1. Dacon

    Demon Fortress Update

    ➤ DEMON FORTRESS The Demon Fortress is now open! This fortress requires /Slayer Level 3 to enter and has 4 new monsters and 10+ unique drops LAVA CUBE - Health: 225 - Damage: 40 - Abilities: None - Unique Drops: Magma Spawner LAVA GUARDIAN - Health: 100 - Damage: 20 - Abilities: Fire Blast -...
  2. Dacon

    Updates/Bugs - January 3rd 2020

    The following updates/bug fixes have been released today: | GLOBAL /GLOW perk has returned to 1.13 servers [Edit: will be released tomorrow] /ARROWTRAILS perk has returned to 1.13 servers [Edit: will be released tomorrow] Crop/Sapling Twerking perk has returned to 1.13 servers Added Elite...
  3. boomko12

    Fixes for Atlas needed

    Atlas, at the time of this post, has been out 3 days. In this time, no fixes have been made to crucial elements. Trench and Autosell are still "broken," Many other custom things just dont work correctly, and the server is just buggy in general. I understand there may be other things you mods and...
  4. LoonyLemur

    Not getting Daily rewards + others

    Hi, hope you are well, I am here to report a few bugs I have encountered while playing Oasis Skyblock. First of all, I'm not sure about the rest as I don't know how you check your XP and Mana XP, but I do know I claimed my Day 6 Daily reward and it didn't give me an elytra or MCMMO credit even...
  5. skisam

    What do you guy's think about these unadded/glitched things..

    Hello again! On my 2-3 weeks of playing skyblock, I have has a lot of fun, but I've also seen some things quite annoying to me and probably to you. You might know these or you might not. I'm not making this for hate, i'm just clearing up things. Vote Crates I imagine this has happend to...
  6. fmazzarelli

    Quest Completion Issue

    Yesterday, after completing two quests, I should have earned 3 quest points which I did not get any, but I received the other rewards though (reward chests, vote key, rare enchantment book). I would really appreciate to have my quest points back, I took a long time to complete them. All of this...
  7. Dacon

    Parkour Update

    Community Droppers :mc_154-0: Community Droppers is a new dropper category released that will contain all accepted dropper submissions by the community. Difficulty ranges from easy to expert depending on the course. You can submit a dropper map here...
  8. Shockwave06

    Fix duels please!

    On pvp, the lobby sign says "do /duel Playername to 1v1 someone specifically" or something like that. When you do /duel, it does nothing. It comes back as a invalid syntax. I would look forward to this feature being fixed so I can 1v1 people instead of being 1v4ed. Thank you shockwave06
  9. F

    Trapped with no way out!

    * Problem accidentally worked around ... apparently, an iron pick can break obsidian, at least on this server (or is it in MC 13.0?); it just takes a very long time. I found that if i pressed against the hole, I could say "/home". I have no explanation for why this worked. * I think I must...
  10. HonigBiene

    Bug or...?

    Hey guys, I'm HonigBiene and i dont know what i've found there but, on Islands, if your Kingdom's are ready, it actually shows me like kinda a timer, which started 2 days ago. If my Kingdoms are ready and i hover with my mouse over them, it shows me like a timer, which is actually at 22 Days, 20...
  11. DorkieGamer101

    So Many Bugs!

    Hello, I play Skywars a lot, and recently I (and many friends of mine) have been discovering some bugs in the server. Most of the time, when you're in a game, you glitch out, which takes you back to Hub. Also, something that I have experienced is that when I fall, I glitch back up and down and...
  12. H

    I didn't get my "Good" rank, i am still on the "Noob" rank.

    Well, this annoys me because i spent quite a while saving up all the gems needed to rankup to the "Good" rank and i didn't get it, i still have the "Noob" rank so yeah, please give me the "Good" rank, there will be a youtube link for the proof, as well, I died try relogging and i also restarted...