What is a finished "God Set"


Nov 22, 2018
So you wanna pvp on Olympus huh? Well listen to my guide and i'll tell you where to start!

So for the most part your enchants will all go on a chest-plate. Now if you REALLY WANT TO you can split them up between the 4 pieces of armour.
So for this God-Set we will start from the top and work our way down...

The Helmet
The Helmet is the second most useless piece of armour however unlike the leggings, it actually has enchants that can only go on it.
Now As you can see here, the helmets main use is for night-vision, which if you did the Artemis rebirth you wouldn't need because you can just type /nv
Another great thing about the helmet is that if you put drunk on the chestplate instead of your helmet you can wear it anytime for free night-vision. The only problem is that I have with this image is that I currently do not have Implants 3. I do not know if you can even get this enchant anymore (because I have opened so many common enchant books it's not even funny) or if it is just really rare. However, if you were to make a fully finished god-set, you should have Implants 3 (or Implants III).
God Helmet.png

Now for the big boy... The true and real MVP of an Olympus God-Set.
The Chestplate
Now, unless you put all your enchants on leggings (which doesn't make sense), you should have a chestplate that not only IS godlike but also LOOKS godlike.
Here you can see that if an enchant can go on the chestplate, it does go on the chestplate.
God Chestplate.png

Here are...
The Leggings
The leggings are pretty boring because you can put every enchant on them instead of the chestplate, however it does not look as cool because of the name.
My leggings do not have any enchants because I am a basic human being and I don't know anyone that does have enchants on their leggings.
God Leggings.png

Last for the armor is...

The Boots
The boots are most peoples favorite and least favorite part of the god-set. They are very useful no matter where you are, because...
With the max Anti-Gravity, you can jump a whopping total of 7 blocks, that is a lot. At the current moment in time, Gears is broken and so is Speed(for the pickaxe). You may be confused so I will elaborate: Gears gives you speed via wearing the equipment, as is Speed that gives you speed whenever you hold the pickaxe. The reason they are broken is because you flat out don't get the speed from the boots, and in order to get the speed from the pickaxe you have to hold it, teleport/warp to another dimension (from plot worlds to mines) and if you aren't holding it the speed won't go away and you will rubberband back.

However there is another forum post to that so I don't need to elaborate any further. Back to the boots, you will want to use Legend Boots (preferably) because they have depth strider and Frost Walker. Now if you don't have the custom enchants they come with Gears 3 and Anti-Gravity 3. Also you don't need Freeze 1 that was just on there when i bought them from someone else ;)
God Boots.png

Now for the weapons...
The Sword
The Sword is definitely the most important part of a god-set because without it you couldn't do a lot of damage. Most of the enchants that are on a maxed out sword don't do anything for pvp because they literally don't do anything to players i.e. Inquisitive. However it looks cooler to have every enchant possible.
Also however Snare and Rage are two VERY useful enchants. Rage increases your damage with more consecutive hits, and Snare slows the opponent down.
God Sword.png

The "Useless" weapon is...

The Axe
The Axe is considered useless because as of now, you can't get sharpness because anvils are disabled. However I like to keep one on hand because like Rage and Snare, Blessed is a VERY useful enchant as well. What it does is after it activates (or procs) it will get rid of (or negate) any negative effects like slowness and mining fatigue. This is useful because with the enchantment Drunk 3, you get Strength 3 with side effects like Slowness 4 and Mining Fatigue 3. Now as you can imagine, blessed can help you attack really fast with your sword and not attack slower than your opponent.
God Axe.png

The weapon I consider to be a "scaredy cat" move is...
The Bow
The bow can be useful but because you can't buy arrows in the /shop, I find it to be useless. I also think bows should only be used in pvp when your enemy is running away or far away but in Olympus you don't lose your items in pvp so there is no point to run away. The only reason I can appreciate someone with a maxed out bow like this one is because it is very hard to get a Power 4, Punch 2, Flame, Infinity bow because anvils are disabled so you can't just combine bows. Although that is just my opinion look at how nice this bow looks, and I would like to thank xSaintPablo for letting me take a screen shot.
God Bow.png

Thank you for reading my full "essay" on Olympus God-Sets. I hope you move on to make one yourself, and enjoy some good ol' pvp.


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Jun 12, 2018
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Nice guide! It’s nice to see someone giving a guide on pvp sets even though not many people on Olympus pvps, overall it’s a great guide! I would suggest getting better titles tho ;)


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Jun 10, 2018
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weird flex but okay
Just kidding thank you for this awesome guide! Am a big olympus noob, so this helps heaps! <3


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Nov 19, 2018
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Very nice guide! I obviously knew all of this prior to reading your guide, but that's just because I'm a PvP expert ;)..

Anyway, this is very helpful to unexperienced players.. (like myself). Thank you for taking the time to write this!