1. JojoStyle

    Olympus: Collection of Info regarding the Reset

    So as many of you know resets are a key element on Olympus. With them there is quite some information, which is not as easily available as I and many others would wish for. I would suggest implementing some sort of command or something similar which brings more transparency to this topic and...
  2. HonuluTheOnthorn

    When does factions reset?

    When does factions reset? I need to know what day, what time and, which timezone it goes by
  3. Dacon

    Survival Season 6

    Release Date: June 20th @ 2:00PM EST! It has been over a year since Season 5 was released! We planned on releasing in early May but decided to update to 1.15 which took over a month in itself due to performance, and we've been running a staff only beta for a couple weeks now. Season 5 Legends...
  4. Dacon

    Factions Season 4

    SEASON INFORMATION:mc_387-0: Faction Max Members: 25 Faction Max Alts: 50 Power per player: 100 Max Allies: 0 Max Corners per faction: 2 Cannon Speed: 3 seconds Buffer Limit: 25 chunks Map Length: 2 months (May 2nd - July 3rd) FACTION BASE CHUNKS :mc_217-0: ➤ Factions can set their...
  5. Dacon


    Staff beta will be launching today, ELITE beta sometime next week (will announce in discord) Release Date: April 11th @ 12:00PM EST! ➤ TOTAL RECODE We have made a brand new core island plugin from the ground up. Our new core has many new features, optimizations, UX improvements and easily...
  6. Dacon

    Factions Season 3

    Our biggest factions update yet! Over 20 new commands & features & a bunch of bug fixes Big thanks to @xEricL for organizing the feedback from the community for this season Release Date: February 29th @ 1:00PM EST Countdown: | GENERAL INFO:mc_340-0...
  7. Dacon

    Mana PVP - KitPvP Season 10

    Hello everyone! Excited to announce KitPvP will be revamped and renamed to Mana PVP! It's the first reset/update in 2 years.. and it's a big one. Over 200 hours have gone into this update, a complete recode from the ground up with tons of new features & improvements. Can't wait for it to...
  8. Dacon


    | TRAILER:mc_381-0: Like and comment your username on the trailer for a chance to win a free reset bundle! (3 winners) | RESET INFORMATION :mc_340-0: The following will not be reset - Treasure Chest Perks - Titles - Cubits - Any "Season Vault Access" item inside your /seasonvault - Legend...
  9. Dacon

    Islands Season 5

    | OVERVIEW :mc_387-0: Date The new season will be released Sunday December 8th @ 3:00PM EST Reset Vault Any item with the lore "Reset Vault Access" or "Season Vault Access" will be able to go in /seasonvault, these items will be carried over to Season 5! [Must be VIP rank or higher] All...
  10. Dacon

    Factions - Season 2

    FACTIONS SEASON 2 - RELEASES SUNDAY, DECEMBER 1ST AT 1:00PM EST | CHANGES / BUG FIXES :mc_404-0: TNT you set off in your own claim no longer damages blocks inside it Genbuckets can no longer be used when enemies are nearby Creepers spawned by eggs will no longer stack with spawner creepers...
  11. Dacon

    Creative Revamp Information

    Creative Revamp will be released Sunday, June 23rd @ 2:00PM EST | What's happening to the current server/my builds? The creative revamp will be a brand new server with new worlds, however we will be keeping the old creative server online as an "Archive" server All players starting now can also...
  12. Dacon

    Survival Season 5

    This Tuesday it will have been 1 year since season 4 was released, and it's time for a new season - Releasing April 20th @ 1PM EST This season brings a lot of new features listed below, and the following things will be reset: All worlds Balances Stats (Although will still be saved and viewable...
  13. Dacon


    Olympus Season 2 will be released March 9th, at 1:00PM EST! Below is the new major features in this update. Make sure to read the whole thread to learn about the reset vault & final week challenge | HADES VOLCANO :mc_213-0: A pathway to Hade's Volcano has been opened behind Spawn. Inside...
  14. Creech

    Season Reset

    I heard from reset... And i want to hear your opinion on things like the igs perk, bought inf sell wands and infinity chests and the reset in general. Because I would like to keep that as its very essential and the inf items are bought from manicure Shop. For the ig perk of course its part of...
  15. Wilbo

    Island members

    I'm looking for people to join my island next season Requirements Well known be active have discord not annoying that's all if interested message me on discord or on forums Discord: Dogecoin#0418
  16. Duxki

    Skyblock Reset

    The server has been getting boring and we need to do soemthing.
  17. O

    Suggestion for Rebirth Goddess

    So I was thinking, why do I only have one plot of land? I want another, well I present to you The challenge of Gaia. Gaia is an earth/land goddess, I had the idea to make the requirement the usual: -$25,000,000 -Plant (something amounts) of grass blocks. (CAN BE TWEAKED.) What would you get from...
  18. Dacon

    Survival Season 4 Info & Features

    Reset Information Release Date: April 21st, 1:00PM EST Will Reset All worlds Inventories, enderchests and player vaults Stats Currencies Jobs & Quests Slayer title Donator Rank You will have to claim this back on the store @ If you got your rank...
  19. Dacon


    What will be reset: Islands Currencies McMMO EnderChests & Player Vaults What will not be reset: Reset Vault (Access in /resetvault) Ranks Perk Chest perks Mana Shop perks Titles Kingdom Perk unlocks (Will have to re-buy with in-game money though) RELEASE DATE: FRIDAY, DECEMBER 15TH 3:00PM...
  20. Dacon


    RELEASE DATE SATURDAY, DECEMBER 2ND 12:00PM PACIFIC (Noon) 2:00PM CENTRAL 3:00PM EASTERN 8:00PM GMT (UK) GENERAL CHANGES Diamond equipment removed from the game Helmets removed from the game Sharpness 5 enchantment disabled Player Limit increased to 100 Gems renamed to Mana HAPPY HATS...