1. Relaxolotl

    New Cosmetic Item

    Something like a lute, or just a keyboard, im not sure, but something we could play notes through like the ocarina in the new zelda crate. With more notes so we can play real songs of our own, like midi songs. I know a lot of people on who would be very interested in this :D
  2. Mr. cobble

    Idea for an event

    Name of event: Musical TNT How it works: This game is similar the classic game, musical chairs. However, instead of starting the game with one less chair than you have players, it begins with an equal amount of chairs, but one of them is 'TNT chair', and it will explode. Players run as music...
  3. Acrellux

    Final song of the year!

    Hi y'all, To wrap this year up music wise, I made this song :D Hope you enjoy!
  4. Acrellux

    Supreme, my song!

    New song!
  5. Scalian

    Talk About Music

    Hey I play piano and guitar and I sing in a band and I wanted to start a thread to talk about music. Put your favorite songs below. if you play anything tell me what instrument. and if you play guitar what guitar do you have. ect...
  6. Acrellux

    How did you find the music you listen to now?

    Hey everyone, today, and forever, I will be wondering how you found the music you listen to now! I listen to riddim, so my history is pretty long. Let's go! About three years ago, I was listening to the radio and Promise Me popped up. I loved, and I mean LOVED the chorus. You could actually...
  7. Acrellux

    What genre do you listen to?

    This thread is not a thread — it's a poll to see who likes what, and what the most popular genre is! If the genre isn't listed here, share it below!
  8. JelleSVHD

    Favorite music

    Hey everyone! As we speak I'm a great fan of music! and I like almost every kind of music type. So I would like to know your favorite song(s)! Leave your favorite song(s) down below and I'll try to listen to all of them :D My favorite song(s): 1. rozeswoesh by Jacin Trill 2. No Hook III by...
  9. BlueDevilsYT

    Music Recommendation Thread

    This thread serves the purpose of spreading music from one user to another in the effort to gain knowledge of more artists and pretty cool songs :) This is pretty self explanatory, post a song(s) that you like, maybe a favorite or new find, and share it with everyone! Include any information...
  10. Jeff403

    Some basic questions (mostly survival).. and a hello.

    Hey all, great server! Much props to Dacon and staff! Love all the work done and MOST of the people. Griefers need to find another hobby, perhaps base jumping with an umbrella. - Just wondering if there will be a forum just for the Survival server like the rest of them? - One pet peeve I have...