple weeks now. Season 5 Legends...
  15. Dacon

    Factions Season 4

    SEASON INFORMATION:mc_387-0: Faction Max Members: 25 Faction Max Alts: 50 Power per player: 100 Max Allies: 0 Max Corners per faction: 2 Cannon Speed: 3 seconds Buffer Limit: 25 chunks Map Length: 2 months (May 2nd - July 3rd) FACTION BASE CHUNKS :mc_217-0: ➤ Factions can set their...
  16. Dacon


    Staff beta will be launching today, ELITE beta sometime next week (will announce in discord) Release Date: April 11th @ 12:00PM EST! ➤ TOTAL RECODE We have made a brand new core island plugin from the ground up. Our new core has many new features, optimizations, UX improvements and easily...
  17. Dacon

    Factions Season 3

    Our biggest factions update yet! Over 20 new commands & features & a bunch of bug fixes Big thanks to @xEricL for organizing the feedback from the community for this season Release Date: February 29th @ 1:00PM EST Countdown: | GENERAL INFO:mc_340-0...
  18. Dacon

    Mana PVP - KitPvP Season 10

    Hello everyone! Excited to announce KitPvP will be revamped and renamed to Mana PVP! It's the first reset/update in 2 years.. and it's a big one. Over 200 hours have gone into this update, a complete recode from the ground up with tons of new features & improvements. Can't wait for it to...
  19. Dacon


    | TRAILER:mc_381-0: Like and comment your username on the trailer for a chance to win a free reset bundle! (3 winners) | RESET INFORMATION :mc_340-0: The following will not be reset - Treasure Chest Perks - Titles - Cubits - Any "Season Vault Access" item inside your /seasonvault - Legend...
  20. Dacon

    Islands Season 5

    | OVERVIEW :mc_387-0: Date The new season will be released Sunday December 8th @ 3:00PM EST Reset Vault Any item with the lore "Reset Vault Access" or "Season Vault Access" will be able to go in /seasonvault, these items will be carried over to Season 5! [Must be VIP rank or higher] All...